SNL Digital Short: Space Olympics
03:02 — The year is 3022 and this galactic sporting event is having some financial issues
George and Lenny
03:32 — Lenny gets wise to George...
Boat Ride
05:02 — Two singing strangers fall in love on a lake and avoid murder.
Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals
01:53 — Barky Bark and The Donkey Bunch
MacGruber: Financial Ruin
03:53 — MacGruber loses his shirt in the market.
Update: Fred's Map/Fix It!
06:58 — Fred shows off his interactive map and Oscar Rogers still wants someone to FIX IT!
SNL Digital Short: Ras Trent
02:08 — A Rastafarian melody for the Quad.
Presidential Bash: Obama/Matthews
01:36 — Sen. Obama and Chris Matthews stop by the Presidential Bash
Kissing Family
04:14 — This is one close family.
Update: Bill Clinton
03:20 — President Clinton on Hillary's new appointment.
Update: Boy George
03:13 — Boy George visits Weekend Update to discuss his trial.
Wedding Toast
05:32 — The bride and groom get toasted on their special day.
Update: BCS Song
04:53 — Will Forte debuts his BCS song on Weekend Update.
Update: Larry the Goose
02:21 — Winged survivor of Flight 1549 shares his side of the story.
Steve Martin: Late for School
04:10 — Steve Martin performs the song "Late For School," which he wrote, from his new album "The Crow."
Today Show
05:54 — Kathie Lee at the Hoedown!
Tony Bennett Show
05:25 — Tony Bennett welcomes Liza Minnelli and husband.
Prince Charles
03:42 — It could be said the Prince pitched a tent on the Isle of Man.
Geithner Cold Open
06:27 — The Treasury Secretary is open to suggestions.
Jewess Jeans
00:59 — A classic commercial parody with Gilda Radner.
Moorhead Securities
01:42 — A tradition of security.
02:19 — Putting an end to the excitement.
Shopping at Home Network
03:43 — The Shaq Plaque is one of a kind!
Fast and Furious
01:30 — The Fast and Bi-Curious
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