Shayne Celebrity Watchlist

Gaiam: Budokon for Weightloss
Cameron Shayne's dynamic energy and personal-coaching style will inspire and guide you with the workouts and motivation to transform your physique and (more…)
Gaiam: Ten Zen Tummy Toners
Join Cameron Shayne and Rodney Yee as they demonstrate the top 10 Yoga moves designed to help eliminate excess weight, as well as sculpt and tone your (more…)
The Man Who Could Read Minds
Tracking down a clue to the identity of the phantom burglar, perpetrator of a series of puzzling robberies, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen played by Noel N (more…)
Valerie Saves the Show
With the cast in a funk following a lackluster premiere, Valerie tries to boost morale with a late-night cookie delivery that gives new meaning to her (more…)
Shayne Lovera
A popular professor's death looks like an accident, but turns into a murder mystery with his widow at the center.
Swinging Like a Mad Man
Two Wall Street brokers Paul Civitano and Shayne Jardine are ready to battle each other in the ring. Their high-stress job as junior brokers lends the (more…)
The Bachelor: Matt Grant and Shayne
02:59 — After months of searching for his soul-mate in front of a televised audience, Matt Grant finally found the one for him in Shayne Lamas. The happy coup (more…)
Jeff Branson is back as Shayne on GUIDING LIGHT!
04:08 — Matt Mitovich interviews The Guiding Light's Jeff Branson about his return to daytime as Shayne Lewis.|The Guiding Light|Jeff Branson|Matt Mitovich|
The Talk - 'Guiding Light' Super Couple Kim Zimmer & Robert Newman Reunite
03:21 — From "Guiding Light," the longest running scripted show in broadcast history, super couples Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne) and Robert Newman (Josh Lewis), a (more…)
This Cute Koala Hugs A Stuffed Animal For Comfort After Mother Was Killed In Cra
01:08 — Who thought koalas couldn't get any cuter? Look at this joey named Shayne hold on to a stuffed animal that looks a lot like him. The toy is a form of (more…)
Tina & Shayne Brown Speak Out at Bobbi Kristina Vigil
02:19 — Bobbi Kristina's family members sit down with ET to talk about her recovery and their family.
Fantasm - Official Trailer
02:00 — Fantasm analyzes the tight-knit community that attends horror conventions in an exploration of how the genre brings fans together. In addition to (more…)
Shayne and Bria Murphy Explain Why Not All Sisters Share
The Murphy girls break down their celebrity crushes, never dating the same guy and who has the hottest temper.
Shayne and Bria Murphy's Backsides Set Instagram on Fire
Shayne and Bria Murphy, aka Eddie Murphy's daughters, are really getting some backing on Instagram by showing off their backsides.
Society Might Be Setting Us Up To Fail Our Goals
Tamara Shayne Kagel joins HuffPost Live to reveal how society might be setting us up to fail our goals.
Man Vs. Woman's View On Moving In & Marriage
Moving in with your special someone and want to achieve hassle-free cohabitation? It'll take more work than you think. Justin Pagano and Tamara Shayne (more…)
Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher Are Expecting a Child
Congrats to the happy couple! Eddie Murphy and 36 years old girlfriend Paige Butcher are expecting a child together. This will be the first child for (more…)
Bobby Brown's family in bloody brawl - Hollywood TV
Click to Subscribe! - Hollywood TV is your source for daily celebrity news and gossip! Bobby Brown's family was involved in a bl (more…)
EXCLUSIVE: Bobby Brown's Family on Bobbi Kristina: 'She's Getting Better'
02:19 — As hundreds of supporters turned out for a vigil in Riverdale, Ga., on Monday night for Bobbi Kristina Brown, Tina and Shayne Brown — sister and nep (more…)
Man connected to Holly Bobo case dies of apparent suicide
00:55 — Shayne Austin, who was granted immunity in the Holly Bobo killing case, committed suicide. He was granted immunity from all charges in exchange for hi (more…)
Shayne Lamas On Her Devastating Miscarriage
Shayne Lamas, daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, discusses the heartbreaking miscarriage that nearly took her life.
Is Cohabitation A Way To Avoid Commitment?
New research shows women see cohabitation as a step toward marriage, but men see it as a way to enjoy all the perks of romance without having to make (more…)
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