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Criminal Minds - Watch Criminal Minds' Spencer Reid Stare Into Your Soul
01:31 — Check out the suave moments of Criminal Minds' Spencer Reid, played by the swoon-worthy Matthew Gray Gubler, set to the sweet sounds of the saxophone.
Criminal Minds - Revenge
03:30 — The BAU is able to help Amelia and her daughters, but they weren't able to help their kidnapper.
Criminal Minds - The Missing Children
03:49 — Through Violet, JJ discovers that there are two more missing little girls.
Criminal Minds - The Real Daddy
03:14 — Hotchner and Rossi help Violet remember who she really is.
Criminal Minds - You Killed Your Father!
04:04 — Morgan and Tara attempt to reach the barn just before the UnSub kills his next target.
Criminal Minds - A Mother And Son Reunited
03:48 — Penelope discovers that the UnSub has reunited with his mom in jail and has been killing her targets.
Criminal Minds - An Awful Past
04:06 — Tara gets through to the UnSub.
At Home with Shemar Moore
03:27 — Shemar Moore shows us his home that's just as stylish as he is.
Criminal Minds - New Victim, Same Punishment
05:03 — The BAU has a new victim in the hand of the UnSub.
Criminal Minds - No More Punishment
03:20 — The BAU arrives at the crime scene just in time.
Criminal Minds - Scandal
02:35 — Penelope discovers the root of the UnSub's problems.
Criminal Minds - Taking A Risk
03:49 — Reid falls into a trap.
Criminal Minds - End Game
05:01 — Morgan helps Reid make the last move to finally get Cat to surrender.
Criminal Minds - You're Not Sorry
05:02 — Reid knows exactly what to say to get Cat to stay.
Criminal Minds - Watch 'Criminal Minds' Stars Do Character Impressions
02:04 — How would Penelope Garcia talk her way out of a ticket? Or Aaron Hotchner react to winning the lottery? Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Shemar Moore, Kirsten (more…)
Catching up with Adam DeVine, Chelsea Kane, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Frankie Grande, & more
Criminal Minds - A.J. Cook Explains Criminal Minds in 30 Seconds
00:39 — The actress goes through all the emotions you can expect in an episode, in under half a minute.
Criminal Minds - Aisha Tyler Explains Criminal Minds in 30 Seconds
00:30 — How much can happen in just one episode? Aisha rapidly explains all the many things that can occur: jet-setting, shootouts, and life-saving heroics.
Aisha Tyler & Shemar Moore
Mazel- It was going to go to Kiam Moriya from Alabama who turned 12 years old today, 12/12/12/, at 12:12p. But I didn t want him getting any more atte (more…)
Aisha Tyler's Shotski Therapy
Season 10 Episode 15 Show Highlight: Aisha Tyler recounts her terrifying experience watching Sweet Brown and Shemar Moore on her previous #WWHL appear (more…)
Best. Shotski. Ever.
Season 8 Episode 62 Show Highlight: Watch Shemar Moore and Sweet Brown revolutionize the shotski.
Foodie or Nudie?
Season 8 Episode 62 Show Highlight: The more Aisha Tyler eats, the more Shemar Moore takes off in this delicious #WWHL game.
After Show: Fallin' for Alicia Keys
Season 8 Episode 62: Part II: Shemar Moore reminisces on asking out Alicia Keys and Aisha Tyler names her biggest comedic influence.
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  • Birth Name: Shemar Franklin Moore
  • Birth Place: Oakland, CA
  • Birthday: April 20, 1970, Aries
  • Profession: Actor, Model