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Oklahoma cop acquitted in deadly shooting
05:14 — A Tulsa police officer has been acquitted after fatally shooting an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. Officer Betty Shelby told CBS News she th (more…)
Bryan Jones HR vs Shelby Co. 3/4/17
00:44 — Bryan Jones with the solo shot at Shelby County Alabama. 3/4/17
Fantasy Baseball Player Update: Shelby Miller
00:44 — Chris Towers and Jorge Andres give the player update for Shelby Miller
Fantasy Baseball Player Update: Shelby Miller
00:43 — Hana Ostapchuk and Scott White give the player update for Shelby Miller.
What Your Sleep Position Says About You
04:20 — As part of our “Snooze or Lose” series, Dr. Shelby Harris joins TODAY to talk about why your sleep position is important, and how trying different pos (more…)
How Woman With Untreated Strep Throat Is Coping After Losing Fingers and Toes
02:25 — A Tennessee woman who did not see a doctor after coming down with strep throat is learning to live without some of her fingers and toes after the cond (more…)
Fantasy Baseball Player Outlook: Shelby Miller
00:38 — Heath Cummings and Chris Towers give the player outlook for Shelby Miller.
Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R makes mincemeat of the track
07:10 — This isn't any old Ford Mustang. The Shelby GT350R is a track-focused, hardcore machine for people who want a little more out of their muscle cars. Is (more…)
New Ford Shelby GT350 shows racetrack prowess
02:14 — We took the 2016 Shelby GT350 for laps at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway and let it show off its tremendous power and handling acumen.
Bedroom Brawl in Heavy Rain - PlayStation 4 Remaster Gameplay
07:09 — Heavy Rain's private investigator Scott Shelby gets in a bedroom brawl while hunting for leads in this PlayStation 4 remaster of the acclaimed 2010 ti (more…)
Watch These Military Heroes Surprise Their Families By Coming Home For Christmas
01:48 — Christine Lorraine, who's been deployed in Qatar, surprised her 10-year-old Kayla at her dance recital. Kayla has been living with her grandmother whi (more…)
Shelby Danyeur #30.. Awesome Pass
00:13 — Shelby makes a great pass assist for a bucket by Taylor. A real team player.
Alopecia Took My Hair but Not My Spirit
02:11 — Shelby began losing her hair at just 7 years old. Now, with no eyelashes, eyebrows or hair this teenager walks us through her daily routine and how sh (more…)
Game highlight
00:07 — Amari Franklin assist, Shelby Tullos kill
Sr. #21 Bolton H.S SS/OLB 5'11 180 lbs
03:32 — Greetings, my name is Kelvin Scott Brown II and i am in the class of 2017 at Bolton High School. My primary position is Strong Safety but I also play (more…)
Lucky Dog - Crowd Control
02:37 — Brandon teaches Shelby the technique of "Back Up."
On the road with the 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350
05:33 — The first special editions of the new Mustang have arrived: the Shelby GT350 and GT360R. Brian Cooley drives them and checks the tech.
Shelby Valley vs. Middlebore playoff game
00:19 — Logan Billiter #50 Highlight Video
Whoopi Goldberg On Police Shootings of Black Men: I Feel Like We're Being Hunted
01:43 — The raw emotion following the deaths of two black men by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina was expressed by TV hosts. On Wednesd (more…)
Tulsa police officer charged after fatal shooting
04:32 — Prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma issued an arrest warrant Thursday for police officer Betty Shelby. Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher, sparking ou (more…)
Mustang Shelby GT350R is a two-seat terror on the track
04:21 — We knew the new Shelby would be fast when going in a straight line. We didn't know how great it'd be the rest of the time.
Shelby #30 JV
00:19 — Shelby's dribbling nice this season.
2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 steals one trick from a Ferrari (CNET On Cars, Episode 74)
19:50 — This episode: the Shelby Mustang GT350 creates power with supercar flair, why you may have to learn to live with speed cameras and top tech from the 2 (more…)
Teen Wakes Up From Wisdom Teeth Surgery Expecting Bigger Boobs
01:19 — On her way home after having wisdom tooth surgery, Shelby was still under the effects of anesthesia and told her mother that she thought she would wak (more…)
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