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Ask Matt: The Emmys, the (Neglected) Middle, and More!

The Middle

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Thanks again for your even-handed analysis of the Emmy nominations. I was very happy with most of the nods this year, from the Modern Family love to the overdue acknowledgement of Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler. However, I was rather perturbed by the nominations for outstanding comedies... read more

Sharon Gless Reacts to Tenth Emmy Nomination

Sharon Gless, Burn Notice

Veteran television actress Sharon Gless is no stranger to awards and accolades, but she was overjoyed when she called TV Guide Magazine from her Toronto apartment to share her reaction to her tenth Emmy nomination, for outstanding supporting actress for Burn Notice.

"It's been a long time, I'm just so thrilled," Gless says. "I know it sounds silly at [age] 67 to keep grinning and blushing and jumping up and down, but it's very exciting, especially for this show."

Gless' nod marks the first major nomination for USA Network's Burn Notice. "I'm happy about my first time in the supporting category, because... read more

Emmys: Did Your Favorites Make the Cut?

Matthew Fox, Courteney Cox

It was great to see The Good Wife, Modern Family and Glee get so much Emmys love, but let's face it, we kind of expected it. On the other hand, there were some genuine surprises in the mix — and, as always, some disappointing omissions. Read our take on the nominations, and then post your favorite surprise or most painful snub in the comments section.

read more

What Would You Ask Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly?

Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless

Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly broke barriers as the first female dramatic leads on television, and now the Cagney & Lacey duo is reuniting to celebrate their DVD release and digital debut with full episodes now available online. Daly and Gless will be stopping's studio this week to talk nostalgia and their recent projects.

Tell us what you would like to know about these legendary ladies after the jump?

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"Candy Richards"

Back on November 14 2006 when we saw the future lives of the NipTuck characters I mostly praised the episode since it was such a pleasant change of pace What I wasnt thinking at the time was how unfortunate it would become as a viewer that we know exactly what will become of the characters So Julia got shot last week so what We know that she survives since she was in the future episode So Christian and Annie got in a car crash caused by paparazzi this week We knew immediately that theyd be OK since theyre also in that episode And now even after multiple knife stabs in his back by crazy Colleen at the very end even though blood was gushing out of his mouth Sean cant be dead he too was in that damn futuristic episode Of course one can argue that the episode-of-the-future couldve just been someones dream but it wasnt presented that way when it aired so I guess I have the right to bitch about it right Imagine how shocking and suspenseful that stabbing read more

As American Idol Truly Begins, Nip/Tuck Ends

American Idol's David Archuleta by Frank Micelotta/Fox

When Nip/Tuck’s Julia McNamara (Joely Richardson) woke up from her gunshot coma in a state of retrograde amnesia, I found myself thinking: Can I have some of what she’s having? There’s a lot about Tuesday night’s TV offerings I’d like to forget, from the musical mediocrity of American Idol’s disappointing opening night of actual competition to the bloody mess of Nip/Tuck’s season finale.Regarding Idol: I can’t imagine it will be all that hard to kick two male contestants on Thursday night’s results show. Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to find two guys to keep.OK, that’s overstating things a bit. I could make a plausible case for five, maybe six of the guys. But only a precious few showed any actual star quality, or joy in performing: young charmer David Archuleta, who, as Ryan Seacrest noted, many of the viewing audience would probably like to adopt; Australian hottie Michael Johns, who just as many might prefer to marry; and dre... read more

"Lulu Grandiron"

As Ive been quite verbal about in the past I was a huge Knots Landing fan So after reading about this episode and then seeing the coming attractions last week I was needless to say excited I mean how could I not be Donna Mills was portraying a rich Beverly Hills socialite named Lulu Grandiron and she and her friends married wealthy high-powered execs divorced them and then took all their money And adding to a true Knots fans delight one of those friends Annette was played by Joan Van Ark All they needed was Michele Lee and it wouldve been more of a complete set But Im thinking that Michele was asked but declined since the four rich women were all plastic surgery fanatics and maybe Michele didnt want to admit shes had work done Those two other roles were filled by women who co-starred on other prime-time soaps in the 80s Shari Belafonte shes dropped the Harper from Hotel played Catherine in the really bad wig and Deborah Shelton from Dallas was Marla wi read more

"Kyle Ainge"

After talkin smack about last weeks episode Im happy to say I enjoyed this one more I wouldnt place it in the fabulous file but it sure was better than a week ago I specifically liked the macabre feel especially in my favorite scene the way Colleen Sharon Gless killed CAA talent agent Bob Levitz Todd Cahoon Ill get to that later I want to start with how differently I felt about the Colleen character this week compared to last Now that we realize she really isnt the power agent she was claiming to be that shes an unknown low-life crazy stalker pretending to be a Hollywood power player suddenly I like her Last week it bothered me when she asked Sean to touch her boobs I felt no strong female agent would be caught dead doing that Color me na239ve I totally fell for her act I shouldve picked up the clue phone when Sean dropped Colleen off in front of her fancy house drove away and then Colleen turned around and kept walking Na239ve moi thought she read more

"Magda & Jeff"

Im going to cut to the chase and say that this was one of my very least favorite episodes since the series began but that ending was one of the best ever Hows that for running the gamut Lets start with that ending Ding-dong the witch is dead Just when I thought I was happy to see Gina back because I thought she changed her wicked ways here she was being more sadly pathetic than ever So pathetic that I grimaced every time she was on screen after that scene when she paid the Gina-look-alike Ali Raymer to have sex with Christian while she watchedand then begged Christian to Kiss me Then when she morphed further into Alex Forrest and lied by manipulating Julia into thinking Christian could be HIV positive because she was having sex with him I cringed even more I wanted the bee-yotch to get punished for her craziness I was so glad to see Christian hand her the restraining order towards the very end How many of you were thinking or perhaps screaming No way He is read more

Exclusive: Sharon Gless Gets a Little Nip/Tuck

Sharon Gless by Kevin Parry/

One of these days, stunt-crazy Nip/Tuck is going to give a role to an unknown actor. This, however, is not one of those days.Sources confirm to me exclusively that FX's slice-and-dice drama has sewn up two-time Emmy winner Sharon Gless for a four-episode arc to air during the show's upcoming fifth season (launching Oct. 30). The ex-Cagney & Lacey star will play Colleen Rose, an all-business talent agent who sets her sights on Sean. No, not romantically &mdas; professionally; she wants to represent him. (Although in the Nip/Tuck universe, the thought of Sharon Gless and Dylan Walsh having sex doesn't seem so strange. Icky? Yes. Strange? Nah.) Gless' Nip/Tuck duties won't interfere with her costarring role on Burn Notice; production on the second season of the USA Network smash doesn't start up until mid-January, long after Gless' Nip/Tuck episodes are in the can. read more


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