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Steve Carell Overtakes George Clooney As the Internet's Favorite Silver Fox
04:36 — Steve Carell chats about life as a silver fox with his grey hair and shows off the terrible Pope John Paul II impression that got him cast on The Dana (more…)
Trump Invites GOP Senate to White House, Oregon Naked Bike Ride
03:31 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, June 27.
Sheryl Crow: Halfway There
04:07 — Music guest Sheryl Crow performs "Halfway There" for the Tonight Show audience.
Lily Collins Goes On a Quest to Save a Giant Hippo Pig in Okja
06:06 — Lily Collins explains why she's so vocal about eating disorders in her film To the Bone and her memoir, and she discusses her movie Okja's unexpected (more…)
Steve Carell's '80s Fashion Was All Shoulder Pads and Balloon Pants
03:54 — Steve Carell talks to Jimmy about Despicable Me 3 and the movie's 1980s villain who reminds him of the fashions he was obsessed with back in the day.
Pros and Cons: Getting a Summer Job
02:10 — Jimmy weighs the good and bad of students getting a temporary job for the summer.
Blow Your Mind With Steve Carell
08:28 — Steve Carell and Jimmy take turns guessing whether mind-blowing facts are true or false, getting blasted in the face with an air cannon for every wron (more…)
Jimmy Honors 92-Year-Old Audience Member Who Was a Guest On Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
03:27 — Jimmy greets the audience during a break in filming and ends up chatting with 92-year-old actor and former Tonight Show guest Bill Hayes about how he (more…)
Internet Pop Quiz: Chris Colfer
03:39 — Chris Colfer takes The Tonight Show's Internet Pop Quiz, answering questions about binge-watching, embarrassing playlist names and more.
Pharrell Williams' Triplets Harmonize When They Cry
05:55 — Pharrell Williams opens up about becoming father to triplets, demonstrates his assembly line-style parenting and the talks about the music he composed (more…)
Tonight Show Polls: Do You Like Ken's New Man Bun
02:10 — Jimmy runs through the results of some little-known polls asking things like, "Are You Going to Watch Michael Phelps Race a Shark?"
Chris Colfer Claims He Was Visited by an Alien
04:36 — Chris Colfer reveals whether his birthday trip to an extraterrestrial hotspot ended in a sighting and draws Jimmy a picture of the "alien" he saw duri (more…)
Vince Staples Ft. Ray J, Damon Albarn, Kilo Kish: Love Can Be...
03:24 — Music guest Vince Staples performs "Love Can Be..." with help from Ray J, Gorillaz's Damon Albarn and Kilo Kish for the Tonight Show audience.
Obama Copies Trump, Harry Potter Characters 20 Years Later
04:04 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Monday, June 26.
Chris Colfer On Writing and Directing a Land of Stories Series Film
01:42 — Chris Colfer chats with Jimmy about the final novel in his Land of Stories series and writing and directing a film based on the bestselling books.
Name That Song Challenge With Pharrell Williams
06:47 — Pharrell Williams and Jimmy go head-to-head trying to correctly guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time.
Thank You Notes: Ouija Boards, Swim Caps and Goggles
03:57 — Jimmy pens thank you notes to Mattel for introducing 15 new Ken dolls, hand sanitizer and other things.
Keanu Reeves Almost Changed His Name to Chuck Spadina
05:53 — Keanu Reeves explains why he almost named himself Chuck Spadina and looks through some of his doppelgängers found on
Trump's Iowa Venting Session, Mexico Legalizes Medical Marijuana
03:13 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, June 23.
Keanu Reeves Lives the Dream in the Bad Batch
02:54 — Keanu Reeves chats about his epic The Bad Batch movie look.
Cat Deeley's 40th Surprise Birthday Party Was at the Big Little Lies Beach House
05:18 — Cat Deeley compares big heads with Jimmy, discusses her emotional surprise birthday party and her Newlywed Game meets Kids Say the Darndest Things mas (more…)
Ali Kolbert Stand-Up
06:36 — Ali Kolbert tells jokes about how going home for a visit is like Survivor, the problem with looking young and reminds Jimmy about a thoughtful note he (more…)
The Whisper Challenge With Keanu Reeves
04:03 — Keanu Reeves and Jimmy take turns guessing random words, names and phrases while wearing noise-canceling headphones.
Tales from Backstage: Ali Kolbert
02:03 — Ali Kolbert returns to Studio 6B to talk about her NBC page days, juggling stand-up with work and shares advice for anyone getting into comedy.
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