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Idol Alum Stephanie Edwards Arrested in Street Fight

Stephanie Edwards

Past American Idol finalist Stephanie Edwards was arrested after a public brawl with another woman, authorities said.

Edwards, who finished 11th in Season 6 in 2007, was arrested Monday night in ...
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Idol's Stephanie: "I Had a Feeling.... And I Was Right"

Sure, American Idol viewers were stunned to see Stephanie Edwards and Chris Richardson land in the bottom two on Wednesday's results show, and then see Stephanie get sent home. But how stunned was the 19-year-old Atlanta gal herself? On a scale of 1 to 10, Stephanie tells she'd place her own astonishment at only "a 5, because of what the judges said about my performance the night before. I had a feeling that I was going to be in the bottom — and I was right." If she had Idol, specifically '60s pop week, to do over again, would she have done or sung anything differently? "I would have definitely chosen an upbeat, faster song," she tells us. "[But Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"] was the only one I wanted. I listened to it, fell in love with it, and that was it." All that's left is the 13-year-old crying. read more

Reality Bites: Idol, Top Model Get It Wrong

Wednesday was a rough night for reality-TV junkies. First, for a rendition of "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" that wouldn't even stir the dirt on Dusty Springfield's grave, American Idol viewers dissed and dismissed Stephanie Edwards rather than the increasingly unbearable (yet undeniably sweet) Sanjaya. Then, Tyra and Co. gave the Ugg boot to drop-dead gorgeous Felicia after she failed to enliven a shoot in which she portrayed a literal fashion victim. Do you think it's too late for me to start a hunger strike until she's brought back? I mean, I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway. Next week on Idol, the contestants will be coached by an artist who they might actually have heard of (sorry, Lulu) Gwen Stefani. The Hollaback Girl will then perform "The Sweet Escape" with Akon during the results show. Personally, I would've done "Don't Speak" and dedicated it to moody Simon. read more

March 21, 2007: "Belt It. Cinch It. Ruche It."

I went to a TV Guide party last night instead of watching AI in real time. TV Guide hosted the “Sexiest Stars” party at Bar Marmont in Hollywood. (You can pick up the “hot” issue on newsstands Friday.) I spent quite a bit of time joking around with Jesse Spencer from House, asking where his fiancée “J-Mo” was. He was a good sport and referred to himself as “J-Spo”. I said it wouldn’t sell, but he is sexy. My good friends, after last night, we are tight. There were a lot of cuties. Shemar Moore, Eric Mabius, Mandy Patinkin... I cannot name them all. (That last one was a joke — tee-hee — but I love the M-Po!) I met a guy at the party who voted for Sanjaya over 30 times just to mess up the competition. I wanted to hate him, but he was so nice I had to push my feelings of anger aside. However, this sort of sabotage makes a farce out of the competition, and as easy as it is to make fun of the contestants, you want people there ... read more

Hot Stuff: Inside TV Guide's Very, Very Sexy Party!

At TV Guide's Sexy Issue soiree, The Office's Kate Flannery, Rashida Jones and Brian Baumgartner with Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius

You won't find many wallflower types at a soiree celebrating TV Guide's Sexy Issue and the eye-candy actors aggregated within its pages. How did the "sexiest" react to their super-hottie status? Who do your favorite stars think should make the cut next time around? And what were the other hot topics on people's tongues? (Hint: Idol, fall pickups.) hit the Wednesday-night bash at Bar Marmont on the Sunset Strip to soak up the sexiness, and here's who we saw and what we heard. Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius was taking his inclusion in the sexiest-stars list in stride, explaining that no hard-core gym routine is to credit for the admirable arms on display in his TV Guide photo shoot. "No, I'm just a bit of a h read more

March 20, 2007: "Who's Your Daddy?"

Wow, this show turned out to be very interesting. This week we revisited 40-year-old songs with Peter Noone and Lulu. Peter, former lead singer of Herman's Hermits, and Lulu, who sang one of my favorite songs ever, “To Sir with Love,” helped coach the contestants since neither Mick Jagger (not in a million years) nor Shirley Bassey (busy being a Dame) were available. I was expecting to hear “She Loves You,” “I Only Want to Be with You” or at least “Wild Thing,” to no avail. Perhaps there were licensing issues. Oh well, we did get The Rolling Stones, two songs by the Zombies and two Shirley Bassey tunes. Not bad for a Tuesday night. Haley went first, and all I could think was, “Got legs?” This is a smart girl because she knows she hasn’t got the singing chops of several of the others, but she does probably have the best legs and she knows how to use them. I am surprised no one rushed the stage. Did you see her catwalk? Even I cou... read more

March 13, 2007: "Goosebumps Are Good!"

Welcome back to the big stage for the next three months. (Did he really say that?) Tonight we celebrate the music of Diana Ross and, therefore, Motown. Diana was named something like “Female Entertainer of Forever” and I always loved her. Immediately noticeable was Sanjaya’s curly 'do (we’ll get to that later), and Phil’s bare head, lampshade optional. Did you notice that when Ryan introduced the judges, he referred to them as the “people who found our contestants in the first place,” an obvious snarky reference to Jennifer Hudson’s neglect on thanking AI in her Oscar speech. Simon mentions that this stage will either make or break the contestants. Unfortunately, it will only break one of them at a time, and after tonight’s show, I can count at least five people who are broken and need to go home. Ryan’s suit was just weird, and the vest did not seem to fit. The man can’t weigh a buck fiddy, so where did he find a vest that was... read more

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