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Evanescence Singer Amy Lee Is Pregnant

Amy Lee

Amy Lee and her husband Josh Hartzler are expecting their first child, the Evanescence singer announced on Twitter.

"Ok I can't keep it a secret anymore-I've been working on a very special new project for 2014-A BABY! Josh and I are expecting! I'm so happy!" Lee wrote Saturday.

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"Allison from Palmdale"

Flashbacksforwards to the Skynet future are juxtaposed with Camerons present-day experiences in this episode These flashes for the lack of a better term considering the whole timespace continuum seem to be triggered when Cameron is sent out grocery shopping by John The flashes detail how the Cameron cyborg was created the original template for Cameron was a resistance member named Allison Young The yet to be named Cameron was trying to learn as much about Allison as possible so that she would end up being a perfect copy then doing what Terminators do best she would attempt to infiltrate the resistance and eliminate John Connor Cameron goes Vader on the girl then kills her after Allison lies about the bracelet she is wearing The bracelets are the resistances way of identifying each other from the cyborgs and now Skynet knowsAs stated above the episode flashes ala Lost to present day Cameron is suffering from amnesia and assumes the name of her mold read more

TV's Slippery New Terminator: Burning Questions!

Shirley Manson by Michael Desmond/Fox

Foxs Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles launched its second season by unveiling its own take on the big screens mercurial T-1000 killing machine In what ways does TVs T-1001 differ from the previous model How does Garbage singer Shirley Manson feel about going from underground rock to heavy metal And where does Glenn Close fit into it all Here the singer turned actress answers many burning questions Sarah Connor airs Mondays at 8 pmET Matt MitovichUm why pose as a urinalWhy not Manson retorts Asked by TVGuidecom if perhaps it was some sort of inside joke she says I dont think it is I think [series creator Josh Friedman] liked the idea of a woman being able to infiltrate somewhere where a man felt he was very safe That was a true terrorHow did Manson react when she learned that her character icy-cold CEO Catherine Weaver is in fact a terminatorI got very excited and jumped at the opportunity she says Its very read more

Gee Whiz! Sarah Connor Unveils Liquid Terminator

Shirley Manson by Michael Desmond/Fox

Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Monday night not only kicked off its second season with a compelling opening montage, it ended the hour with an iconic image that was sure to get the watercooler (if not the urinal) buzzing: the series' first-ever appearance by a liquid Terminator.Read our full recap here; watch the full episode here (the T-1001 shows up at the 43:00 mark).Did exec producer Josh Friedman unveil the "mimetic polyalloy-based" butt-kicker sooner in the series than he originally planned? "No, we did it exactly when we wanted to," he tells the timing "serendipitous," Friedman says, "We were working on this character [Catherine Weaver, played by T:SCC newcomer Shirley Manson] and wanted to introduce somebody who was more of an antagonist — and I didn’t want to do just the basic evil corporate type. So it was a natural progression."But is creating the mercurial menace a costly proposition for a weekly show? Friedman allows that... read more

Garbage in Sarah Connor? Shirley, It's True

Shirley Manson by Kevin Mazur/

Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson is only happy when it rains — and it's raining regular TV roles. She'll play a high-tech company CEO next season on Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.The spinoff of the Terminator movie franchise returns this fall for a second season after taking the crown as the highest-rated new scripted series of the 2007-08 season. — J.R. Whalen read more

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