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One Nation Overdosed: Opioid crisis forces grandparents to care for grandchildren
05:51 — As our special series “One Nation Overdosed” continues to look at the nation’s opioid epidemic and how it’s tearing families apart, NBC’s Stephanie Go (more…)
Gold Star Widow: 'I Just Want These Men to Be Remembered
04:48 — Gold Star widow Whitney Hunter, whose husband, Sgt. Jonathon Hunter, was killed in Afghanistan in August, tells MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that she was t (more…)
Honoring the US Soldiers Killed in Niger
03:26 — MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle shares the names and the stories of the four soldiers killed in Niger.
Dow Tops 23,000 for First Time: What Does That Mean for You?
01:33 — Wall Street hit a milestone Tuesday when the Down Jones industrial average soared past 23,000 for the first time, closing at a record high. NBC’s Step (more…)
Trump Drug Czar Nominee Withdraws
01:18 — President Trump's nominee for drug czar, Rep. Tom Marino, R-PA., has withdrawn from consideration. The congressman was found to have supported legisla (more…)
NFL Owners And Players To Discuss Ongoing Protests
01:52 — NFL owners, executives and player's union representatives are set to meet with select players today to discuss the ongoing protests that have divided (more…)
U.S. Backed Syrian Forces Push ISIS out of Raqqa
01:15 — U.S.-backed fighters have taken ISIS's de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria after months of battle, a militia commander said Tuesday.
Party Patrol at the Kentucky Derby
02:29 — Put on you fanciest hat and pony up for the star-studded red carpet at the Kentucky Derby. Hugh Hefner and his Girls Next Door host the Playboy afterp (more…)
'They Steal More Than Sex': Women Get Personal About Sexual Harassment
05:46 — MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle sits down with a group of women who share their personal stories of sexual misconduct in and out of the workplace. In this ext (more…)
Trump Blasts NFL Over Protests
02:35 — President Trump claims NFL ratings are "way down" because of players' protests during the national anthem. Is he right? MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle report (more…)
Weinstein Accuser Speaks Out
06:24 — Dawn Dunning, one of 20 women who have now come forward accusing Harvey Weinstein of predatory sexual behavior and assault, told MSNBC's Stephanie Ruh (more…)
Weinstein Accuser Speaks out on Harassment Allegations
09:25 — In an exclusive interview with MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle, Dawn Dunning speaks out about the alleged sexual harassment she faced from Hollywood producer (more…)
Sen. Graham: The President Has 'Handled North Korea Very Responsibly'
03:21 — In an interview with MSNBC's Garrett Haaake, Sen. Lindsey Graham says, " I think the President and his team have handled North Korea very responsibly. (more…)
This Should Be Interesting
09:51 — Whitney begins her new job at People's Revolution, and Lauren ends up in a class with Stephanie Pratt
Starting Over
06:13 — Stephanie and Lauren attempt to get over their grudge, and Whitney rocks her first fashion show.
Bitter Suite
Bret surprises the final four with a trip to Las Vegas. One girl’s lies cause Bret to question her intentions toward him. Bret invites an old friend t (more…)
Rockin' the 'Rents
Bret wants to know more about the three remaining girls, and what better way to get the 411 than moving their parents into the house! Bret is surprise (more…)
Reunion Show
It's reunion time and Bret has gathered all of his ladies for one more night of bawling and brawling. See what the girls are up to now and how the rel (more…)
The Relic, Pt. 2
In this episode, we find out more about the Killing doll and about Stephanie. Stephanie has a secret that shocks everyone!
Be Fruitful and Multiply
11:47 — Orel finally gets Stephanie, the town atheist, to go to church.
Superfan Challenge
Bret is down to his fabulous five and he's getting serious about finding the right girl. He calls on three of his super fans to come in and interrogat (more…)
Peep Show
Fifteen girls better watch what they say… especially when they're on a dare. Meanwhile in the first ever Peep Show Contest, the girls all compete for (more…)
Mud Bowl Ii
The “Divine Nine” compete in the second annual Bret Michaels Mud Bowl! Only this time they have to play in harsh rain, snow and wind! Bret’s attention (more…)
Crying for Love (Dig og Mig)
Three girls meet by chance in a hospital. Struggling to come to terms with their fate, they all look back on a decisive moment in their life: Sara, a (more…)
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