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The Biz: Shepard Smith Assumes New Role at Fox News

Shepard Smith

Shepard Smith is giving up Fox Report, his nightly 7 p.m. newscast, to become chief anchor and managing editor for a division in charge of handling all breaking news coverage for Fox News.

Instead of a doing a fixed hour of straight news amid the commentators that front most of the Fox News shows, Smith's reporting will be "weaved in," as he says, throughout the day when necessary...

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Fox News Sued for Accidentally Airing Man's Suicide

Fox News

Fox News Channel has been sued for accidentally airing a man's suicide while broadcasting a low-speed car chase in Arizona last fall, The Hollywood Reporter reports. read more

The Biz: Fox News' Shepard Smith Heads to the Jersey Shore

Shepard Smith

Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith's reports on the government's failed response to Hurricane Katrina were a career-defining moment back in 2005. And he's still getting his boots muddy on behalf of natural disaster victims. On Monday he's taking his shows Studio B (3/2c) and The Fox Report (7/6c) to Seaside Heights, N.J., where Hurricane Sandy damaged 60 percent of the homes. Both programs will assess the cleanup and rebuilding efforts six months after the storm. The Biz checked in with the Holly Springs, Mississippi, native before he left and learned about his love for the Brooklyn Nets, his disdain for Twitter and why you'll never see him become a commentator.

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Fox News Accidentally Broadcasts Suicide Live On-Air

Shepard Smith

Fox News' Shepard Smith issued a heartfelt apology to viewers Friday afternoon after the channel inadvertently broadcast live footage of a man shooting himself in the head.

During the afternoon broadcast, Fox News was covering a low-speed chase in Phoenix, Ariz., and cut to live footage of the suspect getting out of his vehicle and running erratically through a field. The cameras continued rolling, giving viewers a clear aerial view of the man eventually stopping, pulling a gun from his pocket, appearing to shoot himself in the head and falling over.

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The Biz: Fox News' Bret Baier on the Network's Big Anniversary

Bret Baier

On October 7, 1996, the "on" switch was thrown at the Fox News Channel — and the TV news universe hasn't been the same since. A one-hour special, Fox News Channel — 15 Years — Fair and Balanced (Friday, 10pm/ET; Saturday, 10pm/ET; and Sunday, 3pm/ET), will reflect on the rise of the cable news ratings leader. Among the Fox News veterans looking back is Special Report anchor Bret Baier, who opened the channel's Atlanta bureau in his apartment with just a fax machine and a cell phone in FNC's early days. The Biz recently talked with Baier, who became anchor of Special Report in 2009, about the anniversary, the channel's critics and his emergence as the face of Fox News in the Beltway.

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Top Moments: The Drapers Spar, Racers Cry, Dancers Get Dirty and More!

Jon Hamm and Kayla Ewell

This week demonstrated that not everyone on TV is cynical. Mad Men's Don Draper finally came clean with his wife. A One Tree Hill investigation uncovered a cruel deception. Amazing Race's Mika had a panic attack. And it would take a real cynic to think that Shepard Smith wasn't being real in calling for more balance in Fox News Channel's political coverage. This Halloween, we're removing our masks and embracing genuine human emotion. Welcome to Top Moments: Cynicism-Free Edition.

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Balloon, Boy Rivet Nation

The Heene Family

The balloon drama that transfixed the nation — and left viewers terrified at the grim possibilities — ended happily and a bit absurdly Thursday with the discovery that the young boy once thought to have been carried across the Colorado sky had never taken to the air.

Cable news channels followed a helium-filled balloon thought to carry the 6-year-old boy, whose family was featured last year on ABC's Wife Swap, and the coverage continued for hours. The balloon landed softly, with the aptly but bizarrely named Falcon Heene not inside. That led to endless vamping and filler as reporters and experts tried to guess where he was, whether he was alive and whether it might have been a hoax.

At one point CNN broke ... read more

VIDEO: Fox Grills Ralph Nader on Obama/"Uncle Tom" Remark

Dubious congratulations are in order: Ralph Nader became the first public figure to make a stupid and offensive public remark about our first African-American president, telling a Fox News affiliate that Barack Obama has to choose between being "Uncle Sam for the people of this country, or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations." read more

Shepard Smith Promises a "New and Better" Fox Report

courtesy FNC

Shepard Smith’s fast-paced nightly program The Fox Report has been the most-watched cable news show at 7 pm since October 2001. But when the program celebrates its eighth anniversary in September, there’ll be a new set, new graphics and, Smith says, a whole new approach to delivering the day’s events. But, wait, didn’t we hear something about reinventing the evening news when Katie Couric was hired by CBS last year? The Biz talked with Smith about why he’s forging ahead with an overhaul to his program — and why you won’t see him moderate a presidential-candidates debate anytime Why relaunch the program? Your ratings are good, and visually it’s always looked cutting-edge.Shepard Smith: It was when we first rolled it out. The goal is to always be able to communicate in a new and better way. There are certain kinds of stories that have never really worked well with television, stories that are just so visually deficient. We’... read more

Solemn Anniversary Fox News' Shepard Smith revisits the Katrina-ravaged South

Shepard Smith, Fox News

If you think Fox News' Shepard Smith takes Hurricane Katrina personally, you're right. The smooth-talking anchor is from Holly Springs, Mississippi, and for him, the devastating storm and its aftermath is the natural-disaster equivalent of 9/11. Smith is heading back to the disaster-struck region to lead Fox's weeklong coverage of the first anniversary of Katrina, which Fox is airing under the hopeful title of America's Challenge: Rebuilding the Gulf. When he does his daily shows, Studio B and The Fox Report, in New Orleans and Mississippi from Aug. 28 through 31, Smith wants to highlight the pockets of success in the rebuilding effort. But he's also realistic enough to know that for most of the area's residents, life will never be the same. Smith recently talked to the Biz about what it means to go back to New Orleans and Mississippi. There have been all thes read more

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