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February 7, 2007: Do It, Do It to Ya

Word of the day: "Bocalize."So it’s not all sunshine and roses over at American Idol headquarters. Seems like not only does Thomas Daniels, one of my faves for the golden ticket, have an arrest under his belt (a DUI, though, admittedly, it has been struck from his record), but two other hopefuls do as well. Akron Watson was arrested for possession of a little thing called marijuana, and Facial Girl, Ashlyn Carter, poured some sugar on it when she filled her ex-boyfriend’s gas tank with the sweet stuff last year. The producers have reneged Hollywood access to Akron, but, surprisingly, Thomas and Ashlyn are still in the running, as far as I can tell. We’ll know next week for sure when we arrive in Hollywood and start narrowing down the field. Ryan tells us this is a little taste of “the best of the rest.” What he neglected to say was that they were also the worst of the worst. Let’s start with the losers and work our way up to the winners tonight. I am ha... read more

February 6, 2007: Simon Says

There may have been some insanely good vino imbibed before I got a chance to view this ep. So I was hoping that it would be all fun and games. Unfortunately, no one really stood out tonight. It lacked the excitement of the last several episodes and also missed out on the delusional factor. Frankly, it felt like we were all just going through the motions. Simon arrived jet-lagged, and the day started on a sour note. But this was the show where we really saw that whatever Simon says, goes. Ashlyn Carter was beaten up in high school for singing. She sang “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone but clarified that it was the Michael Buble version (seriously, that was enough to get anyone beat up in my school). Paula and Randy said "no" because of her odd facial expressions, even though she had a good voice. In true Simon style, he trumped them. As she walked out the door, Simon told Ashlyn he would have said yes. On the one hand, the judges told her she needed a great vocal coach and was... read more

Idol Alum Katharine McPhee: "I Have a Bit of a Wild Streak"

Katharine McPhee

In a candid Q&A, American Idol sweetheart Katharine McPhee opens up to TV Guide about her surprising debut CD, her battle with bulimia and what Simon said to make her cry. TV Guide: How did being on American Idol change you? Katharine McPhee: When you're in that [competitive] place, everything you hear affects you because you're already so sensitive and stressed and tired and overworked. When people ask me, "How was the experience?" my first reaction is always negative, which is not right of me. I think I'll look back at this 40 or 50 years from now, and it'll be like, "Wow, I was part of history." TV Guide: What was the hardest part? McPhee: I think those Idol forums — like A read more

January 31, 2007: Fluctuate and Reverberate

Word of the day: XcentricAnimal of the day: PantherJob title of the day: actor/model/author/singer-songwriter/rapper/composer/producer (did I get them all?)The “most exciting entertainer on planet earth” opened the show and let’s just say, David Copperfield he is not. Martik Manoukin, aka Xcentric, was perhaps the strangest of the lot in L.A. The sound effects as he tossed off his glasses, vest and shirt were probably the best part of his show. But wait, there was the panther crawl up to the judges table – priceless. Oh, yes, and there was the song he obviously wrote. And then there was the purring, or was it growling? Who could tell? Olivia Newton-John, aka Sandy from Grease and the singer behind such hits as “Physical” and "Xanadu" was around to learn firsthand what an American Idol audition is really like. I think she may have been a bit shocked. She looks pretty darned fantastic for a woman of a certain age. She only said nice things. Frankly, I thi... read more

January 30, 2007: The Tears of David Hasselhoff

Word of the day: Overwhell. No, not overwhelm, just overwhell….We’ve arrived in Birmingham — the home of Bo Bice, Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard. Frankly, I haven’t seen much of any of them over the past year. Now 11,000 potential American Idols await their fates. Please, someone, tell me what was up with Ms. Abdul? She was definitely on something. She was up, she was down, and that was only during day one. She didn’t even bother to show up for day two. Another night full of many wastes-of-time and only 20 make it to Hollywood. (Thank God, or Simon?)I was terrified when the woman who uttered the word “hisself” was sent to Hollywood. Evidently, correct grammar is not a necessary attribute of an American Idol. Jamie Lynn Ward, aka the Blue-eyed Bombshell, had a boob job and a nose job and couldn’t have been 20 years old. Though after hearing her life story, she deserves whatever happiness she can find. Her father shot her step-mom, no mention ... read more

January 24, 2007: New York

Start spreading the news. The word of the day: Interpretated.These two-hour shows are killers. Tonight’s American Idol brought us some of the best and worst of New York. Our guest judge for the evening was the lovely Carol Bayer Sager, known for her fabulous songwriting with Burt Bacharach.Simon was in rare form, ushering the judges toward quick yeses and nos. Paula and Simon got into another tiff, and Carol was surprisingly interactive. Again, I have little to say about Randy, but he managed to not say “dawg” once on this ep, and for that I am truly grateful. Let’s take a look at the Hollywood-bound. Thirty-five people out of nearly 25,000 are among the lucky, and we saw a few fantastic winners. Sarah Burgess, otherwise known as "Cry Baby," came to New York without her father’s knowledge. She did a pretty good job and is cute, so off to Hollywood she goes. Carol said, “She touched me.” Amanda and Antonella are best friends and beautiful young girl... read more

January 23, 2007: Memphis

The word of the day: Confidentiality. Highlights – Castro goes to Hollywood! Paula tweaks Simon’s right one. Ryan is stumped for a comeback when the "Burning Love" singer says, “No, I’m not gonna dance with the song, I’m just gonna do a little movement.” And who can forget the girl with the tri-colored hair who said, “I forgot my medication.”Last week: four hours. Grueling. This week: only three. So easy. Tonight: one hour. Heaven. OK, so, we’ve got some winners. Sundance Head was remarkable. His father is Roy Head, who was a one-hit wonder in the ‘60s. Looks like Sundance could far surpass him. His voice was ridiculous. Ridiculously good, that is. He had a fantastic personality and picked a great song to showcase his talent: "Stormy Monday." It was so good, as soon as he was done I had to listen to it again! Simon said, “I’m gonna be amazed if you don’t make it to the finals.” The great thing about Simon — w... read more

TV Guide Exclusive: Simon Ridicules Rosie's Idol Rant

Simon Cowell thinks Rosie O'Donnell is bashing American Idol purely to boost her ratings on The View. The daytime talker's cohost teed off on the Fox show Jan. 18, deeming it too mean and describing the Idol judges as "three millionaires, one probably intoxicated" — referring to Paula Abdul's occasionally loopy behavior on the show. Cowell tells TV Guide that the remarks "smacked of, 'I'll have a go at Donald Trump — good for ratings. That died down, so now I'll do American Idol.' Next week it will be, 'I don't like the dresses on Dancing with the Stars.'"For more on this latest celeb-versus-celeb war of words, pick up the Jan. 29 issue of TV Guide. — Reporting by Stephen Battaglio read more

January 17, 2007: "It Was Almost Non-Human"

Word of the day: Hotness - oh, you know what I'm talking about.Tuesday night’s premiere show garnered over 40 million viewers! The biggest American Idol premiere ever! How apropos that the second night of the No. 1 TV show in America starts with Uncle Sam. He may want us, but we don’t want him. And so the bizarreness resumes.I quite enjoyed the mother/daughter team. Darwin Reedy, aka Misha, was a train wreck, but in seeing her mother, one could see the resemblance. Misha sang Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls. All I could think of was Grey Gardens. Am I right? I would like to ask just one simple question: In what world does Darwin believe she is the next American Idol?The first worthwhile moment of the show came when the former gas attendant, Thomas Daniels sang Arms of a Woman by Amos Lee. It was a beautiful song and for my money, Thomas did it justice. This boy is going to Hollywood. I want to hear him sing again and again!Shaymali Malakar, half of a sibling rivalry, sang ... read more

January 16, 2007: Season 6 Premiere

Here we go, again! American Idol, or American I Wanna Be? Filling two hours is going to be pretty hard considering there's only about 45 minutes worth of programming!!! When they showed a clip of Prince from last season, I thought, What a fantastic way to start the show, but they were just teasing me!!! Should we talk about Paula on the Seattle newscast? No — you can all just watch it on YouTube.The word of the day: overindulgence. Minneapolis is the starting city. Can you say “Fargo?” Jewel is invited to join the judges. Frankly, I’m not sure she’s much of a singer, but with 20 million units sold, it’s hard to ignore her appeal. The first girl, Jessica, sang a Jewel song, and then fell apart on the stage when they let her know she was a terrible singer. It was painful to watch, but I guess that’s just the fun of the show. I am amazed at the fantasy world most people live in. This is bred from the culture of fame, where everyone just wants to be fa... read more

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