Steve Hytner



"Bitter Sweets"

Some things we know:• Ned is Chuck’s boyfriend• Emerson’s ok with lying by omission (well, and outright lying)• Ned cleans when he’s upset• Dilly really does stutter when she’s upsetThere was a lot going on in tonight’s episode. We had the arrival of rival small business Balsam’s Bittersweets Taffy & Sweet Emporium and not one but two murder cases. And, of course, Ned’s confession to Chuck at the end of the episode. Let’s start with the highly anticipated (at least by me) arrival of Molly Shannon’s Dilly Balsam. Well, I guess I should really start with the arrival of Mike White’s Some Guy. I loved how he came into what would shortly be known as The Pie Ho to talk about the arrival of the new candy shop. Ned, Olive, and Chuck do the neighborly thing and offer a welcome gift in the form of one of Ned’s delicious and pungent pies. The only problem is that all the customers love the smell of the pie so much t... read more

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