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Small Time Crooks
Allen plays Ray Winkler, a low-brow con man who is married to Frenchy (Tracy Ullman), a former stripper. Ray and his buddies concoct a scheme to rob a (more…)
60 Minutes - How do crocodiles kill?
02:21 — Anderson Cooper talks with zoologist Adam Britton about the two ways crocs can kill.
60 Minutes - Is your kid the next Peyton Manning?
01:18 — So-called quarterback guru Steve Clarkson works with players as young as 7-years-old, all hoping to become the next big NFL star.
60 Minutes - Birdmen take flight at 140 mph
01:09 — Watch as these "birdmen" jump off mountains and take flight at speeds that reach 140 miles per hour.
60 Minutes - Spotting the special ones
00:55 — Morley Safer talks to quarterback "guru" Steve Clarkson about the new era of real-time recruiting and working with parents and coaches to scout the ne (more…)
60 Minutes - Anderson Cooper talks crocodile-diving fears
00:59 — Anderson Cooper shares his concerns about diving with deadly Nile crocodiles, on assignment for 60 Minutes.
60 Minutes - From prisoner to president: How Mandela won
01:01 — Bob Simon reports on Nelson Mandela's journey from prison to the presidency and his focus on reconciling South Africans instead of seeking revenge.
60 Minutes - “Spies on ice” catch polar bears up close
01:07 — Bob Simon reports on the revolutionary “iceberg cams” that have changed wildlife film making.
60 Minutes - QB coach on training Joe Montana's sons
01:15 — Quarterback coach and former NFLer Steve Clarkson describes the first time he coached Joe Montana's two sons.
60 Minutes - Birdmen: Finding calm before taking flight
01:13 — Steve Kroft talks to “birdman” JT Holmes about how he finds calmness before jumping off mountains.
CBS Cares - Steve Kroft on Volunteering to Honor Veterans
00:10 — Steve Kroft and CBS Cares encourage you to honor the fallen members of the U.S. military by volunteering to help their families.
60 Minutes - QB guru on scholarships to 10-year-olds
00:57 — Quarterback "guru" Steve Clarkson talks Morley Safer about changes in the football recruiting and scholarship process.
Steve Kroft on Honoring Veterans
00:15 — Steve Kroft and CBS Cares encourage you to honor fallen heroes by volunteering to help their families this Memorial Day.
Steve Kroft on How to Honor Veterans
00:15 — Steve Kroft and CBS Cares encourage you to honor the fallen members of the U.S. military by volunteering to help their families.
60 Minutes - Hidden cameras catch bears in the Arctic Circle
01:09 — A wildlife filmmaker shares his clever use of spy tactics in his own nature films.
60 Minutes - A conversation with Nelson Mandela's widow
01:03 — Nelson Mandela's widow, Graca Machel, talks to 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon and shares her unique perspective on the global icon she calls "a no (more…)
60 Minutes - Anderson Cooper on deadly Nile crocs
01:04 — Filmmaker and diver Brad Bestelink and Anderson Cooper talk about their experience diving to find Nile crocodiles.
60 Minutes - A tribute to Nelson Mandela
01:16 — 60 Minutes pays tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, whose wise use of reconciliation in his struggle against the racist apartheid system helped avoid (more…)
60 Minutes - Training kids for the NFL
00:58 — The father of one of quarterback coach Steve Clarkson's athletes talks about deciding his son should train with Clarkson.
60 Minutes - "Reveal nothing:" Nelson Mandela's strategy in prison
01:25 — 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon reports on the tactics Nelson Mandela used while in prison for 27 years.
Steve Kroft and Leslie Stahl Reveal Bob Simon's Daughter Tanya Is Pregnant With Her Second Child
01:39 — The tragic death of Bob Simon -- his close friends and colleagues now revealing to ET that the legendary journalist was about to become a grandfather (more…)
Small Time Crooks - Official Trailer
02:03 — A loser of a crook and his wife strike it rich when a botched bank job's cover business becomes a spectacular success.
Steve Kroft
Does Morley Safer makes Steve Kroft run and get him cigarettes on the set of '60 Minutes'?
Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl & Steve Kroft React to Tragic Loss of Bob Simon
The sudden and tragic passing of legendary newsman Bob Simon in a car accident on Wednesday left viewers and television personalities overcome with em (more…)
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