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Exclusive: Hector Elizondo Shrinks to Fit Monk

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Well, we kinda knew Monk couldn't go too long without an analyst, right? So, tragic as is the April 8 death of Stanley Kamel — aka the neurotic's Dr. Kroger — a USA Network spokesperson confirms to me exclusively that Hector Elizondo has been tapped to join Monk as Tony Shalhoub's new shrink. There's no word on how his character will be introduced, but he'll first turn up in the show's seventh season premiere on July 18.On a related note, Elizondo's hiring would seem to signal that CBS' Cane is a goner. So what's your take, peeps? Will you have a harder time adjusting to seeing Monk on someone else's couch than he'll have being on someone else's couch? Or do you remember Elizondo so fondly from Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries that you'll actually be psyched to see him take a role on a show you actually watch? Share your thoughts below! read more

I was heartbroken to hear of ...

Question: I was heartbroken to hear of Stanley Kamel's passing. His portrayal of Dr. Kroger on Monk was a delight, particularly his deadpan delivery in his counseling session scenes with Tony Shalhoub's character. What do you think Mr. Kamel's death will mean for the Monk series? I know Dr. Kroger was a supporting character rather than a lead, but the therapy scenes provided the heart of the show. I would hate to lose that aspect of the program. Regardless of how Monk handles this loss, Stanley Kamel will be impossible to replace. Answer: I have a very fond memory of this actor. Around the time when he was playing a much darker psychiatrist character on Murder One as well as guest-starring regularly on other shows (like Beverly Hills, 90210), I "honored" him in a year-end package by naming him "slimeball of the year" or some such thing. He wrote me back a personal note saying how much he enjoyed the shout-out. He was a terrific character actor, and the Monk role was among his best. ... read more

Monk's Stanley Kamel Found Dead at Age 65

Stanley Kamel, who played Dr. Charles Kroger on the USA series Monk, has died. He was 65.Access Hollywood reports that he was found in his Hollywood Hills home by his agents. Sources say Kamel suffered a heart attack.Kamel appeared in numerous TV roles over the past three decades, including as Rebecca Gayheart's father on Beverly Hills, 90210.A network representative said, "USA is deeply saddened by the news of Stanley Kamel’s passing. Stanley was an amazingly talented and extremely kind man, and an important member of the USA family. He will be sorely missed." — J.R. Whalen read more

Has Stanley Kamel Finally Made His Monk on Show Biz?

Stanley Kamel, Monk

After three decades as a steadily employed but no-name actor, Stanley Kamel has found his dream role on USA's Monk as the title character's dedicated shrink, Dr. Charles Kroger. Mind you, Kamel has played a therapist before — prior to Monk he was best known for his villainous turn as an ethically challenged psychiatrist on ABC's Murder One — but as Kroger, he gets to show that despite his wild blue eyes and intense persona, he can still play a good guy, and a pretty funny one at that. Kamel talked (at length) to about his long career and the second half of Monk's fifth season, which kicks off tonight at 9 pm/ET. I love interviewing character actors. You guys always say the best stuff. Like read more

Monk Hey, hey fellow Monkies,...

MonkHey, hey fellow Monkies, did you miss me? I for one missed Monk, although I didn’t realize how much until I saw tonight's episode, which was hilarious and, at times, heartbreaking. Monk seemed more vulnerable than ever when he spoke in front of Julie's class on career day. And while it was funny to watch the kids taunt him with those laser pointers, Monk's embarrassment was palpable. He's a man with a disease, not an amusing quirk, and he’s really working hard to overcome it. His macho competition with the murderer, astronaut Steve Wagner (how come astronauts never have names like Lipschitz?) did wonders for Monk's meek disposition. Even though he declared himself a "muss" (half man, half wuss), Monk found the cajones to stand in the path of a plane to catch th read more

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