Skyler Gisondo



No Gifts, Please!

Hey everyone, Hope that you are enjoying the Bill Engvall Show. Well, it's time for another installment of what's been going on at the set. This week's show deals with a common problem that most couples and parents have. The "A story" is about giving gifts to each other. I have found that the longer that you are married the harder it is to find the right gift. Now, some people are blessed with the ability to find that perfect gift. My wife has this attribute. I on the other hand for the life of me cannot find the perfect gift. I think that is because being a male, we just don't think that hard about gifts. Women remember the tiniest things that we say and in turn are able to turn that into the gift that we really want. I have also learned in my years of being married that when a woman says "I don't care what you get me." They really mean, "I do care but I am going to see what you come up with."A prime example: One year my wife said those famous words "I don't care" and I found ou... read more

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