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With Rundel in critical condition, Shiro attempts a new type of magic that has the potential to change the world.
The film that launched successful careers for Kevin Bacon, Ellen Barkin, Paul Reiser, Mickey Rourke and more! It's a lively, poignant tale of friends (more…)
The Sting
The world is on the brink of war with Iran and, despite the Government’s reluctance to go to war again in this climate of playing lap-dog to America, (more…)
On the eve of her stepbrother Peter’s suicide, Ruth is visited by his partner Angela, an ex-MI5 officer famous for her operational accomplishments. An (more…)
Steve Smith on retiring with Carolina Panthers: 'Not on my radar'
01:02 — CBS Sports NFL writer Will Brinson joins Hana Ostapchuk to break down comments by the wide receiver, who faces suspension if he comes back.
Dame Judi Dench Can’t Remember the Films She’s Been in
01:18 — Don’t ask her what she’s been in.
Ed Sheeran Slept On Jamie Foxx’s Couch for SIX WEEKS!
02:44 — Jamie loved having people over to his crib.
Jamie Foxx Does a Brilliant Kanye West Impression
02:33 — He does R&B, and young Kanye wasn’t that keen.
New Spiderman Tom Holland Once Auditioned As a Wolf
03:34 — And Mark Wahlberg got attacked by chimps on Planet of the Apes!
Mark Wahlberg Gives Terrible Celebrity Advice to Tom Holland
01:29 — Get a jacuzzi… get a medical marijuana license…
Mark Wahlberg Got One-Upped by His Daughter’s Boyfriend
01:29 — This one sounds like a keeper.
Tom Holland Does an AMAZING Chimp Impression!
02:20 — Who better to learn from than Andy Serkis?
Jets reach out to WR Steve Smith
00:47 — Hana Ostapchuk is joined by Pete Prisco to discuss the Jets' decision to cut Eric Decker but also reach out to the retired NFL WR.
Did Tom Cruise Meet Jeremy Corbyn?
01:07 — Was that really him in the car with Jeremy Corbyn?
Zac Efron Pole Dances
02:13 — How does he do it?
Tom Cruise Shows Off His Dance Moves
01:43 — All the guests go wild!
Zac Efron Recreates Top Gun
01:48 — Does Zac Efron want a part in the new Top Gun Movie?
Liam Payne On His Son Bear’s Dramatic First Nappy Change
01:11 — Liam and Cheryl struck a deal.
Liam Payne Was Shoved by Jay Z’s Bodyguard
04:08 — And Salma Hayek & David Williams had very contrasting Prince experiences…
The Red Green Show: No Retreat Trailer
01:57 — Harold's company wants to buy the lodge for retreats.
The Red Green Show: Life Cycle Trailer
01:05 — Red and Harold compete in a novel road race.
The Red Green Show: House Moving Trailer
01:13 — Red and the guys try to move an old building on pick-up trucks.
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