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Know When to Walk Away

Episode Recap LoveAddictionDisbelief Thats how I would describe my reaction and the look on Izzies face during the first five minutes of tonights episode George loves Izzie thats all there is to it and now he cant wait to share the news with Callie Its almost unbelievable Especially considering the lengths George went to prior to tonight just to avoid Izzie and any related talk about their recent indiscretion Now its almost like he cant wait to shout it out to the world Though I will say it is nice to see George so exuberant and full of life this week Last week he seemed so frustrated and depressed about repeating his internship that Im almost willing to forgive Gizzie AlmostAnd poor Callie Just when you think things cant get any worse for her they do Not only is the new job still not working out but now shes also convinced George and Izzie are having an affair I have to say I was surprised to see her admit the latter to Mark Sloan of all people read more

Private Practice's McDonald on Taye, Kate and Leaving Broadway for TV

Audra McDonald, Private Practice

She may be a newcomer to prime time, but Audra McDonald is already winning rave reviews from her costars. We speed-dialed the four-time Tony winner, who plays fertility specialist Dr. Naomi Bennett on Private Practice (tonight at 9 pm/ET, ABC), to talk about life after Broadway, replacing actress Merrin Dungey and her real-life relationship with sex symbol Taye Diggs. How is life on Private Practice these days?Audra McDonald: I don't know if it's fortunate or unfortunate for the producers: The cast is a group of people who really like each other. So when we do group scenes, it's very difficult to get anything done because we're having too much fun. They always need read more

Thursday-night TV: It's Back!

Sandra Oh in Grey's Anatomy by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Now that's what I like to see on TV's most overcrowded night: TV's top crime drama and TV's top medical soap back in fine form, the two most-awaited season premieres of the week delivering on the hype. And the icing on the cake? Another sensational episode of AMC's summer holdover Mad Men, the one show I never want to see end. I'm going to miss that one when it goes away in a few weeks. As much as I enjoy CSI and Grey's Anatomy, combatants of the highest and most satisfying order, they feel like old hat compared to this scrumptious, provocative period piece.First off: Big sigh of relief that Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) lives on. As Michael Ausiello reports in his exhaustive interview with the star, her days on CSI may still be numbered, but for now, Grissom’s lady love is still kicking, no matter how bloodied, battered and sunburned. The teaser for next week’s episode reveals, no surprise, that the course of true love isn’t going to run smooth for these coworkers, but ther... read more

Nine Things You Don't Know about Grey's Chyler Leigh

Chyler Leigh, Grey’s Anatomy

It was like déjà vu from the very first episode of Grey's Anatomy (premiering tonight at 9pm/ET, ABC). Late last season, Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd met a young babe, played by Chyler Leigh, in the Emerald City Bar. Though they flirted, this time he stopped short of showing her his bedside manner. And thank heavens — the girl in question turned out to be Lexie Grey, Meredith's half sister and the newest addition to Seattle Grace's intern program. "We met with a lot of young actresses, but Chyler stood out — she had a quality that felt right and real to me," creator Shonda Rhimes says about choosing Grey's newest cast member. "It felt like she could be Meredith's sister, but she had a depth that was very interesting." Here, the 25-year-old North Ca read more

Like many fans, I was upset ...

James Tupper and Anne Heche, Men in Trees

Question: Like many fans, I was upset when ABC shelved Men in Trees to run other, inferior programming. In the meantime, I'd heard about the on-set romance and subsequent divorces that happened after Anne Heche and James Tupper became an item. Anne Heche's divorce seemed particularly nasty. The new season is starting soon and now I feel that this show has been poisoned for me. It's been so long since a new episode was on that I've lost interest, and while I don't want to begrudge Heche and Tupper's right to be with each other, their romance has left a bad taste in my mouth. Neither of these actors has the same likability for me that they once did, and I have become a bit ambivalent about what happens to their characters. Similarly, I have a bad reaction to the firing of Isaiah Washington on Grey's Anatomy. Whether or not it was justified, the way ABC handled the whole situation (and a disappointing third season) has ruined some of the magic that made Grey's Anatomy must-see TV at my ... read more

Shonda Rhimes Breaks Her Silence About Isaiah!

I think that sneaky Shonda Rhimes tried to escape! Immediately following the press-tour panel for Private Practice, Rhimes — while stepping down from the dais — attempted to duck backstage before the gaggle stampede could swallow her up. There was just one problem: There was no backstage for her to head to. The black curtain she tried to penetrate was actually covering a wall. There was no way out. As a result, she was forced to answer direct questions about a topic that she has thus far been able to avoid: Isaiahgate. (For the record, an ABC rep denies that Rhimes was trying to flee the scene, insisting she was merely unsure where she was supposed to go.) In any event, I gotta give her credit. Once she realized that her back was quite literally to the wall, she handled the interrogation with candor and grace. How difficult was it for you to let Isaiah go, on a personal level?Shonda Rhimes: It wasn't. It was a decision that was a long time coming, and it felt like it was... read more

Live Press Tour Diary: ABC, Day 2

Anne Heche and James Tupper by Jeff Petry/ABC

It's the final day! I survived another press tour! Hooray for me! Here's a rundown of what's on tap today:9 am/PT: Nightline (aka time to get my bags packed)11:15 am: Greek (ABC Family)Noon: Kyle XY (ABC Family)2 pm: Samantha Who? 3 pm: Men in Trees4 pm: Private Practice5 pm: Big ShotsGREEK PANEL11:27 am: Came in a little late to this one. In my defense, I had a lot of swag to pack up and ship home. 11:35 am: Confession time: I have yet to see this show. I plan to jump on board soon, though. I'm hearing nothing but good things. 11:40 am: The cast seems really down-to-earth.KYLE XY PANEL12:04 pm: Spoiler alert! By the end of the season, Kyle will let his parents in on his secret, according to supervising producer Julie Plec.12:05 pm: On revealing so much about Kyle in the season premiere, Plec says "out of respect for the audience, [we didn't want] to tease them."12:11 pm: Spoiler alert! Jaimie Alexander hints that something happens to Jessi in an upcoming ep that leads her "to act i... read more

Isaiah Washington Says Patrick Dempsey Agrees T.R. Knight Should Be Fired

Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey by Karen Neal/ABC

Sorry, Heigl: he's still not not speaking. Though Isaiah Washington says he is "trying real hard not to incite an unnecessary war" among his former Grey's Anatomy cast mates, he has given a new interview in which he propels a claim that T.R. Knight is as much to blame for the aftermath of the October 9 on-set fracas. Washington even says that no less than "McDreamy" would concur. Positing that Knight had been "very tactical" in seeking to get Washington — if not Patrick Dempsey, as well — off the ABC drama, Washington tells gay-rights activist/BET host Keith Boykin, "I know Patrick Dempsey has supported me by stating that if there is anyone that needs to be fired, it is T.R. Knight, because he has created such a negative environment on the set." (Dempsey's publicist has not yet responded to's requests for comment.)At the crux of Knight's alleged campaign is a feeling that "he has not been treated and given the same 'leading man' kinds of story lines" as his pee... read more

Isaiah Washington: "I'm Saddened by the Outcome"

Isaiah Washington by Scott Garfield/ABC

Isaiah Washington is "saddened by the outcome" of events started last fall that led to him being let go by Grey's Anatomy. Echoing that which his rep told Ausiello last Friday, Washington tells Entertainment Weekly, "I did everything that the producers and the network asked me to do.... I thought that was going to speak for my future at Grey's, but apparently that wasn't the same vision [they] had for me."Washington doesn't shed light on Grey'screator Shonda Rhimes' personal take on the sitch — "You have to understand that she's at the helm of one of the top-rated scripted shows" — nor does he say where things stand with him and T.R. Knight, instead saying, "You have to ask T.R. that."As for how this scrape might impact his career, he says, "I have to go about the business of letting people know what's written about me is not the truth.... It's a horrible misunderstanding what transpired with our show, and it was blown out of proportion. If the naysayers out there feel tha... read more

After watching the recent ...

Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy

Question: After watching the recent Grey's Anatomy finale, I was reminded of two of my other favorite shows: The West Wing and The O.C. These two shows started to become much darker and less comedic a few seasons in and never really recovered in the ratings. Grey's seems to be headed down the same road. Is there any hope for a turnaround, and do you think the more serious and irritating story lines could spell trouble for the show? Answer: I've been fielding lots of questions like this. Thankfully, Lisa — "a Grey's Anatomy fan since I watched reruns of the first season while studying for the bar" — reminded me of the blog, written by Grey's writers and producers, including Shonda Rhimes. As Lisa notes, "Shonda said that this whole season was designed to break everything down in order to build it back up, which I thought explained why this season was so much darker and not funny. (I've noticed that it is now referred to as a 'rom-dram' rather than a dramedy.) I think the ... read more

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