Stephen Fry

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Stephen John Fry
  • Birth Place: Hempstead, London, England
  • Profession: Actor, Director, Writer

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The Great Indoors - A Little Floppy
00:50 — Brooke asks Jack why he doesn't want to reveal to the crew that they slept together.
The Great Indoors - Paul is Found
02:22 — Brooke's fondness for Jack grows as he successfully gets Paul and Roland to interact.
The Great Indoors - Wrong Member
01:02 — Roland expresses to Jack his desire to see Brooke with someone like him.
The Great Indoors Presents: Words With Stephen Fry - 'Thirst-Trap'
01:05 — Watch as The Great Indoors star Stephen Fry tries to guess the meaning of the word 'thirst-trap.' Also, tune in to all-new episodes of The Great Indoo (more…)
The Monster of Wild Rocks / Storm-a-Coming!
14:05 — The Monster of Wild Rocks: Dad reads Lily a funny monster story. On Driftwood Bay, Lily goes for a painting trip with Wee Rabbit to Wild Rocks – and w (more…)
Rescue! / A Bee in a Million
14:02 — Rescue!: Lily finds an old compass washed up on the beach that proves useful on Driftwood Bay when Bull seems to be in trouble up on the GreatNorth Cl (more…)
Next Please! / Remembering Grampy
14:05 — Next Please! : Lily finds a bell washed up on the beach, and takes it to Driftwood Bay where she offers to give the Squeaky Mice a day off and looks a (more…)
Starfish in the Sky / All at Sea
14:02 — Starfish in the Sky: When Lily finds a small piece of pipe on the beach, she imagines it to be a telescope. When Salty tells her about the Starfish Co (more…)
Silly Seals / Pirate Puffin
14:07 — Silly Seals: Lily finds a hooty horn washed up on the beach and on the crossing to Driftwood Bay she meets some friendly seals. Lily is sure she can t (more…)
Summer Holiday / Bulls Might Fly
14:06 — Summer Holiday: On Driftwood Bay, everyone is heading to Lord Stag’s beach house for some summer fun. But with Lord Stag fussing over his plans for fu (more…)
Goodbye Seabird / Catch that Picture!
14:04 — Goodbye Seabird: (IMPORTANT: This episode deals with the subject of grief of death/grief and should be scheduled accordingly.) It’s a very sad day on (more…)
Plastic Iceberg / Little Flying Light
14:05 — Plastic Iceberg: When Lily finds a plastic bottle washed up on the beach, Salty and she decide to clean up the sea around Driftwood Bay. They make a t (more…)
Time Out / The Mystery Key
14:04 — Time Out: Lily finds a relaxing wind-chime washed up on the beach. Meanwhile, Driftwood Bay is the busiest it has ever been and poor Hatsie and her Cl (more…)
Windy Things / The Dance-Off
14:06 — Windy Things: A washed-up ribbon inspires Lily to teach Salty how to fly a kite. After one-too-many disasters, Lily learns that Salty is more confiden (more…)
Christmas Kerfuffle / All Aboard!
14:06 — Christmas Kerfuffle: It’s Christmas Eve on Driftwood Bay and everyone is excited preparing the Cockle Café for a big celebration when disaster strikes (more…)
The Being Helpful Badge / Bedtime Scarf
14:05 — The Being Helpful Badge: A shiny badge is washed up on the beach, and on Driftwood Bay, Lily realises that it’s actually a special award for being hel (more…)
Shush, Puffin! / Fiddlin' Flatfish
14:02 — Shush, Puffin!: On Driftwood Bay, someone seems to be taking things. Puffin seems to know why these precious objects are vanishing - if only someone w (more…)
Harbour Cookies / Seaweed Pie
14:05 — Harbour Cookies: Lily finds a cookie cutter on the beach and decides that it would be fun to open a cookie stall at the Driftwood Bay harbour. She doe (more…)
Whale Rescue / Delivery Disaster
14:02 — Whale Rescue: Lily finds a set of panpipes on the beach which she takes to Driftwood Bay. She and Salty discover a baby whale caught in a nylon fishin (more…)
Stop that Pudding! / Puffin Muffins
14:02 — Stop That Pudding!: Lily finds a set of measuring spoons, which she puts to good use on Driftwood Bay. Nonna has taken a tumble and needs to rest, so (more…)
Help! / Funny Fluffy Things
14:04 — Help!: A pair of binoculars washes up on the beach and on Driftwood Bay, Lily uses them to spot that Hatsie is in trouble out at sea. Being a proud he (more…)
Winter Games / Snowy Sheep Chase
14:05 — Winter Games: It’s a very cold day and it’s snowing across the way on Driftwood Bay! It’s the perfect weather for some winter games and Bull is determ (more…)
A Very Important Visitor / A New Arrival
14:05 — A Very Important Visitor: A fun moustache and glasses disguise is washed up on the beach. Over on Driftwood Bay, Lord Stag is disappointed when his im (more…)
Captain Lily / Dance Date
14:02 — Captain Lily: Lily gets stranded alone out at sea on Delilah. Wearing the Captain’s hat she found on the beach, it’s up to her to be Captain as Salty (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Stephen John Fry
  • Birth Place: Hempstead, London, England
  • Profession: Actor, Director, Writer

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