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Facebook Live - Games of the Week
22:42 — Steve Montoya and Zack Poff break down all the big games this weekend including No. 12 Miami Central @ No. 2 IMG Academy, No. 6 St. John Bosco @ No. 1 (more…)
Tip drill turns into #MPTopPlay
00:46 — Carter Brooks of Shelby (OH) teaches all young football players a valuable lesson: when you're taller than the defender, just keep tipping the ball in (more…)
Riding Along with Search and Rescue Crew in Flooded Houston-Area Town
00:59 — NBC's Gadi Schwartz rode along with a search and rescue party in Dickinson, a Houston suburb, directed by the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.
00:55 — A young girl finds an unlikely and uplifting friendship with an adorable monkey in this charming, light-hearted film. Katie has lost interest in her s (more…)
It all comes down to the season finale, where fame, fortune, and bragging rights are on the line. In Alaska, Papac is finishing up the toughest most d (more…)
Shelby's Dream
11:52 — Shelby dreams about flying. Maya and Willy want to help him to accomplish his dream. But things don’t go as planned...
Swamp Man Boogie
Deep in the Bayou, Shelby hits Lake Ponchartrain with Belinda and Bob to retrieve a massive log he marked years ago. In Florida, it's round two betwee (more…)
Old Log, New Tricks
In the Louisiana Bayou, Shelby Stanga's jet boat is in desperate need of repair and he needs to find logs to buy a new engine. At Rygaard Logging in W (more…)
The Log and Winding Road
In Louisiana, Shelby and his assistant Bob head out looking for logs on his newly repaired two-ton swamp buggy. In Central Florida, the Chapman crew (more…)
Davi and Goliath
Shelby Stanga is still without his jet boat, but fortunately he has his trusty assistant Davi and his Go-Devil to pick up the slack. On Alaska's Kupre (more…)
Cuts Like a Knife
The race for logs is heating up as Papac heads onto their most daunting site yet. Loggers fall through ten-foot holes in the brush and high stumps sma (more…)
Fall of a Legend
A devastating injury at Rygaard shakes the crew to the core and threatens to shut down production. Down in the bayou, Shelby's jet boat is back and it (more…)
The Queen´s Messenger
12:07 — With the official Queen messenger being absent, Miss Cassandra organises a contest to select the new junior messenger. Maya, Willy, Lara, Max and Shel (more…)
11:56 — While playing, Maya and Willy break Shelby's shell by mistake. They have to find a way to repair the crack before it gets dangerous for their friend.
Teepee of Death
In Washington, Rygaard's remaining veterans go old school to keep the team on track. Deep in the Bayou, Shelby and Bob discover a valuable sinker cypr (more…)
Jet Logged
Shelby gets his jetboat back, and it now has a new five hundred horsepower engine that will help him get the job done. Up in Washington, Rygaard is st (more…)
Great Logs of Fire
With only three weeks to go, the Ax Men are shifting into high gear. Down in Louisiana, Shelby realizes he may be short on wood for his log buyer, so (more…)
The Swampman Cometh
Shelby the Swampman uses an airboat to search for a treasure trove of century old logs in a legendary lost canal. In Washington, Rygaard tries to haul (more…)
High Wire Act
In Louisiana, Shelby looks to repair his custom made two-ton swamp buggy. In Alaska, Coatsy returns to the Papac worksite. In the Pacific Northwest, t (more…)
The New Shelby
12:07 — Shelby is annoyed by predators because he seems harmless. In order to change this, Maya and her friends help Shelby to disguise his shell. But the res (more…)
Season 1 Sneak Peek
02:47 — Catch a FREE sneak peek of The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man, before it premieres on Tuesday, August 6.
Dick In Review
15:05 — "Therapist to the stars" Dr. Goode uses her unorthodox style to get a nervous Andy Dick ready for a big audition, and helps singer Shelby Lynne with a (more…)
All's Fair in Loggin' War
Down in the swamps of Louisiana, Shelby Stanga is trying to upgrade his logging empire, so he takes a risk and tries out some new equipment. In the Pa (more…)
Log Runners
The battle for King of The Mountain rages on between the big boys of the Pacific Northwest. In Washington, the Rygaard crew has a problem with getting (more…)
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