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"Craziest Cult" Show Open (Episode 6)
02:35 — Check out Craig's opening monologue from Episode 6, “Craziest Cult,” to see which cult that is not a cult they will definitely not be talking about.
"Craziest Cult" Candidates
Check out the top five candidates from Episode 6, "History's Craziest Cult," and find out if a bad website is reason enough to disqualify one.
"Craziest Cult" Top 3 Moments
Check out highlights from Episode 6, “Craziest Cult," featuring Jack Black, comedian Tymberlee Hill, and professor Stephen Prothero.
Intro - 6/14/10
There's a new quest for Arctic riches, Stephen recaps the Tony Awards, and Stephen Prothero goes to Hell in seven religions.