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Nashville VR Experience
02:53 — Sit in the audience at the Bluebird cafe for a series of VR experiences.
Rayna and Deacon Wedding Video
01:46 — Celebrate Rayna and Deacon’s love story in this wedding video.
Deleted Scene: Will's Cover Is Blown
01:00 — Episode 411 Deleted Scene: Lauren knows Will's true identity.
Rayna and Deacon Get Married!
03:26 — Rayna and Deacon make their relationship official.
Deleted Scene: Will Reluctantly Sings at a Bar
01:58 — Episode 411 Deleted Scene: Will is caught off guard when asked to sing.
Deleted Scene: Will Hides His True Identity While Camping
01:12 — Episode 411 Deleted Scene: Will goes camping and meets new friends.
Sneak Peek: Where Is Deacon?
01:17 — Rayna tries to relieve doubts about Deacon.
Deacon Practices His Wedding Vows
01:03 — Deacon and Rayna prepare for their wedding.
Nashville Performance "Sideshow" by Deacon
02:18 — Nashville performance "Sideshow" by Deacon.
Nashville Duet "This Time" by Rayna & Deacon
01:35 — Nashville duet "This Time" by Rayna & Deacon.
Nashville Duet "No One Will Ever Love You" by Rayna & Deacon
04:02 — Nashville duet "No One Will Ever Love You" by Rayna & Deacon
Nashville Duet “The End of the Day” by Rayna & Deacon
02:24 — Nashville duet “The End Of The Day” by Rayna & Deacon.
Clare Bowen Talks About Touring With Her Boyfriend Brandon
02:19 — Clare Bowen talks about being on the road with her soul mate Brandon.
Charles Esten Tries New Songs and Improvises During 'Nashville' Concert Tour
04:32 — The 'Nashville' cast's talent makes trying new songs and improvising easy.
Meet the Stella Family
04:10 — Meet the parents behind the amazing singing duo Lennon and Maisy Stella.
The 'Nashville' Cast Plays Original Songs On Tour
03:42 — The Nashville cast discusses playing their own original music on tour.
Frank Sets Wes up for Failure
01:51 — Wes follows Frank's clues that leads him to a dead end.
Annalise's Update About Asher
01:08 — Annalise comes clean and tells everyone about the situation with Asher.
Laurel Wants Frank to Distract Her
01:18 — Laurel asks Frank to come to the basement and help get her mind off things.
Flash Forward: Asher Runs
01:03 — Asher takes off when Bonnie stops at the gas station.
Bonnie Can't Stop Asher from Testifying
02:06 — Bonnie takes one last shot at stopping Asher from testifying.
Asher Needs to Talk
01:03 — Asher wants to speak to Annalise. Frank thinks Asher may already have a wire on him. Does Asher know who killed Sam Keating?
Annalise Interrupts Michaela’s Dirty Talk With Levi
00:43 — Michaela and Levi's dirty talk gets cut off by Annalise.
Juliette & Luke Sing a Duet of "Bad Reputation"
02:23 — Luke proves he's not a fuddy-duddy by taking the stage with Juliette and performing an impromptu duet of "Bad Reputation". Song available for purchase (more…)
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