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Under the Dome: Country Star Dwight Yoakam Joins Cast for Season 2

Dwight Yoakam

Country music legend Dwight Yoakam has joined the cast of Under the Dome for Season 2, has learned.

The two-time Grammy winner will play... read more

Under the Dome Scoop: ER's Sherry Stringfield Tapped for "Pivotal Role"

Sherry Stringfield

ER alum Sherry Stringfield has joined the cast of Under the Dome for Season 2, has learned.

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Exclusive CSI First Look: Can ER's Sherry Stringfield Help Morgan Crack the Case?

Sherry Stringfield

The (former) doctor is in on CSI.

alum Sherry Stringfield guest-stars on Wednesday's episode as Dawn, a blue-collar swing-shift CSI who helps Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) track a serial rapist. As you can see in our exclusive first look video.... read more

The Weekend Playlist: HBO's Family Tree, SNL Flips Its Wiig, Finales

Chris O'Dowd and Tom Bennett

It can't be easy to learn that one's ancestor is a literal horse's ass. But sad-sack Londoner Tom Chadwick takes such news in stride, again quite literally, as he acquires his great-grandfather's horse costume from a long-ago pantomime show, and after trying the rear end on for size, adds it to his collection of quirky family keepsakes.

HBO's droll-to-the-point-of-precious and occasionally delightful Family Tree (Sunday, 10:30/9:30c) follows Tom on an offbeat personal odyssey into his cloudy lineage. "In our clan, family is what disappears when you're not looking at it," says his retired dad, who keeps busy inventing useless objects like a fan for shoe trees. The dad is played by Michael McKean, who like the rest of the cast often talks directly into the camera, mock-documentary/improvisation style. The casting and the format are two of the more obvious signs that Tree is a Christopher Guest production.

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Pilot News: Stringfield and Woodside Are Back, and More

Sherry Stringfield, D.B. Woodside

ER vet Sherry Stringfield and 24 alum D.B. Woodside (former president Wayne Palmer) have joined the cast of Back, the CBS drama pilot starring Skeet Ulrich as a man who returns home to discover he was reported missing eight years earlier, after 9/11.

Stringfield will play ... read more

Sherry Stringfield Returning to ER

Sherry Stringfield

Sherry Stringfield is returning to ER, a source close to the deal has confirmed to

Stringfield's participation is the latest in a slew of alums who have signed off to send off the show in its final season, a group that already includes Anthony Edwards, Julianna Margulies and George Clooney.

Stringfield played Dr. Susan Lewis on NBC's medical drama from 1994-1996 and then returned to the show in 2001 for another four seasons. No word on how Dr. Lewis will reappear this time.

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Mega Buzz on House, Heroes, 24, 90210 & More

Olivia Wilde (House), Ali Larter (Heroes), Kiefer Sutherland (24

Senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions. Drop us a line at

House is my favorite show, but I am getting sick of this season's Thirteen-centered storylines. When will we see more of Wilson, who has been woefully underused? —  Gillian
MATT: Personally, I'm (Olivia) Wilde for Thirteen, partly because her portrayer gives great quotes on the red carpet (and, ahem, is definitely not chilly). But I hear your woe, and can promise that Robert Sean Leonard has meaty stuff coming up later this season, only some of which has to do with Wilson's long-lost brother. Also, for what it's worth (and as hinted at this week), we'll also be spending a bit more time with Peter Jacobson's Taub. 

I hear that either Hayden Panettiere or Ali Larter wants to be released from her Heroes contract. Is this true? — Brian
One of the key Heroes dies at the end of this volume, so that would be an easy out. But Larter ... read more

It's as Different as Night and Day for William Fichtner

William Fichtner by Jordan Strauss/

Prison Break's William Fichtner has broken out into a new role.The actor, who plays Agent Mahone on the Fox series, has landed the lead role in the new TNT drama Night and Day, The Hollywood Reporter reports.Joining him on the series is another TV familiar face: former ER staffer Sherry Stringfield.Described as "fast-paced" and "gritty," Night will explore the life of Fichtner's Dan Hollister, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent who works for a special threat intervention task force. Stringfield will play his stay-at-home wife, Elizabeth.It is unsure how the deal will affect Fichtner's role on Prison Break, but his contract expires after this season.Night will be written and produced by Todd Robinson and 24 mastermind Joel Surnow, who helped Fichtner snag the role of Hollister. — Joyce Eng read more

Who Shot Jay Arnstein?

OK, the titles are getting a little too pun-tastic for me now. For those of you who are too young to get the pun (*gasp*), the title refers to arguably, the most famous and most watched episode of TV: The "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas. Just Google it.Anyhoo, we start out in an art gallery workshop with a couple arguing. Don't know the dude, but the wifey is none other than monotone Sherry Stringfield from ER! I guess her name is Marci, and she yelling at her husband (Jay) to stop seeing his mistress. What a pig. Mr. Sensitivity tells Marci that he will stop, but she's the publicity director for the museum and their paths will cross, so just "grow up." What an ouche-day ag-bay (my attempt at phonetic Pig Latin). Marci shifts gears and asks Jay what he's up to (by boxing up paintings in containers). He says he getting ready to ship some paintings he acquired from a private collection to overseas buyers. Marci asks astutely, "By acquired, you mean stole?" Heh. Atta girl... I can s... read more

Sherry Stringfield Sets Sights on Something "Different"

Sherry Stringfield courtesy United Talent Agency

She isnt doling out tough love as ERs Dr Susan Lewis anymore On In Plain Sight Sundays at 10 pmET USA Sherry Stringfield plays against type as a wife in denial about her shifty art-dealer spouse Our prescription Youve gotta watch GJ DonnellyTV Guide How does your character land in Witness Protection Sherry Stringfield There are these cool art people in New York and she discovers this big scam thats going on and a murder happens She has to go into witness protection because people are making millions off of this Shes very devoted to her husband and its different from what I normally play Shes very na239ve about his behavior and keeps thinking this a great guy and nothings going on in the face of him being basically arrestedTV Guide What attracted you to the showStringfield I think its a cool idea Im surprised no one had done it What does happen to people in the witness protection program I like the style of it I love New Mexico I think read more

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