Shwayze Celebrity Watchlist

Who's Next? Cisco & Shwayze
We hang out with Cisco and Shwayze at the Yahoo! Music Center where they perform their hit song...
Music Video In Progress: Shwayze "Get U Home"
Cisco Adler and Shwayze give us a behind the scenes look at their video shoot for 'Get U Home'...
Corona and Lime with Shwayze and Cisco
Grab a Corona and lime and kick back with Shwayze and Cisco, as they tell us all about their...
"Buzzin" All Over Shwayze and Cisco
We take you backstage at the Roxy for an up close interview with Shwazye and Cisco, who tell us...
Cisco Adler On Working With Shwayze caught up with recording artist Cisco Adler. Cisco gives us the scoop on his new music with Shwayze and more. Interview by Lindsay Cald (more…)
Shwayze's New Single "King Of The Summer"
Since 2008, Shwayze and the summer season have become synonymous. With the Billboard Top 20 € Buzzin € (with over 11 million views) and (more…)
Shwayze and Cisco: Drunk Off Your Love
This bit of boogie comes courtesy of two party starting West Coasters who want nothing more than to make you dance.
00:44 — Cisco and Shwayze show off what they got on the surfboard.
Wavehouse Perfomance
00:59 — A little extra bonus footage of the guys putting on a show in San Diego.
'Get U Home' Matches 'Sorority Row' Girls With Shwayze
01:01 — Shwayze and Cisco Adler get their party on in a 100-year-old house. (8.28.09)
Getting Into The Vibe
00:29 — Warren celebrates Shwayze's new video by himself.
00:43 — Shwayze talks to some "giraffes" while Warren shows off some skinny jeans.
Bad Habit
00:50 — Shwayze and Cisco give Warren a hard time when he steps out of the car to have a smoke.
New York Freestyle
00:44 — Shwayze busts out a freestyle rap while out on the streets of NYC.
00:24 — Shwayze and Cisco are about to hit Ryan Seacrest's studio for the big debut of their new single.
Baby Wipes
02:13 — The guys get to know their new tour manager, Bree a little better as she offers some solid advice from her past experiences on the road.
Buried Alive
00:59 — Shwayze and Cisco are buried on the beach for a press photo shoot.
Cisco Adler and Shwayze
04:39 — Shwayze shows off another ride of his plus we take a look at his impressive guitar collection and much more.
Just Wrapped
01:12 — The boys just wrapped shooting the Pontiac commercial and are on their way to another soundstage.
Flattering Angle
00:23 — Cisco is being "done up" for the press photo shoot.
Off The Hook
00:46 — Shwayze and Cisco are feeling good after their appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.
Great Year
00:41 — Party goers wish a happy 23 to Shwayze at Cisco's crib.
00:48 — Shwayze, DJ Skeet Skeet, and Cisco are looking quite stylish in their wardrobes for the shoot.
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