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Sat Feb 6 4:30pm
Henry DangerDream Busters NIK

A villain puts Henry in a dream state, and it's up to Charlotte to save him.

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Sat Feb 6 7:00pm
Henry DangerCaptain Man: On Vacation NIK

Ray goes out of town to attend a wedding and leaves Henry and Charlotte to safeguard Swellview, but trouble occurs.

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Sat Feb 6 7:30pm
Henry DangerSecret Beef NIK

Henry scores an invite to a posh restaurant and wants to bring Ray with him, but this becomes problematic.

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Mon Feb 8 7:30pm
Henry DangerElevator Kiss NIK

Bianca kisses Kid Danger after he rescues her, and this upsets Henry, because he interprets it as her being unfaithful to him.

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Mon Feb 8 8:00pm
Henry Danger NIK

A kid gets a part-time job as a superhero's sidekick and must keep the details of his job a secret.

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Tue Feb 9 7:30pm
Henry DangerThe Time Jerker NIK

Kid Danger falls into a time machine by mistake and keeps reliving the same day.

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Tue Feb 9 8:00pm
Henry DangerMan of the House NIK

Captain Man acts patriarchal after he moves in Henry's home in order to safeguard the family from crime, and Henry's not happy about this turn of events.

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Wed Feb 10 7:30pm
Henry DangerHenry the Man-Beast NIK

Henry's big date goes awry after he's mistakenly exposed to a peculiar device in the Man Cave.

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Wed Feb 10 8:00pm
Henry Danger NIK

A kid gets a part-time job as a superhero's sidekick and must keep the details of his job a secret.

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Thu Feb 11 7:30pm
Henry DangerHenry's Jelly NIK

Henry wants recognition for Kid Danger's heroics, especially after Jasper is praised as a hero.

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Sat Feb 13 6:30pm
Henry DangerMy Phony Valentine NIK

Henry's hurt by his crush when she dates another boy on Valentine's Day, so Schwoz devises a plan to make her jealous. Meanwhile, Ray has a bad date with Henry's teacher.

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Sat Feb 13 7:00pm
Henry DangerOne Henry, Three Girls: Part 1 NIK

Part 1 of 2. A zealous elderly fan terrorizes Captain Man, so Henry attempts to capture her while balancing his hectic work life and personal life.

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Tue Feb 16 7:30pm
Henry DangerToo Much Game NIK

A new student gets Henry's position on the basketball team, but questions arise about the kid's age. Elsewhere, Captain Man learns he must overcome grudges if he wants his old pal's assistance.

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Tue Feb 16 8:00pm
Henry DangerThe Secret Gets Out NIK

Charlotte grows suspicious of Henry's many secrets, jeopardizing Henry's superhero-sidekick job.

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Wed Feb 17 7:30pm
Henry DangerThe Space Rock NIK

Henry comes home with a rock from outer space, but the rock brings some complications with it.

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Wed Feb 17 8:00pm
Henry DangerSpoiler Alert NIK

An annoying villain called the Spoiler surfaces. Elsewhere, Piper attempts to join a Captain Man fan club.

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Thu Feb 18 7:30pm
Henry DangerSubstitute Teacher NIK

A new classmate is suspicious to Henry and Charlotte, so Captain Man goes undercover as a substitute teacher.

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