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VIDEO: The Living Legend: Part 1

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The Living Legend: Part 1
Subscription | Netflix
Length: 48:55
Aired: 3/25/2005

The Galactica discovers the battlestar, Pegasus, which had been thought to be destroyed. But the ship's commander causes a rift within both crews. watch

VIDEO: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 1

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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 1
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Length: 43:42
Aired: 3/25/2005

The wear and tear of life on the run has caught up with everyone on the fleet and is affecting them in diverse ways. Adam and Lee attempt to stave off their tension in a boxing match, and Kara and Baltar engage in a sexual romp where Kara is so distracted, she calls out the wrong name (Lee’s name), which insults Dr. Baltar so much that he walks out on her. The news is far more grim for Laura, who learns that her cancer has progressed and that her time is running out. Laura confers with Elosha, and is oddly comforted when the prelate persists in her faith – that Laura is the one who will save the fleet and ultimately lead the embattled survivors of mankind to the promised land of Earth. Sharon on Galactica is about to end her stress. She sticks a gun in her mouth. Will she pull the trigger..? Should she pull the trigger? A call comes in for her to report to duty, and Sharon decides to live another day. She and Crashdown are sent into space, and they Jump their Raptor harrowingly close to a strange new planet. They study the planet's surface and Crashdown ponders, "Could this be Earth?" Sharon knows it’s even more important. The planet is Kobol. watch

VIDEO: Battlestar Galactica 112

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Battlestar Galactica 112
Subscription | Xfinity
Length: 43:45
Aired: 3/25/2005

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt 1: Colonial Raptors locate the planet Kobol, legendary birthplace of man. Laura and Adama battle over the benefits and dangers in unlocking Kobol's ancient mysteries. watch


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The Living Legend: Part 1

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Year Title Description
2004 Blade Movie, Actor - FBI Agent
2003 Peacemakers: Town Without Pity
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode, Actor - Scott
2003 X2 Movie, Actor - Stryker Soldier Smith
2000 Just Deal: With the Band
Season 1, Episode 11
Episode, Actor - Jonathan
1948 The Fool And The Princess Movie, Source

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