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Kate Upton's S.I. Swimsuit Edition Cover Lacks Actual Swimsuits
06:18 — While the magazine may be guilty of false advertising, we don't hear any Sports Illustrated readers complaining about Upton's covers.
No Obamacare? No Problem! Try These GOP Home Remedies
01:11 — The Republican Party might not have a replacement plan, but they have some quick fixes you can try right at home!
Joe Scarborough: There Are Some Lines Trump Can't Cross
05:38 — The President has been known to push the envelope but, according to Joe, Americans must stand up to him when necessary.
Gottlieb: Marques Johnson talks Lonzo and LaVar Ball
05:32 — Former UCLA basketball player Marques Johnson joins Damon Amendolara to discuss Lonzo Ball's father LaVar Ball saying Lonzo is better than Stephen Cur (more…)
The Pope Chides Today's Youths For Their Lack Of Manners
02:14 — The remarks by Pope Francis seem downright curmudgeonly, prompting Stephen to pitch an idea for a new TV show.
Joe Scarborough Says The GOP Will Be Judged For The Next Fifty Years
09:06 — The 'Morning Joe' host says the actions of Americans, especially Republican Senators, will be scrutinized for decades to come.
Yvette Nicole Brown Wishes Trump Wouldn't Use Civil Rights Icons As Props
07:07 — Asked if she was impressed by Trump's visit to the Museum of African American History, the star of 'Supermansion' replied simply: "Nope.'
Today Trump Honored Sojourner Truth, Booker T. Washington And... Ben Carson
07:38 — The President makes a speech at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and somehow manages to make it all about himself.
Colbert knocks President Trump for Sweden gaffe
03:03 — President Trump mentioned an incident in Sweden at a press conference, although he later clarified in a tweet that he was referring to immigrants in S (more…)
King Cobra
Based on a ripped-from-the-headlines true story, King Cobra is a deliciously dark, twisted plunge into the behind-the-scenes world of the gay pornogra (more…)
Shots Fired: The Cast Discusses the Show's Importance
01:35 — Stephen Moyer, Aisha Hinds and more talk about Fox's drama
Rep. Jeffries: You Have to Draw the Line in the Sand Somewhere
06:12 — Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., talks about President Trump's recent comments about race and why he doesn't think the Congressional Black Caucus should (more…)
Never Fjorget What Happened In Sweden
04:12 — In response to Trump's false claims of a terror attack, Sweden's Prime Minister asked, 'What has he been smoking?' Stephen has a theory.
Jason Jones Doesn't Regret Becoming A U.S. Citizen
06:35 — 'The Detour' star discusses the odd and inspiring process of becoming an American.
Sorry ISIS, You Lost The Title Of 'Enemy Of The American People'
07:53 — Even the world's most ruthless terrorist organization can't displace the mainstream media as President Trump's most despised group.
Uma Thurman Risks Stephen's Ire For Turning Down 'Lord Of The Rings'
09:30 — The beloved star of 'Kill Bill,' now guest starring in 'Imposters,' describes her choice as 'one of the worst decisions ever made.'
Alison Krauss Performs 'I Never Cared For You'
03:28 — The legendary singer Alison Krauss sings a Willie Nelson cover from her new album 'Windy City.'
A Star-Studded Cast Sings 'We Are All Sweden'
01:18 — Celebrities like BeyoncĂ©, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars didn't unite to stand in solidarity for Sweden.
Stephen Deciphers The Teenage Emoji Code
05:54 — Teenagers, your best kept secrets have officially been unlocked.
White House: Stephen Miller Is Not Available
00:48 — Ari Melber invited Stephen Miller, senior adviser to the president, to come on MSNBC after Miller said last Sunday he was "prepared to go any show, an (more…)
Chris' Exit Interview
00:34 — Chris is flabbergasted by his Tinkerbelle-inspired elimination.
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