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Laurel and Her Father Try Mediation
01:27 — Laurel and her father try to use mediation to solve their problems.
Flash Forward: a Survivor from the Fire
01:19 — Firefighters find a survivor of the fire when Bonnie speaks to the police.
Annalise Slaps Her Client
00:30 — Annalise must convince her client to take the plea bargain.
They Can't Tell the Police
02:33 — Annalise and Bonnie discuss their options to finding the dead body.
Annalise Needs a Volunteer
00:56 — Annalise introduces the next client but can't find someone to step up.
Rayna's Record Label Sneak Peek
01:37 — Rayna's record label would like her to open for Juliette!
Father Daughter Talk
01:30 — Rayna and Lamar have a heated discussion about the past!
Nashville Music: "You Can't Stop Me"
01:41 — Watch Sadie Stone's performance from the CMA Awards!
Rayna Needs Deacon to Move On
01:22 — "I love you. That's it. It's easy. I always have."
Juliette Poses for Vogue!
00:33 — How will Avery react to Juliette's photos?
Will Goes to Deacon for Advice
01:50 — Following Jeff's dismissal from Edgehill, the media company that owns the label decides to dissolve it.
Cliffhanger: Did Deacon or Beverly Flatline?
00:38 — Season 3 ends with Dr. Rand preparing to deliver bad news.
Juliette's "Last Honest Man" Performance
02:44 — Juliette is back on stage after signing with Luke's label.
Juliette & Luke Sing a Duet of "Bad Reputation"
02:23 — Luke proves he's not a fuddy-duddy by taking the stage with Juliette and performing an impromptu duet of "Bad Reputation". Song available for purchase (more…)
Clare Bowen Talks About Touring With Her Boyfriend Brandon
02:19 — Clare Bowen talks about being on the road with her soul mate Brandon.
Anything Is Possible!
03:28 — Don't miss the series premiere of Nashville!
Rayna's Girls Sing "Telescope"
00:59 — Rayna's girls sing "Telescope" for a Talent Show!
Jealous Avery Sneak Peek
01:11 — Avery walks in on Scarlett and Gunnar writing a song!
Phone Call
01:33 — You surprised the hell out of me last night.
Avery Helps Juliette Undress
01:12 — Is there hope for Javery?
Nashville Music: "Baby It's Cold Outside"
01:28 — Rayna and Luke perform a holiday classic together. Meanwhile, Zoey leaves Nashville for LA. And Layla is in bed with Jeff Fordham! Watch this scene fr (more…)
Juliette "Stalks" Avery
01:36 — Juliette follows Avery... and doesn't like what she sees.
Nashville Music: I'm On It
01:17 — Watch Will perform his new single!
Layla Discovers Jeff's Treachery
01:04 — She takes a golf club to his windshield.
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