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Stephanie and Michael's Sloppy Goats
05:01 — Stephanie Izard, Top Chef Champion and newest member of Macy's Culinary Council, shares this great recipe!
Debate Veterans: Managing Spin Begins During the Debate
06:44 — Former Campaign Advisers Stephanie Cutter and Steve Schmidt compare notes from past Presidential Debates.
Charlotte Protesters Demand Release of Shooting Video
04:54 — Civil Rights activist John Barnett explains why releasing the video of Keith Lamont Scott may help ease tensions in the community. He says it will giv (more…)
Breaking Down Candidates' Reactions to Police Shootings
06:06 — Meet the Press moderate Chuck Todd breaks down the candidates' reactions to the events in Charlotte and Oklahoma and how that will impact the election (more…)
Officer Charged in OK Shooting, As NC Rallies for Video Release
03:00 — Trial attorney Paul Martin joins MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle and explains why Officer Betsy Shelby was quickly charged for her role in the Tulsa, Oklahoma (more…)
Preparations Underway for Global Citizen Festival
01:45 — Morgan Radford talks about the actions taken by those attending the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on Saturday.
Baltimore Mayor On Charlotte Unrest
05:42 — Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake speaks with Thomas Roberts about her experience dealing with civil unrest in her city, and her response to re (more…)
Two Stories. Which One Is True?
03:20 — Police officers claimed that they shot Keith Lamont Scott because he was carrying a gun.
Bobby Knight: Trump Is ‘the Best Person Ever’
05:46 — Former basketball coach Bobby Knight believes that Donald Trump is “the best person ever” to solving problems. Legendary coach Bobby Knight joins MSN (more…)
Rumsfeld: “Truthfulness Is Important”
04:57 — Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said “truthfulness is important” and said Hillary Clinton is not “believable.”
Two Nights of Violent Protesting in Charlotte
02:29 — What started out as a peaceful vigil in Charlotte, North Carolina escalated into a violent protest, leading to a protester getting shot. Charlotte Cit (more…)
Woman Inspired To Lose 162 Pounds After Not Fitting On Harry Potter Ride
01:55 — At 308 pounds, Stephanie Chavez walked up to the popular Harry Potter World ride and knew she was too big to fit into the seat. That was in 2010. Afte (more…)
Will the Bombing Harm Clinton’s Campaign?
03:55 — Hillary Clinton has a slight advantage in a recent poll on national security and terrorism. But after the weekend’s bombing, will people change their (more…)
Rahami’s Reason to Go to Afghanistan
04:12 — Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect of the weekend’s bombing, has made several trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan several times during recent years.
Tantillo: Caponata Recipe
01:45 — CBS2's Stephanie Tantillo reports.
Manhunt Underway for Key Figure in NYC Bombing
02:50 — NBC's Pete Williams joins MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle to share more details about Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspect in the NYC bombing who is possibly tied to (more…)
Bill Bratton:' Many Moving Parts' to NYC Bombing Investigation
06:54 — MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle speaks with NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton about Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspect in connection with the NYC bombing.
Honey Fue a Buscar Una Gran Exclusiva con Stephanie Severino
02:47 — Mira lo que se encontró Honey en el escritorio de la reportera del tiempo Stephanie Severino.
¿Cómo Se Debe Alimentar Stephanie Severino en Su Embarazo? Alejandro Chabán la Aconsejó
06:47 — Escucha las recomendaciones del doctor Ernesto Cárdenas y Alejandro Chabán para las futuras madres.
Elmo Es el Nuevo Reportero del Tiempo de Despierta América
01:09 — Elmo de Sesame Street le hizo la competencia a Tom Hanks dando el reporte del tiempo bailando junto a Stephanie Severino.
Pasta With Vegetables
01:55 — Stephanie Tantillo has the recipe.
Swiss Chard and Cannellini Beans
01:23 — Stephanie Tantillo has the recipe.
Stephanie Tantillo: Roasted Halibut
01:44 — Stephanie Tantillo has the recipe.
Dandelion Greens
01:34 — Stephanie Tantillo with the recipe.
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