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Survivor's Stephenie LaGrossa and Baseball Player Kyle Kendrick Marry

Survivor alum Stephenie LaGrossa and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick wed over the weekend, People reports.

LaGrossa, who competed, but never won, on Survivor: Palau, Survivor: Guatemala, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, exchanged vows with Kendrick in an outdoor ceremony with 105 guests in Napa, Calif.

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Survivor's James: Colby "Didn't Want to Be There"

After suffering what turned out to be a torn anterior cruciate ligament in last week's reward challenge on Survivor, James Clement seemed like a dead man walking. With four immunity-challenge losses to the Villains tribe, the last thing the Heroes needed was to keep an injured player. However, thanks to his strong alliance within the tribe, James was saved and Tom Westman was eliminated. Unfortunately, even after Colby Donaldson made a speech to the Heroes tribe about his impending exit, James was the one voted out because of his knee injury. The 32-year-old Clement spoke with about Colby's lackadaisical attitude, his argument with Stephenie LaGrossa and who he thinks is the "Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of Survivor."

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Survivor's Stephenie: Heroes "Are Definitely Going to Turn into Villains"

After two brutal immunity challenges loses and two dramatic tribal councils, the heroes of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains are beginning to look less, well, heroic. Despite her alliance with Tom and Colby, Stephenie LaGrossa couldn't save herself from the wrath of Rupert and James. "It's a game, and you want to win, but you want to enjoy your experience out there, because it's miserable as it is," she told "And being around people like James and Rupert really did make it unbearable."

Following last night's heated tribal council and her early exit, the 29-year-old also discussed what went wrong during the immunity challenge, the deep divisions within the heroes tribe, and her and Tom's now-defunct plan more



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2005 Survivor TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member

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The (Rest of the) Tribe Has Spoken

To be crowned the winner of Survivor: Guatemala, Danni Boatwright had to beat out Cindy Hall, Lydia Morales, Rafe Judkins and, last but not least, Stephenie LaGrossa. What did the four runners-up think of their own Survivor stints? caught up with the, um, "not-winners" to discuss their most memorable jungle moments. Stephenie LaGrossa — At the finale, when you saw a vote for you, did you think you might have a chance? No. I was thinking, I probably have one vote and that was Rafe's. Everyone said this was read more

Survivor's Stephenie Snuffed

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Last week, Survivor: Palau's Stephenie LaGrossa — sole survivor of the Ulong tribe — fell victim to the tight-knit Koror alliance. Here, asks the 25-year-old pharmaceutical rep all about Janu's sacrifice, which players were real stinkers and if, as we suspect, she threw some immunity challenges. Do you feel like a good role model for women?Stephenie LaGrossa: Now I do. I didn't know I was going to be popular or even well-liked. I thought maybe I'd come off as a bitch because I am so honest and competitive. TVG: How did you feel about Janu quitting to save you? Stephenie: Janu was going to quit no matter what. I don't think she did it to save me. When [we both] realized at tribal council that it was going to be me [voted off], that's when I got upset. And Janu was like, "I'm so fed up wit read more

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