Sonya Walger

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: London, England
  • Profession: Actor
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Tommy Takes the Fall
02:00 — Agent Justine Diaz wants Ben in custody for crossing her.
Tessa Saves Her Family
02:14 — Tessa changes her mind on the alliance with Felicity.
Felicity's Demands
00:44 — Felicity tells Margot where to meet her and who to bring.
The Rescue Plan
00:56 — Ben has a plan to get Tessa back.
Rhys' Warning About Ben
01:59 — Rhys tells Alice that Ben will never change.
Sophie Is Attacked
01:49 — Sophie is attacked while looking after Tessa.
Ben Wants Ethan Investigated
01:05 — Ben asks Agent Justine Diaz to investigate Ethan Hunt.
Tessa Solves Ethan's Case
02:07 — A resourceful Tessa helps solve Ethan's case.
Ben Tells Ethan to Stay Away
01:02 — Ethan won't heed to Ben's request to stay away.
Sophie and Alice Find the Killer
01:03 — Sophie hacks into the suspect's car to help take the killer down.
Tessa Goes Undercover
01:39 — Tessa almost loses her cover at the birthday party.
Parenting Styles
01:03 — Ben needs to speak to Margot after she gives Tessa a gun for a party.
Margot Gets Crossed by Her Mother
02:03 — Margot uses Tessa to test her mother's loyalty.
Ben Profiled Alice
02:28 — Ben tells Alice that he modeled his character after Ethan.
Alice Meets Danny
01:59 — Alice knows she's being followed and confronts the man.
Alice Asks Ben About Having Kids
01:21 — Alice wants to know if Ben ever wanted kids.
Rhys: The Good Guy
02:10 — Rhys decides to be the good guy.
Ben's Cover Is in Jeopardy
01:22 — Ben might lose his criminal informant status if he's arrested by the police
Ben and Rhys Set a Trap
01:31 — Rhys and Ben set former partners against one another.
Tommy Says Goodbye to Alice
02:10 — Alice gives Tommy one last opportunity to redeem himself.
Alice's Unexpected Visitor
00:55 — Tommy breaks into Alice's house to find the money.
Ben Wants the Diamonds Back
01:04 — Ben demands Margot to give back the diamonds.
Margot Uses Danny As a Distraction
01:09 — Danny has no idea what Margot placed in his suitcase.
Alice Saves Tommy's Life
01:39 — Tommy is about to be killed before Alice shows up to rescue him.
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