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Barack Obama: Eight Years in the White House
41:26 — On 60 Minutes Presents, President Obama discusses his two terms as commander-in-chief, Donald Trump and what has been one of the strangest presidentia (more…)
President Obama: "Don't underestimate" President-elect Trump
06:34 — President Obama leaves office in one week. For his final network TV interview as commander-in-chief, Mr. Obama sat down with "60 Minutes" corresponden (more…)
Obama doesn't think Trump can be improvisational in office
02:22 — President Barack Obama says after an "improvisational campaign," test now for Donald Trump is can he and the people he brings aboard execute his visio (more…)
Obama's final interview: Don't underestimate Donald Trump
07:54 — "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft joins CBSN to discuss his interview with President Barack Obama. The wide-ranging interview is Obama's final TV (more…)
Obama says his family's ready to leave the White House
01:26 — The Obama family spent eight years in the White House. How do they feel about leaving? Obama says his daughters are "ready to go" and Michelle never f (more…)
Barack Obama on life for his family in the spotlight
01:49 — Barack Obama will make his 18th appearance -- and final appearance as President -- on "60 Minutes" on Sunday. Steve Kroft talked to the president abou (more…)
Obama tells 60 Minutes shaping public opinion is "part of the job"
01:30 — President Obama tells 60 Minutes that part of his job is shaping public opinion and there were times during his presidency where he "lost the PR battl (more…)
Abramoff's prison time: therapeutic?
01:32 — Jack Abramoff says he had plenty of time to think while serving three and a half years in prison for illegal practices in Washington.((
Extra: Boehner And The Tea Party
01:59 — Rep. John Boehner, the incoming speaker of the House, talks to Lesley Stahl about the new members of his caucus, some of whom are close to the Tea Par (more…)
What would condemned man do with another chance?
00:34 — Death row inmate Daniel Lopez explains to 60 Minutes’ Bill Whitaker what he would do with a second chance. Lopez was executed on August 12, 2015.
Tom Brady On The NFL Draft
00:51 — Three-time Super Bowl-winning Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talks to Steve Kroft about his less-than-positive scouting report he received before his (more…)
Parents discuss Sotloff's talent for journalism
01:35 — Having a job that he loved was important to journalist Steven Sotloff and to his parents, who recognized his ability to listen to others and write.
Community unites to keep Sotloff's memory alive
01:29 — "Everybody has two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one," reads a plaque dedicated to the memory of Steven Sotloff, a journ (more…)
Surviving the death of a child
01:34 — "We only have each other," Shirley Sotloff tells Lesley Stahl about how her marriage survived the death of her child, journalist Steven Sotloff. "If s (more…)
Preview: The Coming Swarm
01:48 — The Pentagon is starting to field autonomous drones that can make decisions on their own -- faster and, in some cases, better than humans. David Marti (more…)
Preview: The Hunt for Planet Nine
00:36 — At the farthest edges of our solar system, scientists have found evidence of a ninth planet. Bill Whitaker reports on Sunday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m. ET/PT,
Preview: The Hostage Policy
01:53 — Parents of murdered hostage Steven Sotloff speak to 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl in their first television interview on Sunday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
John Brennan
13:50 — In a rare interview, the head of the CIA outlines the threat to America posed by ISIS and discusses other security concerns such as cyber and biologic (more…)
Active Shooter
10:49 — U.S. police departments are training their officers -- and members of the public, in some cases -- how to respond to and stay alive in active shooter (more…)
“Lumber Liquidators” update
01:43 — Anderson Cooper gives an update on the 60 Minutes report "Lumber Liquidators," about how the leading hardwood retailer in the country sold Chinese-mad (more…)
Preview: Crisis in Chicago
01:58 — Chicago experienced more gun violence than New York and Los Angeles combined in 2016. Yet, a 60 Minutes investigation reveals a decline in police acti (more…)
Preview: The Rum War
00:32 — Who makes the real Havana Club Rum? It's a story 60 Minutes reports from Cuba, where a longtime feud has roots to the Cuban Revolution. Sharyn Alfons (more…)
Preview: Passports for Sale
00:34 — Steve Kroft reports on how small cash-starved countries, such as the island nations of Antigua and Dominica, offer citizenship for a price, creating w (more…)
The Pope's Choir
13:07 — Charlie Rose meets the members and the maestro of the Pope's Choir to report on how they achieve their celestial sound.
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