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Brexit Brupdate
07:44 — $2 trillion vanishes from the global economy as a result of the Brexit decision to leave the European Union, causing some U.K. citizens to have second (more…)
Panel: What Caused the Brexit Breakdown?
07:23 — Joanna Coles, Rory Albanese and Mike Yard discuss the political and economic consequences of Brexit and the implications of Donald Trump's support for (more…)
Pardon the Integration: Is the No-Fly List Racist?
05:19 — Pundits Mike Yard and Rory Albanese face off in an argument about the TSA no-fly list's disproportionate effects on Muslim travelers and other minorit (more…)
Panel: Does Donald Trump Even Want to Be President?
06:20 — Arsenio Hall, Mike Yard and Robin Thede debate whether Donald Trump's self-destructive presidential campaign is an elaborate con and discuss his stand (more…)
Total Sit Show in Congress: Gun Control Showdown
09:00 — Democratic lawmakers launch a dramatic sit-in on the House floor in response to Congressional inaction on gun control, and Republican Speaker Paul Rya (more…)
Who Dis?: Rep. Steve King Opposes the Harriet Tubman $20 Bill
05:05 — An appalled Robin Thede acquaints herself with Rep. Steve King after the GOP Congressman argues that adding Harriet Tubman to the $20 bill would be bo (more…)
Panel: The Roots of America's Gun Problem
07:17 — M-1, Mike Yard and Holly Walker ponder whether the post-Orlando shooting debate on gun control will have an effect on the firearm violence plaguing po (more…)
Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening, Donald Trump's Financial Woes
08:33 — As Donald Trump's presidential campaign runs out of cash, Hillary Clinton slams the GOP candidate for his questionable business acumen.
Mike Yard's the Y Files - Cavaliers-Warriors Conspiracy
04:41 — Mike Yard blows the lid off of a basketball conspiracy involving the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors and Donald Trump.
Keep It 100: Penis Toes or Vagina Ears?
00:42 — Comedian and friend of the show Paul Scheer presents Larry with a pair of anatomically awkward options.
Panel: Military Draft for Women?
07:34 — Adrienne C. Moore, Rory Albanese and Robin Thede discuss a bill that would require women to register for the draft and debate whether military service (more…)
Do-Nothing Congress: Gun Control Gridlock
08:07 — Despite overwhelming public support for stricter gun control after Orlando's mass shooting, Democratic and Republican lawmakers fail to push legislati (more…)
Police Crisis in Oakland, CA
04:22 — Scandal rocks the Oakland, CA, police department after revelations involving racist text messages and underage prostitution come to light.
Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening: Donald Trump's Campaign Shakeup
06:57 — Donald Trump finds himself trailing Hillary Clinton by more than 10 points in presidential polls, prompting him to fire his controversial campaign man (more…)
Panel: Is Donald Trump's Campaign Falling Apart?
06:29 — Tom Papa, Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra examine GOP efforts to deny Donald Trump the presidential nomination in light of his short-staffed, poorly org (more…)
Congressman Andy Holt's AR-15 Gun Giveaway
04:47 — Tennessee Rep. Andy Holt doubles down on his plan to raffle off an AR-15 for a campaign fundraiser despite the rifle's infamous role in the mass shoot (more…)
Mr. X Tries to Replace Donald Trump
02:14 — As members of the RNC plot against Donald Trump's presidential nomination, a mysterious wild-haired outsider offers a familiar alternative.
Panel: The State of Feminism in America
07:14 — Anika Noni Rose, Franchesca Ramsey and Holly Walker weigh in on President Obama's speech at the United States of Women Summit and discuss what it mean (more…)
Felonious Munk Tackles the Word War On Terror
04:53 — Resident blegghead and language expert Felonious Munk weighs in on President Obama's refusal to use the term "radical Islamic terrorism."
No Guns for No-Fly Listers?
08:10 — Democrats fight for expanded background checks to prohibit people on the federal no-fly list from buying guns, drawing support from both Hillary Clint (more…)
Panel: Is Congress Finally Ready to Do Something About Guns?
07:59 — Timothy Simons, Ricky Velez and Grace Parra weigh in on whether the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL, will lead to bipartisan support f (more…)
President Obama Skewers the GOP Over "Radical Islam"
07:59 — President Obama makes veiled references to Donald Trump during his withering critique of the GOP's escalating Islamophobic rhetoric.
Anderson Cooper vs. Pam Bondi
04:26 — CNN's Anderson Cooper relentlessly presses Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi about her past resistance to marriage equality in the wake of the mass s (more…)
LeBron James Takes a Hit to the Nuts
03:47 — NBA star Draymond Green gets suspended for politely pushing LeBron James's balls out of the way.
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