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Dominic Monaghan and Shawn Ashmore to Star in Quantum Break
00:48 — Actors Dominic Monaghan and Shawn Ashmore will star in Remedy Entertainment's time-stopping shooter Quantum Break.
Shawn Mendes Sings ‘Life of the Party’ On TODAY
04:15 — The Vine star joins TODAY to perform his hit tune, and announces that his debut album, “Handwritten,” is coming out April 28.
Shawn Stockman: What Do Jazz Hands Have to Do With Being Gay?
01:10 — We talked to Boys II Men Singer Shawn Stockman about a women’s conference where they banned clapping but instead will do jazz hands! This somehow gets (more…)
Britt Likes Shawn B, He Likes Kaitlyn
01:29 — The awkwardness of Limo Arrivals in one tidy package.
Did Boston Terror Suspect Plan Beheadings?
01:33 — Former FBI assistant executive director Shawn Henry discusses the latest developments out of Boston where officials say they have foiled a possible te (more…)
Kaitlyn's "Worst Nightmare" Has Come True
02:37 — Nick's arrival has affected her connection with Shawn.
Friends Who Know Dylann Roof’s Motives ‘Have Got to Come Forward’
02:01 — Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director of the FBI, discusses Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof’s background and whether his acts of vi (more…)
Shawn Calls the Show "A Nightmare"
02:32 — He can't even hear other guys talk about their dates.
Fears of ISIS Attacks in the U.S. Continue
04:07 — Shawn Henry, President of Crowd-Strike services and former Executive Assistant Director for the FBI, joins Alex Witt to weigh in on the latest fears o (more…)
Computer Glitch Causes Travel Nightmare
03:15 — A FAA computer glitch wreaked havoc along the East Coast this weekend. The glitch was a result of a software upgrade. Shawn Henry discusses whether th (more…)
Expert: Chattanooga Shooter May Have Been Ripe for ISIS Radicalization
01:48 — Shawn Henry, former assistant director of the FBI, tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that the Chattanooga shooting suspect is exactly the type of individ (more…)
Ex-FBI Official Analyzes US Response to Hack Attack
02:50 — Shawn Henry, who investigated cyberterrorism attacks for the FBI, and NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel join TODAY to discuss U.S. officia (more…)
Shawn Mendes Performs ‘A Little Too Much’
03:42 — The young and talented Shawn Mendes, who was first discovered on Vine, performs the song “A Little Too Much” off his new album dropping in April, “Han (more…)
Fireworks Ignite Discussion About Vets, PTSD
04:02 — Shawn Gourley, co-founder and executive director of “Military with PTSD,” joins Alex Witt to explain how people can be mindful of veterans when they l (more…)
Kaitlyn Tells Shawn She Slept With Nick
03:39 — He's clearly upset...will he leave the show as a result?
Cyber Attack Endangers Millions’ Personal Data
04:07 — Former executive assistant director of the FBI Shawn Henry joins Thomas Roberts to discuss the data breach that compromised the personal data of milli (more…)
Shawn Discusses His Jealousy Issues
02:44 — He explains his behavior on The Bachelorette to Kaitlyn's mom.
Hoda Approves of ‘Bachelorette’ Finale: ‘I Got a Little Teary’
04:55 — TODAY producer Amanda Avery recaps the epic finale of “The Bachelorette,” discussing Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth’s engagement and Nick Viall’s re (more…)
Did You Know ‘Boys II Men’ Singer Shawn Stockman Is Jewish!
01:15 — And Harvey thinks Shawn can actually bring some more fun to temple.
PlayStation 4 Sales Continue to Outpace PS2's
01:27 — In a conversation with IGN, Sony Computer Entertainment America's President and CEO Shawn Layden confirmed that PlayStation 4 continues to outpace Pla (more…)
Sneak Peek: Shawn Reveals His Feelings
01:27 — Shawn treats Jordan to a romantic breakfast in bed.
Shawn Says Goodbye
01:51 — Shawn says goodbye to Sonny & TJ.
Kaitlyn Bristowe Said Shawn Is "The One"
03:29 — But will her reassurance be enough to stop him from leaving the show?
Ben H Calls Out Kaitlyn
03:25 — He knows she said something game-changing to Shawn.
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