Sid Hickox Celebrity Watchlist

Tue Jul 14 9:30pm
The Purchase Price TCM

Yarn about a cafe singer who becomes a farmer's mail-order bride, given some distinction by Barbara Stanwyck's acting. Jim: George Brent. Ed: Lyle Talbot. Don: Hardie Albright. Emily: Leila Bennett. Bull: David Landau. Spike: Murray Kinnell. Waco: Matt McH (more…)

Wed Jul 15 8:45am
So Big TCM

A Midwestern farm woman falls in love with a Dutch student in a Chicago boarding school following her father's death.

Wed Jul 15 3:30pm
A Lost Lady TCM

Barbara Stanwyck's sincere performance is the main virtue of this drama about a young woman who marries an older man.

Thu Jul 16 10:30am
My Bill TCM

A penniless widow (Kay Francis) and her struggles to keep her four children, only one of whom sticks by her. Gwen: Bonita Granville. Muriel: Anita Louise. Reginald: Bobby Jordan. Mrs. Crosby: Helena Phillips Evans. Rudlin: John Litel. Aunt Caroline: Elisab (more…)

Thu Jul 16 1:00pm
King of the Underworld TCM

A physician (Kay Francis) is forced to treat criminals on the lam. Suspenseful; fine job by Humphrey Bogart as the leader of the hoods. James Stephenson, John Eldredge, Penny Singleton, Charlie Foy. Remake of "Dr. Socrates."

Thu Jul 16 3:30pm
The Return of Doctor X TCM

Humphrey Bogart as a chalky electrocuted doctor kept alive by others' blood. Joan: Rosemary Lane. Walter: Wayne Morris. Michael: Dennis Morgan. Dr. Flegg: John Litel. Pinky: Huntz Hall. Angela Merrova: Lya Lys. Vincent Sherman directed.

Thu Jul 16 4:45pm
The Man Who Talked Too Much TCM

A familiar underworld story about a lawyer mixed up with gangsters. George Brent, Virginia Bruce, Brenda Marshall, William Lundigan. Roscoe: Richard Barthelmess. Slug: George Tobias. Dickson: John Litel. Tony: Henry Armetta. Nelson: Ed Stanley. Wilson: Dav (more…)