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Any truth to the rumor on ...

Question: Any truth to the rumor on about the Grey's Anatomy cast being upset at Shonda Rhimes over her alleged unwillingness to let them tackle other projects?

Answer: I honestly have no idea. I do, however, find it curious that the "story" came out just hours before it was announced that Kate Walsh had to drop out of the Stephen King thriller 1408 due to "scheduling conflicts" with Grey's. Hmmm….

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My Visit to Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey by Frank OckenfelsABC

You won't believe this, but I once again found myself in a hospital while in Los Angeles covering the TCA Press Tour. But unlike the Root Canal Crisis of 2005, this year's medical intervention didn't involve any pain, just some mild heart palpitations, high blood pressure and sweaty palms. And the doctors attending to me bore the names McDreamy, Meredith, Izzie and Addison. If you haven't figured out where I'm going with this yet — and if the headline hadn't already given it away — I pity you. I, along with 60 other TV critics and reporters, was admitted to Grey's fictional Seattle Grace Hospital on July 20 for an emergency tour of the set and a brief consultation with the cast. I was sprung after only an hour, but I learned quite a lot during my Anatomy lesson. For instance: 1. Shonda Rhimes is loosening up on her spoiler policy.Not only did the onetime Information Nazi announce that "the fabulous Miss Diahann Carroll" would be one of the new season's first guest stars, s... read more

I know Shonda Rhimes doesn't ...

Question: I know Shonda Rhimes doesn't give even the slightest hints at scoop, but, dude, I need something on Grey's Anatomy. I don't even care if you make it up!

Answer: Chris O'Donnell is in talks to lengthen his stay, Addison will find out about Derek and Meredith's prom-night tryst and run back into McSteamy's arms, and Izzy will come face-to-face with her long-lost daughter just in time for November sweeps. One of these things is true, the other two I made up.

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The buzz was right — the ...

Question: The buzz was right — the Grey's Anatomy finale did not disappoint!! I think the majority of the cast deserves Emmy nods. What do you think?

Answer: I think I'm not supposed to discuss the Dream Emmy Ballot until it's unveiled in next week's issue of TV Guide magazine, but good thing I'm horrible at following orders. We have singled out five Grey's performers in the 2006 Ballot, four in supporting roles and one lead. Any guesses? We would've chosen the entire cast if we could, but, well, we couldn't. And yes, Monday's finale was damn near perfect. I'll tell you, no one straddles the line between comedy and drama like Shonda Rhimes. The woman is a genius. And as sad as I was to see Denny go, it totally made sense story-wise. It also gave us that fantastic scene where read more

Shonda Rhimes on the Grey's Finale!

Just returned from ABC's upfront presentation and soiree at Lincoln Center and I wanted to share with you the good news: I came face-to-face with Grey's Anatomy information Nazi Shonda Rhimes and guess what? We didn't come to blows! Quite the opposite, actually. We had a nice little chat about Monday's action-packed season finale and the show's big move to Thursday night. And I even got up the courage to ask her something about next season. Now that's guts, my friends. Ausiello: Was it a difficult decision to kill off Denny?Shonda Rhimes: Well, he was written to die. I knew what was going to happen when we created the character. But it was hard because he became such a part of our cast. Everybody loved him. Sweetest guy. He and Izzie have this amazing chemistry. And I personally was like, "He's my imaginary husband! He can't die!" It was necessary for the arc of the Izzie character and where she was going and what was going to happen to her for that moment to happen.Ausiello: Did yo... read more

Will you marry me, you hot, ...

Question: Will you marry me, you hot, hot spoiler-giver? OK, just for that, I think I deserve some major spoilers for Grey's Anatomy. What do you think?

Answer: I think you're a lady who knows how to get what she wants. Unfortunately, I don't have much to give you since ABC and the show are "in lockdown" over the three-hour finale. I know what you're thinking: "How's that different than any other episode?" Well, for starters, there are foilers being put out left and right. If you see a spoiler, it's a foiler. I did manage to find out some interesting (and pretty reliable) contract-related prattle that is sure to put me on Shonda Rhimes' hit list. It appears Sara Ramirez (aka dirty-hand-lady Callie) is only committed through the end of this season. As of Monday, my spy tells me there has be read more

The cast and crew of Grey's ...

Question: The cast and crew of Grey's Anatomy were in Seattle last week. They were filming scenes of helicopters landing on the rooftop helipad of local ABC affiliate KOMO TV 4, which stands in for Seattle Grace's helipad. Possibly scenes for May's season finale?

Answer: You mean Shonda Rhimes didn't have the city evacuated prior to filming? She's slipping.

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Aren't you kind of glad ...

Question: Aren't you kind of glad Shonda Rhimes is such an "information Nazi?" At least now you can be surprised on at least one show, right?

Answer: Don't you dare tell anyone I said this, but, yes, it is kinda nice. (Damn you, I asked you not to tell anyone!!!)

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Who's the bisexual intern on ...

Question: Who's the bisexual intern on Grey's Anatomy? It's not that obvious to some people.

Answer: Funny story. I got an e-mail from a Grey's publicist on Friday insisting that there are "no plans for any kind of same-sex relationship this season with any of the main characters. Joe, the bartender, remains happily involved with another man though." In other words, it's possible this bisexual plot was scrapped soon after it was hatched. Of course, it's also possible Shonda Rhimes had a gun pointed at that publicist's head when he was typing that e-mail.

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Is this the end for George ...

Question: Is this the end for George and Meredith?

Answer: As lovers? Definitely. As friends? Probably not — although it's going to be rough sledding for a while. "There's no turning back," says Grey's writer Stacy McKee on my new favorite site, "There’s nothing George and Meredith can do. The damage is done — things will never be the same. They’ve just changed something important in their lives forever and… they are freaking out." Series creator/information Nazi Shonda Rhimes also weighed in on Georedith in a wide-ranging (yet spoiler-free) Q&A on

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