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Wild Bill Gets On Deck
02:59 — Wild Bill finally gives his son Zack a chance in the wheelhouse, even though the skipper has to hit the deck to replace him.
Wave Bends the Northwestern
02:05 — On the treacherous Bering Sea, Captain Sig Hansen’s vessel takes on a monstrous 35-foot wave. The force from the wave was so strong that it bent the (more…)
"You Compromised My Sobriety"
02:26 — Captain Jake Anderson of the Saga is furious when two of his crew members show up late for work at Dutch Harbor. His fury escalates when he finds out (more…)
Mutiny On the Northwestern
02:02 — With captain Edgar ignoring his advice, deckhand Nick Mavar decides to call Sig for backup.
You Gotta Have Big Balls to Crab Fish
01:59 — The Cornelia Marie is one man down after stackman Bumper reveals a painful medical condition.
It's Never Too Late to Man up: Diets
01:47 — Did cavemen have ketchup? The Captains ask the important questions when discussing dieting trends and how likely they are to take them up.
The Grossest Thing On the Bering Sea
00:57 — The grossest things in the Bering Sea don't always lurk under the water. Sometimes, it's that giant, pulsing abcess behind your ear.
The Fourtner Report: Sean Dwyer
03:38 — The Fourtner Report is on the go! Check in with Mike Fourtner as he interviews Captain Sean on joining the Bering Sea fleet.
The Fourtner Report: Sig Hansen
04:21 — The Fourtner Report is on the go! Check in with Mike Fourtner as he interviews Captain Sig about the fleet's newest Captain.
Deadliest Catch Season 8
The Bering Sea is nothing if not relentless and has a way of exposing the soft spots and weak links in each crew, and this season is no different. Thr (more…)
Keith and Johnathan Bond Over Kids
02:56 — Unfortunate circumstances lead to a friendship none of us thought would ever happen.
Return to the Bering Sea: Fishing in Warmer Waters
01:37 — With warm water drifting into the normally chilly Bering Sea, the whole fishery has been affected. Find out how the Captains are planning to stay on t (more…)
‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Captain Sig Hansen Can’t Swim!
01:17 — The newsroom was shocked when ‘Deadliest Catch’ star captain Sig Hansen told our camera guy he’s actually scared of the ocean because he can’t swim!
Exclusive: Watch 'Deadliest Catch' Veteran Initiate New Rookie Captain
02:37 — A veteran captain took out his frustrations on a rookie rival by lowering him into the water during a heated argument. Newcomer Jake Anderson hopes to (more…)
Return to the Bering Sea: Changes to the Boats
02:19 — B.O.A.T. it stands for Break Out Another Thousand. Find out how some of the boats have changed since last season and how much that set the Captains ba (more…)
‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Sig Hansen: I’m Too Stubborn to Die
03:44 — Sig Hansen and Sean Dwyer from the Emmy-winning reality series “Deadliest Catch” are getting ready to kick off its 12th season. Hansen, who suffered a (more…)
Deadliest Catch Season 12
The fearless captains of the Bering Sea are back.  This year they must lean on their brethren to survive.  But just how far will they push their crabb (more…)
Return to the Bering Sea: Lessons Learned
02:42 — It's not just the young guns that are learning, find out what lessons the veteran captains walked away with after last year's brutal season.
Season 12 Sneak Peek
01:01 — Let the games begin! Deadliest Catch returns early this year in March.
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