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Tue May 31 9:00pm
Bunk'dXander Says Goodbye(Season 1, Episode 21) DISNEY

Season 1 ends with Emma and Xander being forced to make some tough decisions when Xander's dad wants him to leave camp for football training. Meanwhile, Emma, Ravi and Lou put Xander through some drills.

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Wed Jun 1 5:00am
JessieGotcha Day(Season 1, Episode 25) DISNEY

The family throw a party on the anniversary of Zuri's adoption, and Jessie is assigned decoration duty. Meanwhile, Ravi uncovers unexpected news about his own adoption.

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Wed Jun 1 5:30am
JessieGlue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation(Season 1, Episode 16) DISNEY

Mrs. Chesterfield's hands get stuck to her head when her hair gel is switched with glue.

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Wed Jun 1 2:30pm
JessieWhat a Steal(Season 4, Episode 8) DISNEY

Jessie tries to help Ravi make friends and takes him to a MENSA meeting in the park, where they meet new friends who may be too good to be true.

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Wed Jun 1 3:00pm
JessieKatch Kipling(Season 4, Episode 17) DISNEY

Mrs. Kipling becomes a celebrity and it puts a strain on her relationship with Ravi. Meanwhile, Bertram preps Emma for an audition; and Zuri tries to become more independent.

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Wed Jun 1 3:30pm
Bunk'dClose Encounters of the Camp Kind(Season 1, Episode 14) DISNEY

The campers think they see a UFO land in Lake Kikiwaka, so when a new boy shows up Jorge and Tiffany think he's an alien. Meanwhile, Emma and Ravi are evaluated by the camp counselors.

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Thu Jun 2 5:00am
JessieTempest in a Teacup(Season 1, Episode 20) DISNEY

A mysterious date is planned for Jessie and Tony. Meanwhile, the Ross kids get stuck in a giant teacup on a billboard while trying to rescue Ravi's toy helicopter.

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Thu Jun 2 5:30am
JessieBadfellas(Season 1, Episode 17) DISNEY

Jessie worries about Emma falling for a bad boy; Zuri protects her favorite tree in the park.

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Thu Jun 2 2:30pm
Bunk'dCan You Hear Me Now(Season 1, Episode 6) DISNEY

Zuri secretly keeps her cell phone beyond the allotted time, which puts Emma in a tough spot. Meanwhile, Ravi and Tiffany are duped into making a cell phone tower that is hidden in the new camp totem pole.

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Thu Jun 2 4:30pm
Bunk'dLuke's Back(Season 1, Episode 12) DISNEY

Luke reunites with his siblings to get some summer school help from Ravi. Meanwhile, a turf war erupts between Camp Kikiwaka and the rival camp across the lake.

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Fri Jun 3 5:00am
JessieA Doll's Outhouse(Season 1, Episode 21) DISNEY

Jessie tries to help Zuri conquer her fear of dolls by confessing one of her own unusual fears. Meanwhile, Cameron teaches Ravi how to impress a girl; and Bertram listens to opera nonstop to win a radio contest.

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Fri Jun 3 5:30am
JessieBeauty & the Beasts(Season 1, Episode 18) DISNEY

Jessie convinces Zuri to enter a pageant; Luke and Ravi play practical jokes on Bertram.

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Fri Jun 3 2:30pm
Bunk'dFor Love and Money(Season 1, Episode 17) DISNEY

Emma and Zuri are suspicious of a lumberjack who catches Lou's eye; Ravi and Jorge go on a treasure hunt.

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Fri Jun 3 9:30pm
Bunk'dLive From Camp Kikiwaka(Season 1, Episode 20) DISNEY

Gladys announces that Camp Kikiwaka may close, so Emma, Xander and Lou host a live stream to try and save it.

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Sat Jun 4 5:00am
JessieCreepy Connie's Curtain Call(Season 1, Episode 23) DISNEY

Jessie writes a play for the school, but Luke is shocked when she casts Creepy Connie as his love interest. Meanwhile, Zuri shadows Bertram for a school report.

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Sat Jun 4 5:30am
JessieWe Are So Grounded(Season 1, Episode 22) DISNEY

Jessie pilots a private jet and makes an emergency landing on a tropical island when the aircraft begins to fail during a family vacation.

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Sat Jun 4 12:30pm
Bunk'dFriending With the Enemy(Season 1, Episode 7) DISNEY

Emma convinces Lou they should become friends with Hazel. Meanwhile, a TV producer gets Ravi, Zuri and Tiffany to hunt the legendary Kikiwaka monster.

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Sat Jun 4 1:00pm
JessieThe Telltale Duck(Season 3, Episode 19) DISNEY

Jessie goes with Bertram to his high school reunion, so he can show his former classmates that he is successful.

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Sun Jun 5 5:00am
JessieThe Secret Life of Mr. Kipling(Season 1, Episode 26) DISNEY

Jessie discovers a nest of eggs on the terrace; Zuri plans a funeral for an invisible friend.

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Sun Jun 5 5:30am
JessieCattle Calls & Scary Walls(Season 1, Episode 24) DISNEY

Jessie auditions for a role on a TV series. Back at home, Emma, Ravi and Luke search for carnivorous rats they believe are in the walls of their apartment.

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Sun Jun 5 9:00am
JessieThrow Momma From the Terrace(Season 2, Episode 22) DISNEY

Jessie invites Bertram's mom to visit as a surprise on his birthday, much to Bertram's dismay. Meanwhile, Ravi and Luke compete in an egg-drop contest at school.

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Sun Jun 5 11:30am
Bunk'dXander Says Goodbye(Season 1, Episode 21) DISNEY

Season 1 ends with Emma and Xander being forced to make some tough decisions when Xander's dad wants him to leave camp for football training. Meanwhile, Emma, Ravi and Lou put Xander through some drills.

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Sun Jun 5 2:30pm
JessieLizard Scales and Wrestling Tales(Season 3, Episode 5) DISNEY

Luke asks his adoptive mom for information about his birth parents when he is assigned a school report about his family history.

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Sun Jun 5 10:00pm
Bunk'dBride and Doom(Season 1, Episode 19) DISNEY

The campers learn about Olga, the daughter of the camp founder whose ghost supposedly haunts Kikiwaka.

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