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Sam Neill Talks Us Through His Odd Lamb Names
02:16 — He even has one named Graham Norton.
Ewan McGregor Had Trouble Being Recognised As Obi Wan Kenobi
01:08 — How could anyone notethink he's Obi Wan!?
Sam Neill & Ewan McGregor Re-enact Iconic Jurassic Park Scene
03:18 — Featuring John Bishop as a dinosaur...
"This is it" Steve Smith after his final game
01:54 — Take a look at what Steve Smith had to say after playing his last game in the NFL.
Jon Beason reflects on Steve Smith's career
02:03 — Former teammate of Steve Smith in Carolina Jon Beason reflects on Steve Smith's possible retirement with Nick Kostos.
Pro Football Rundown: They said what?!
19:47 — Nick Kostos and Jon Beason reflect on Steve Smith's career, pick games for week 17 and go over controversial quotes from big time players.
Steve Smith has announced Sunday's game will be his last
01:09 — Jamey Eisenberg joins Nick Kostos to discuss Steve Smith's career and the news that he will play his final game on Sunday.
Gottlieb: Steve Smith leaning towards retirement
02:24 — Doug Gottlieb discusses whether Ravens receiver Steve Smith is a future hall-of-famer.
Fantasy Football Update: Steve Smith
01:05 — Jorge Andres, Chris Towers, and Heath Cummings discuss the upcoming fantasy impact for Steve Smith
Steve Smith "bumped heads" with Cam Newton in Carolina
02:00 — The Pro Football Rundown crew discusses Steve Smith's recent comments regarding his time playing with Cam Newton in Carolina.
Dame Judi Dench Convinced Rosamund Pike to Go On a Blind Date With a Fan
04:10 — And Chris Martin can hear you when you shout at his gigs...
Michael McIntyre Tests Out New Material On Chris Martin
04:07 — A sneak peek of his new TV material.
Andrew Lloyd Webber Ponders a Donald Trump Musical
01:43 — I wonder who could play Trump?
Gottlieb: Will Steve Smith make the Hall of Fame?
01:17 — Doug Gottlieb discusses if Steve Smith will make the Hall of Fame?
Fantasy Football Update: Steve Smith
01:01 — The Fantasy Football Today team looks at the fantasy value of Steve Smith heading into week 5.
Mark Wahlberg Can Say 57 Movie Character Names Really Fast
01:35 — Mark Wahlberg has the greatest memory ever, we couldn't even do 10 without a break.
Michael McIntyre Learns About Tinder and Grindr
03:19 — Graham lets stand up comedian Michael McIntyre in on the secrets of modern dating.
Emilia Clarke Talks About Game of Thrones Deaths
02:21 — SPOILER! Emilia, star of Game of Thrones, discusses the controversial ending to the recent season.
Samuel L. Jackson REALLY Loves Selfies
01:39 — Samuel L Jackson talks about his time spent taking selfies in the English countryside.
Tom Hanks Reveals Secrets of Toy Story 4!
02:42 — Tom Hanks spills the beans on when he's going back into the studio as Woody, and talks about the reaction of kids when they see him.
Tom Cruise Pranks Simon Pegg On Mission Impossible 5 Set
02:33 — Tom Cruise may appear to be the world's nicest man but Simon Pegg might think otherwise after this prank.
Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg Sing the Thunder Buddy Song
01:00 — We loved the Thunder Buddy song from Ted and were sad to not see it on Ted 2 but lucky for us the boys remember the whole thing and sing it right here (more…)
Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump
06:13 — Tom discusses some of his classic characters, and talks about the origin of Forrest Gump. "WILLLSSSOOOOOOOONNNN!"
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