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Video: Was the iPhone created because Steve Jobs hated a guy?
00:43 — A former Apple engineer said Jobs' dislike for a Microsoft employee, and his talk of a Microsoft tablet, lead to the iPhone's design.
Apple's massive, glitzy new headquarters
04:19 — A few weeks ago, the doors of Steve Jobs' dream corporate headquarters opened for a number of Apple employees. Some say the massive complex looks like (more…)
Words of Wisdom from Our Favorite Commencement Speeches
01:40 — Who wouldn't want life advice from Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Steve Jobs? Over the years, some of the country's best-known names have shared their wisdom a (more…)
Walter Isaacson's "Trailblazers" podcast explores digital disruptors
05:20 — Best-selling author Walter Isaacson is behind biographies of iconic figures including Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein. Isaacson joins "CBS This Morning (more…)
Why Studios Make the Same Movie Twice
01:58 — The new movie "Steve Jobs" has been getting some rave reviews at the box office. If you're thinking to yourself, "didn't we already see this with Ash (more…)
Writer Aaron Sorkin On 'Steve Jobs' and His Idea for a Phone App
10:53 — Writer extraordinaire Aaron Sorkin sits down with RedEye movie critic Matt Pais to chat all about his newest movie, 'Steve Jobs.'
Guest: Vin Diesel
02:31 — Which movie's right for you this weekend? The Last Witch Hunter? Steve Jobs? Rock the Kasbah? Jem and the Holograms? Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Di (more…)
Steve Jobs Movie Review by Kenneth Turan
02:02 — Kenneth Turan reviews 'Steve Jobs' starring Michael Fassbender.
The documentary mission of filmmaker Alex Gibney
07:53 — Filmmaker Alex Gibney is prolific - he has made 14 documentaries in just five years. His subjects range from Enron and the fall of former New York Gov (more…)
Behind the Scenes: The Making of 'Steve Jobs'
02:16 — The genius behind the Mac is getting another biopic and ET went behind the scenes to see how it came together.
Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle on the making of "Steve Jobs"
07:11 — Four years ago this week, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died. A new movie bearing his name takes a look at his genius, flaws and legacy. Oscar-winning s (more…)
Drs. Rx: Steve Jobs’ Secret to Making Good Decisions
01:24 — ER physician Travis Stork reveals a simple trick to help you make better decisions. Even former Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly used this trick!
How "gangsters" helped Houston principal Bertie Simmons transform school
03:14 — Houston's Furr High School was one of the $10 million winners for the "XQ: The Super School Project," funded by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' (more…)
Michael Fassbender Is Loving the Oscar Buzz for Steve Jobs Role
03:38 — The stars of Steve Jobs sat down for a roundtable discussion of the film garnering Oscar buzz.
The Innovations of Steve Jobs
03:08 — Biographer Walter Isaacson explains the innovation Steve Jobs brought to all Apple products.
Behind the 'Steve Jobs' movie controversy -- and magic
03:00 — Friends of the Apple co-founder are speaking out against the movie that bears his name. Learn what the movie's creators think about Jobs, and how acto (more…)
'Steve Jobs' review: Pure Sorkin, but is it pure fiction?
02:18 — The new film from Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle doesn't let the facts get in the way of its unique take on the life and times of the Apple co-founder.
Apple 'Think Different' ad guru says 'all is not well' with Apple today
03:57 — Ken Segall, author of new book "Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity" cautions that Apple must keep an eye on quality control, and tells (more…)
Steve Jobs documentary shows darker side of Apple co-founder
03:45 — In a new documentary "Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine," director Alex Gibney explores the side of Jobs most have never seen. Jeff Bakalar spoke wit (more…)
Can Apple still change the world?
07:56 — 60 Minutes Overtime explores the cult of secrecy around Apple's new products, and what the future holds without legendary founder Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone
05:01 — Relive the moment when Steve Jobs first showed the world the iPhone.
RV Talk with Jeff Daniels and Kirsten Dunst
03:05 — In addition to starring in The Martian and Steve Jobs, Jeff Daniels talks about manning the RV he drives while touring and performing with his son's b (more…)
Aaron Sorkin praises 'genius' Steve Jobs (interview)
04:04 — The Oscar-winning screenwriter behind "The West Wing" and "The Social Network" tells CNET how he crafted his take on the life of the visionary Apple c (more…)
Sunday Almanac: Apple's Macintosh
02:25 — Thirty-two years ago today Apple founder Steve Jobs presented the company's revolutionary personal computer, the Macintosh, to the world. Charles Osg (more…)
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