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Are U.S. lawyers helping launder money?
05:47 — On Sunday night, "60 Minutes" aired a report using hidden footage that raised questions about how far some American lawyers might be willing to go to (more…)
13:17 — Sharyn Alfonsi reports from the top of the world on one of the most significant efforts to study climate change happening today.
Preview: Anonymous, Inc.
00:10 — The U.S. has become one of the most popular places for foreigners to hide dirty money. See what happens when hidden cameras capture American lawyers b (more…)
Preview: Making a Difference
01:45 — On a special edition of "60 Minutes Presents," the news magazine takes a look at Americans from all walks of life who are making a difference. The bro (more…)
Preview: Heroin in the Heartland
00:32 — The faces of heroin include the young, middle-to-upper class and suburban. What was once thought of as an inner-city problem is now a national epidemi (more…)
Mountain Lions of L.A.
13:07 — They are called pumas, cougars or mountain lions. But they are also being called neighbors by some residents of Los Angeles. Bill Whitaker reports.
Preview: The Great Brain Robbery
00:56 — Chinese economic spying is costing U.S. corporations hundreds of billions of dollars and more than two million jobs. It’s also a national security ris (more…)
Preview: Sean Penn
03:48 — The actor speaks to Charlie Rose in his first interview since his controversial, clandestine meeting with the Mexican drug kingpin known as “El Chapo (more…)
Preview: Mountain Lions of L.A.
01:06 — They are called pumas, cougars or mountain lions. But they are also being called neighbors by some residents of Los Angeles, who are finding them at h (more…)
A unique talent
01:18 — Wynton Marsalis on what sets piano prodigy Joey Alexander apart.
Just listen
00:58 — Jazz radio host Gary Walker says Joey Alexander has the sound of a much older player.
Taking the lead
01:18 — Joey Alexander tells Anderson Cooper what it’s like to lead his own band at the age of 12.
Steve Kroft
Does Morley Safer makes Steve Kroft run and get him cigarettes on the set of '60 Minutes'?
Preview: Michael Caine
00:53 — After making films for over 50 years, Michael Caine says his latest is his best work ever. The 82-year-old British actor tells Lesley Stahl that playi (more…)
Botticelli didn't take the pain pills
01:20 — Michael Botticelli, Director of National Drug Control Policy, tells how he stays away from addictive substances.
Change the vocabulary of addiction
00:44 — The president's top drug official, Michael Botticelli, says it is time to change the way we talk about addiction.
Mexican cartels take advantage of over-prescribing
00:52 — The President’s top official on drug policy says cartels saw an opioid business opportunity in US.
Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton's childhood hero
00:38 — British Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton explains why he wants to emulate Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna.
How long will Lewis Hamilton keep racing?
00:58 — Three Formula One world championships are only the beginning for British driver Lewis Hamilton.
Preview: The Case Against Lehman
00:28 — Steve Kroft talks to the bank examiner whose investigation reveals the how and why of the spectacular financial collapse of Lehman Brothers, the bankr (more…)
Preview: A New Direction On Drugs
00:27 — National Drug Control Policy Director Michael Botticelli, who is a recovering addict himself, aims to refocus the country's drug policy. Watch his int (more…)
Nursing baby bonobos back to health
00:42 — Suzy Kwetuenda is a biologist who oversees bonobo rehabilitation at Lola Ya Bonobo. She says when they first arrive, they need love and attention to s (more…)
Preview: Confidential Informants
02:22 — Lesley Stahl reports on law enforcement's controversial use of young, confidential informants in the war on drugs, some of whose cases ended tragicall (more…)
When a 60 Minutes shoot becomes a stampede
00:59 — Anything can happen on a 60 Minutes shoot, as you’ll see when Lesley Stahl interviews Stephen Wainaina Waweru, a farmer in Kenya
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