Steve Shaw

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SEC Head of Officials explains expansion of targeting rule
03:11 — The SEC Head of Officials Steve Shaw met with reporters at SEC Spring Meetings to discuss how the league has expanded the targeting rule with an incre (more…)
SEC's Head of Officials on experiment with collaborative replay
03:34 — The SEC will be using collaborative replay in 2016 and Head of Officials Steve Shaw took the time to explain exactly what it is and how it will be imp (more…)
Knots Landing: Small Surprises Trailer
01:11 — And baby makes six. Kren discovers she's pregnant and can't decide if she's delighted or devasted.
Knots Landing: Pilot Trailer
01:08 — Welcome, strangers. Newcomers Gary and Valence become entangled in their neighbors' feverish lives.
Knots Landing: The Constant Companion Trailer
01:06 — Flowers, gifts, mysterious phone calls. Whoever wants Ginger's attention could be an admirer...or a menace.
Knots Landing: Players Trailer
01:17 — Linda finally has Sid right where she wants him: lip to lip and miles from home after their car conveniently breaks down.
Knots Landing: A State Of Mind Trailer
01:31 — When her ex files for custody of their children, Abby fights back with her most effective weapon: sex.
Knots Landing: Choices Trailer
01:04 — Rejection slips. Sid is oblivious to Linda's seduction, Richard gives Laura the brush-off and Abby tires of Richard.
Knots Landing: Man Of The Hour Trailer
01:03 — A visiting teen's weakness for weed ensnares Eric in lies, family strife and near tragedy.
Knots Landing: Bottom Of The Bottle Part One Trailer
01:03 — Gary gets a promotion, and celebrates with one drink. Which leads to several drinks...and a booze-soaked spree.
Knots Landing: Remember The Good Times Trailer
01:17 — Gary introduces fellow alcoholic Earl Trent to AA. Karen has her first showdown with Abby.
Knots Landing: Bottom Of The Bottle Part Two Trailer
01:06 — The lost weekend continues as Gary sprils downward until, sick and violent, he lands in a detox ward.
Knots Landing: More Than Friends Trailer
01:24 — Earl Trent suggests a can't-fail plan to Val: Sleep with me to get revenge on our cheating spouses.
Knots Landing: Land Of The Free Trailer
01:04 — The wild ones. A vicious motorcycle gang terroizes Knots Landing...and kidnaps Diana.
Knots Landing: Let Me Count The Ways Trailer
01:04 — Teacher's pet. Richard runs for a school-board seat against a free-thinking teacher Karen finds dangerously attractive.
Knots Landing: Breach Of Faith Trailer
01:19 — The scandel is juicier then a T-bone steak when tempers and libidos heat up at a cul-de-sac barbeque.
Knots Landing: Squeezeplay Trailer
01:29 — White-knuckle time: Jeff kidnaps his kids, the FBI runs a string to nab Frank and Roy, and some drains the brake fluid from Sid's car.
Knots Landing: Courageous Convictions Trailer
01:03 — Brother, can you apare $20,000? Deeply in debt, Richard leans on his neighbors for some quick cash.
Knots Landing: Scapegoats Trailer
01:13 — After a run-in with Frank and Roy, Gary needs $50,000 -fast. Who has that kind of dough? Enter J.R. Ewing.
Season 2: Knots Landing: The Complete Second Season (Alone) Trailer
02:21 — Love thy neighbor. Words to live by for Sid's sexy sister Abby Cunningham - especially with the male neighbors in her new hometown, Knots Landing. May (more…)
Knots Landing: Will The Circle Be Unbroken Trailer
01:23 — Val's mother Lili Mae visits Knots Landing, hoping to re-establish the family bond she broke years earlier.
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