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VIDEO: Chevy Chase 11/16/85

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Chevy Chase 11/16/85
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Length: 39:41
Aired: 11/16/1985

Chevy Chase - November 16, 1985: Original SNL cast member Chevy Chase returns to host this episode, which includes sketches 'The Pat Stevens Show,' 'Ford & Reagan,' and 'The Life Of Vlad The Impaler.' watch

Message for the Final Four: Change Is Good!

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday on set so that was a nice distraction. John and Dicko got me a cake and the audience started singing "Happy Birthday" to me before they even brought it out. It was overwhelming and kind of caught me off guard but it was very sweet!There are four bands left and each one had to learn three songs this week. They had to pick their favorite original song, a song picked by the producers, and a song picked by us judges.I chose four songs from four different artists for The Clarke Brothers because I wanted to give them different options but, at the same time, something they could have fun with. Each judge chose a song for a different band. There were a lot of great moments but I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say the top three blew me away.I really hope this whole experience has been enlightening for them. I remember the Old #7s saying, “We never would have thought we’d be playing different types of music from these more

I Don't Want Anyone to Go Home

This week is Rod Stewart week. I love Rod Stewart! I think all of the bands did a really great job with his songs. I don't want to spoil the surprise but one of the bands performed "You're in My Heart" and we all just cried. It reminded me of my first time playing music with my dad so it made me really emotional. It's hard to do somebody else's song but that's what's so great about this show. Everyone did a really good job and I think they're doing that every week. Right now, it's getting to the point where I do not want anyone to go home. It's like, "Can't they all get a deal?I think everyone's getting nervous now. We're almost done so nobody wants to go home. But, from what I hear, the bands all really love each other. In their clips, they've all said they feel like family. I do too and I'm not even in a band!It's hard to believe there is only four more shows left. We don't know what the future holds but I wish much success to all of the people that came out and auditioned. I'm more


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Chevy Chase 11/16/85

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Top 6 Perform

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all decided not to take a vacation this week simply because chatting with me is way too important to miss. No, no, no. Instead I’m hoping that Sunday night you’ll pull it off the DVR and comment Monday morning. The first thing I must say is holy cleavage batman! Sheila E. got them out and up to the chin this week. It was even the first thing my wife noticed. Apart from Sheila, this was an odd week for me. For the first time this season, I thought the overall show was pretty boring. As a rock fan, I have loads of respect for The Rolling Stones (I guess I should say “Mick Jagger and Keith Richards” since that’s how the show labeled every song). I understand how talented they are, but overall they never really excited me. But that’s not at all why I thought this was boring because aside from “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” I enjoy all the originals. In fact, I simply thought it was dull because no one chose “... read more

Top 7 Perform

This is a week that I have a tough time relating to. Born in ’76, I never really got the full impact of '60s music and never heard enough that excited me to make me want to go back and visit it. I know this sounds strange coming from a guy that found enough stuff exciting to own 4,000+ pieces of audio from the '80s, which is arguably the worst decade for music. (At least I know El DeBarge and Taco would be on my side of the debate). So a song like "Some Other Guy" is almost like listening to an original for me. Fortunately though, Leiber and Stoller wrote a lot of great tunes that were covered by a mess of bands, so I’m sure I can say I’ve heard most. Side note: Many of the artists I will type as the performer of the songs really aren’t the original performers and I know that. But the artists I type are the versions that I remember as the hits. In a lot of cases, the original Leiber and Stoller song was performed by a soul group to little fanfare and then turned ... read more

Which Band Can Make a Statement?

I've been the only female on most of the occasions in my life so it's not new to me. But I really have a blast with John and Dicko judging The Next Great American Band. A lot of times, the guys will make fun of me. They'll say, “You dress so well on and off stage. I don't even care about combing my hair!” But I think it's really important how you present yourself. Every week, the contestants are getting better. Honestly, it can make or break a band. They're conscious of how they look and they're cleaning up more. Some of them are actually changing their attire based on comments I've made.I think the bands did a great job this week. They performed songs by Lieber and Stoller, these cool songwriters who have written for artists like The Drifters, The Coasters and Michael McDonald. It was a little bit difficult for the younger band like Light of Doom to relate because they weren't even born when half of these songs were made! But I think they all did a great job.The winner wi... read more

10 Cut to Eight

Down to one hour this week, we lose the original performance from these bands, which of course brings the show closer to home and follows the proven cover-song format. I have to admit, hearing only covers changed my thoughts of some of these acts. And hearing right up front that one of the artist’s first CD purchase was Billy Joel’s River of Dreams also changed my thoughts that I might still actually be young. His first album was River of Dreams? Wow. My second album was Billy’s An Innocent Man purchased in 1983. As a Billy Joel fan I just can’t imagine that the first purchase of his music was his 15th and final pop release. Crazy, but that’s OK. Gotta start somewhere, right?Anyway, on to the bands.Franklin Bridge: “Big Shot”I can’t believe none of the judges commented on how they flubbed half the lyrics. And this clearly was not them being artistic. This was a singer not remembering what was written on the paper. It’s a shame, too, becau... read more

"12 Cut To 10 &Top 10 Perform"

Hey now rockers! It's Elton John and Bernie "Poppin" (whoops, I mean Taupin) week on The Search For the Next Great American Band. Elton is a bit more my speed than Dylan so this week excited me more than last. Whether you like Elton John's songs or not, you have to admit that the guy can write a heck of a pop tune. Obviously Bernie's no slouch either. The combo works so great together. As usual, before we get into the bands, let's talk atmosphere a minute. I love this elimination format. I wasn't quite sure how they were going to pull it off, but having all the bands sit back stage and one by one get plucked out to perform, worked really well. Well, except for the very end where the two eliminations seemed a bit awkward, but at least the bands that went home didn't have to perform again like the contestants do on Idol. I also wanted to bring up John Rzeznik for a bit. For some reason tonight he seemed to take his angry pills before showing up and I have to say, if this is what he's ... read more

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