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Sun Jun 24 7:11am
PowerYou're Not the Man(Season 2, Episode 7) STARZ

A talk with the feds puts Tommy on edge about Holly's disappearance, while Ghost and Tasha try to rein him in. Meanwhile, Angela appears to have bought Ghost's explanation.

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Sun Jun 24 8:09am
PowerThree Moves Ahead(Season 2, Episode 8) STARZ

Lobos' fending off a rival drug cartel and federal authorities impacts Ghost and Tommy; and Ghost hustles to get out from under Lobos' thumb before Angela strikes.

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Sun Jun 24 9:09am
PowerTime's Up(Season 2, Episode 9) STARZ

Angela and the feds push Tommy to flip on Lobos or spend his life in prison, while Ghost considers doing the honorable thing, but the consequences could prove steep.

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Sun Jun 24 10:09am
PowerGhost Is Dead(Season 2, Episode 10) STARZ

In the Season 2 finale, members of Ghost's organization are turning up dead, and each body hits closer to home for him and Tommy as the threat of Kanan and Angela's investigation becomes more imminent.

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Sun Jun 24 11:08am
PowerCall Me James(Season 3, Episode 1) STARZ

Season 3 begins with Ghost out of the drug game, and Angela having to decide between love and honor. Also, Tasha is reeling from Shawn's death, and Tommy feels compelled to make some adventurous moves.

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Sun Jun 24 12:07pm
PowerIt's Never Over(Season 3, Episode 2) STARZ

Ghost deals with loose ends before tangling with some new nightlife competition; Tommy confronts Tasha, who must learn to coexist with Angela. Later, Tommy finds an advisor in a former lover.

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Sun Jun 24 1:05pm
PowerI Got This on Lock(Season 3, Episode 3) STARZ

Ghost sees an opportunity to take the clubs to the next level, but the past may catch up to him; Tommy joins Tasha in a scheme, while dealing with an uncontrollable contact.

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Sun Jun 24 2:05pm
PowerDon't Worry, Baby(Season 3, Episode 4) STARZ

A club expansion spreads Ghost thin, between Angela, the children, the business and Tommy. Meanwhile, Tommy faces a tough decision; Kanan returns to the life; and Angela has some doubts.

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Sun Jun 24 2:59pm
PowerHelp Me(Season 3, Episode 5) STARZ

Tommy goes gunning for the culprit who tried to kill him; Greg pressures Ruiz to give up the "Ghost," as Angela tries to keep them at bay. Meanwhile, Proctor brings a new problem to the fore for Ghost to deal with.

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Sun Jun 24 3:59pm
PowerThe Right Decision(Season 3, Episode 6) STARZ

Tommy and Ghost get back together to take on a ruthless foe and enlist Tasha in hopes of evading detection by Angela and her team. Later, Tommy soldiers on, but Ghost comes undone at a vital juncture.

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Sun Jun 24 4:59pm
PowerDon't Go(Season 3, Episode 7) STARZ

Angela is left staggered after the breakup, but must rally to take on a difficult situation at work; Ghost scrambles to hold onto the club deal, while he and Tommy get reacclimated to the game. Also, Dre learns just what the La Arana card means.

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Sun Jun 24 5:57pm
PowerTrust Me(Season 3, Episode 8) STARZ

As Mike and Angela try to ferret out the mole, she picks up a lead while trying to firm up Tommy's alibi; Tasha gets a warning; Tariq makes a dangerous new friend; and Milan orders that a new product be pushed.

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Sun Jun 24 6:57pm
PowerI Call the Shots(Season 3, Episode 9) STARZ

Angela goes gunning for the mole, while Ghost initiates a plan to regain the club. Later, Ghost and Tasha fall into a familiar pattern; Kanan appears to have a bad influence on Tariq; and Milan addresses Tommy's thoughts of betrayal.

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Sun Jun 24 7:57pm
PowerIn My Best Interest(Season 3, Episode 10) STARZ

While in the middle of throwing the party of a lifetime, Ghost must slip away to retrieve evidence; Tasha's attempt to save her family requires she enter an unlikely alliance, while Tommy contemplates a move that will impact everyone's present and future.

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Mon Jun 25 10:00pm
PowerWhen I Get Out(Season 4, Episode 1) STZEN

In the Season 4 premiere, Ghost's arrest for the murder of Agent Knox leaves him facing threats from a number of sources, while Tasha scrambles to raise bail as the Feds build a case. Meanwhile, Tommy tries to get comfortable in his new role and seeks help (more…)

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Mon Jun 25 11:01pm
PowerThings Are Going to Get Worse(Season 4, Episode 2) STZEN

Ghost faces harassment; Proctor works to protect his client; the team discusses strategy for taking down St. Patrick; Tommy struggles to let go of his old duties; and Tasha tells the kids what's going on.

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Tue Jun 26 10:00pm
PowerThe Kind of Man You Are(Season 4, Episode 3) STZEN

Prosecutors turn up the heat, forcing Tommy's plan to divert their attention; Teresi obtains information about Ghost and engineers a blackmail scheme; in his father's absence, Tariq seeks out Kanan.

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Tue Jun 26 11:01pm
PowerWe're in This Together(Season 4, Episode 4) STZEN

Mak brings back Angela to the prosecution team and assigns her a task that brings her face-to-face with Tasha; Julio struggles to manage the primeras below him and Tommy's behavior; Tariq continues running with Kanan.

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Wed Jun 27 10:00pm
PowerDon't Thank Me(Season 4, Episode 5) STZEN

With tensions high, Silver warns Ghost that Tasha may have to testify. Also: now aware of Ghost's innocence, Angela struggles to find a way to stop the prosecution; and Teresi sets a plan in motion to eliminate Ghost.

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Wed Jun 27 11:01pm
PowerNew Man(Season 4, Episode 6) STZEN

Ghost finds himself trapped in a new business venture. Tommy escapes to Chicago for a meeting that takes a turn. With Ghost released, Jukebox and Kanan revisit their plan to kidnap Tariq.

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Thu Jun 28 10:00pm
PowerYou Lied To My Face(Season 4, Episode 7) STZEN

As Ghost moves forward with his new business, the St. Patrick family is thrust into the public eye. Also spotlighted: Tasha seeks out Silver and their relationship deepens; and when Tommy returns, Dre talks himself into a promotion.

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Thu Jun 28 11:01pm
PowerIt's Done(Season 4, Episode 8) STZEN

When Ghost sees that the location for the business is gang-infested, he re-teams with Tommy to clean it up. As Tommy threatens war, his organization starts to destabilize. Tariq is unhappy and looks to some old friends.

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Fri Jun 29 9:00pm
PowerThat Ain't Me(Season 4, Episode 9) STARZ

After getting screwed in a new deal, Ghost plays dirty in the clean world. Angela explores other options after meeting her new boss. Dre moves against Tommy, who finds proof that paints Kate in a new light. Tariq makes an escape plan after his life goes ou (more…)

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Fri Jun 29 10:00pm
PowerThat Ain't Me(Season 4, Episode 9) STZEN

After getting screwed in a new deal, Ghost plays dirty in the clean world. Angela explores other options after meeting her new boss. Dre moves against Tommy, who finds proof that paints Kate in a new light. Tariq makes an escape plan after his life goes ou (more…)

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