As a new reader of your ...

Question: As a new reader of your wildly funny and informative columns, I was wondering if I missed the follow-up on Grey's Anatomy that would cover Patrick Dempsey's comments about the shower parody.

Answer: Man, I can't slip anything by you guys! Here's that bonus Grey's scoopbit (better late than never): Patrick Dempsey told me that he participated in that riotous spoof for one reason and one reason only: ABC bossman Steve McPherson asked him to do it. "We had no choice," he grumbled. "We had to do it." When I asked him how he felt about it getting leaked onto the Web, he clenched his jaw and harrumphed, "They were supposed to not do that." Um, yikes!

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Surreal House Mom Dubbed a Flo-ny

Maven Huffman and Andrea Lowell, The Surreal Life

Like its past five editions, VH1's sixth round of The Surreal Life(Sunday at 9 pm/ET) features seven spotlight-hungry celebrity housemates just trying to get along. But this season's major change caused a lot of the drama: the addition of Florence Henderson as on-call counselor. Instead of soothing the pain of the more troubled participants ([cough] Tawny Kitaen [cough]), Henderson pushed people's buttons and polarized the cast. "Mrs. Brady" had her final say on last w read more

Unanimous This show started off...

UnanimousThis show started off like a bad joke. Nine stereotypes walk into a bunker... and the religious stereotype says to the gay stereotype... well, you get the idea. Didn't The Real World cover all that religion-versus-gay stuff like 15 years ago? Been there, done that, and with much better-looking people. After watching the pilot, the only player I want to see with the $1.5 million is Steve, the trucker — everyone else came across as either vile or bland. Then again, Steve's "big!hidden!secret!" is probably that he kicks puppies as a hobby. So Kelly the minister said money was the root of all evil, but then goes on a reality show that gives away a huge cash prize and once claimed bankruptcy while hiding a six-figure nest egg in the bank. What, does she think God doesn't watch bad reality show read more


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