Steve Burton

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Jack Stephen Burton
  • Birth Place: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Director, Producer

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The Young and The Restless - The Hilary Hour
01:58 — Hilary airs footage of Victor.
The Young and The Restless - Next On Y&R (7/25/2017)
00:21 — See what's coming up on The Young and The Restless.
Throwback Thursdays: Bundles of Joy
01:36 — A look back at some of the most memorable births on GH.
Sam & Patrick Tour Crichton Clark
02:00 — Sam and Patrick work on finding evidence against Nina.
Levi Hides Lulu & Maxie
01:58 — Levi moves Maxie & Lulu into a remote cabin.
Levi Holds Lulu at Gunpoint
01:14 — Surrounded by the police, "Levi" holds Lulu at gunpoint while making his demands to Dante & Nathan. Levi wants a helicopter, money, handcuffs and duct (more…)
Jason Remembers a Name
00:41 — Liz is hopeful when her John Doe awakens. He struggles to remember anything from before the accident. He starts to remember a name..Elizabeth.
Sonny & Carly Can't Resist Each Other
00:30 — Sonny and Carly get caught in the throes of passion. Carly feels guilty about Franco and Sonny thinks that it is time to bring their affair out into t (more…)
Sneak Peek: Sonny & Michael Reminisce About Jason
01:23 — Sonny & Michael reminisce about Jason on the anniversary of his death.
Drunk Larry Ashton in a Blanket
00:35 — Jerry claims to have dropped of "Tracy's husband" outside. Tracy, Ned & Lulu race to the terrace only to discover a completely inebriated Larry Ashton (more…)
Sneak Peek: Where Will Jason Go?
01:05 — When Jason is discharged from General Hospital, he realizes that he doesn't have a job, a last name or a place to live.
Liz Offers Her Place to Jason
00:55 — Jason wonders where he is going to go and Liz has an answer.
Arrest Me or Get Lost
01:12 — Anna and Obrecht have another unpleasant run-in at GH. They argue about everything from Nina to stolen babies to Faison.
Throwback Thursdays: Best Weddings
01:50 — A look back at the most memorable weddings on GH.
Sam & Patrick Team up Against Nina
01:22 — Sam & Patrick team up to prove that Nina is a fraud.
Carly Cannot Resist Sonny
01:42 — Carly tries to resist but gives into her feelings for Sonny.
Britt Comforts Nathan Over Maxie's Disappearance
00:43 — When Nathan is begins to crumble over Maxie, Britt steps up and channels her inner Obrecht to cheer her brother up.
Maxie & Lulu's Escape Attempt Fails
00:32 — After Maxie and Lulu's escape attempt goes wrong, Levi ties them up again.
Michael, Morgan & Sonny Discuss Ava Jerome
01:13 — The Corinthos men have a long overdue discussion about Ava Jerome.
Ava's Awful Apology to Nina
01:43 — Ava cuts to the chase and apologies to Nina in her own special way.
Emma Confronts Spencer
00:44 — Emma tries to get Spencer to reveal what he knows about the accident.
Sam & Patrick Discuss the Found Crichton-Clark Card
00:50 — Patrick confesses that Silas found a Crichton-Clark card in Rafe's things.
Robin and Jason Race to Port Charles
00:55 — Robin & Jason race to Port Charles to be with their loved ones.
Will Rosalie Seduce Michael?
00:45 — Following Nina's orders, Rosalie attempts to seduce Michael.
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  • Birth Name: Jack Stephen Burton
  • Birth Place: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Director, Producer

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