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Connection Lost: Behind the Scenes
04:10 — Modern Family just got a little more modern with the most innovative and revolutionary episode yet, “Connection Lost,” shot only using Apple devices. (more…)
'Modern Family' Creator's Wife Claims He Abused Her
00:51 — Steve Levitan has denied the claims. Millions are at stake in the couple's divorce.
'Modern Family' Creator's Wife Claims He Abused Her
00:51 — Steve Levitan has denied the claims. Millions are at stake in the couple's divorce.
Chatting with 'Modern Family' mastermind at NATPE
Sofía Vergara Talks About the End of Modern Family:
It's going to happen one day € ABC will announce that Modern Family is ending. Sof a Vergara admits she thinks about that inevitable news. 'I do (more…)
How Many Screw Ups Does It Take?
06:28 — After a run with T. Davis and a paparazzi fueled shopping spree Don comes down hard on the band, however they respond with an ultimatum.
Next Time On Kaya
00:27 — It looks like a new song has leaked as Gunnar and Taylor butt heads. Is that T Davis back in the studio?
Coming Up On The Next Episode Of Kaya
00:34 — Taylor deals with the aftershock of his accident and Crossing Coldwater is nominated for a VMA.
Face The Music
07:52 — For the first time since walking off stage Kaya has to deal with any possible repercussions from her band and her management.
Upstage Yourself
07:13 — Kaya combats the heat from her television appearance by staging an impromptu concert at her old alma mater.
The Morning After
04:52 — After a long night of partying, Kaya wakes up next to Taylor. The band is introduced to a new-rocker producer.
Next Time On Kaya
00:48 — The band is on the hunt for a new manager and it looks as if Kaya may have herself a little problem.
New York, New York
07:06 — After coming back from Fashion Week in New York, Kaya spots Taylor messing around with some girls.
The Sex Tape
07:06 — As the band searches for a new manager, Kaya finds out that someone has a sex tape of her and they're demanding 500,000 dollars for it.
All I Need
06:15 — The band arrives at the hospital to see Taylor and Don delivers the good news... Crossing Coldwater has been nominated for the VMAs.
Coming Up On The Next Episode Of Kaya
00:44 — Who will the band get to replace T. Davis in the studio, plus what's going to happen between Kaya and Taylor? Get a sneak peek of the next episode!
Rolling In
08:41 — Crossing Coldwater is shooting a video and enjoying studio time with a producer who actually likes their original sound.
Nursing Pain
06:45 — During a weekend getaway in Vegas, Kaya gets the call that Crossing Coldwater can return to the studio.
Next Time On Kaya
00:42 — Will the band break up? It looks as if Kaya has quite the surprise at her door step. Stay tuned for the next episode of Kaya!
Whatever You Want
05:53 — Kaya dreams about Taylor and bumps into her idol at a spa.
Nothing Anymore
11:13 — Taylor leaves for rehab; Natalee admits to being the source of the leak; and the drama ensues with Kaya's parents and career.
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