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The Winner is Crowned!

Well kids, this is it! It's been just over two months since this crazy season started and now it's all coming to an end. Who would be taking home the crown and who would go home in utter defeat? More importantly, who is being booted right away and settling for third place? I'm anticipating an interesting (yet long!) night ahead, so let's dive into it one last time!After a short interview with our finalists, Usher entered the ballroom and I shouted with glee. He's sexy and talented and he really hasn't had a song I haven't liked. Despite having a headset, I definitely think he wasn't singing his new hit song "Love in This Club" but that's really fine with me. It's a dancing show and if singing live would have made it hard for him to break it down at the end then he shouldn't have sang. I also think every performer on this show has lip-synched so this isn't abnormal. We've had some pretty great performances this year. Which was your favorite? Then the first big moment of the night arr... read more

Are Shannon and Derek Dancing into a Reality Show?

Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Could Dancing duo Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth be quietly choreographing plans for a new reality show of their own?Sources tell Extra that the two are in talks with the production company that Mel B runs with her husband, Stephen Belafonte. The purported reality series will explore the recently ousted pair's career moves, including Elizabeth's acting efforts and Derek's passion for music. It would also highlight, of course, their new-found "showmance" — of which some of us cannot get enough.Would this show be a go? Or would a Shannon-Derek reality series be a quickstep to regret? — Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to hit the dance floor with Shannon and Derek read more

Eviction Night and Injury Update!

Well it's eviction night but the big story was Cristián's injury. Was it not all over the news? Good Morning America, my local ABC affiliate and all the various internet news sites fed into the juiciness that was, apparently, exploiting a DWTS contestant's injury for ratings. For a second, I thought it might surpass Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair photos as the hot news item of the day. I was wrong. Was it me or was the photo of Miley lying seductively in Billy Ray's lap creepier than her wrapped in a sheet? And if it's so horrifying that she posed that way — why are the pictures all over the news? But back to the topic at hand! The story was so big that the powers that be decided the real first paragraph to my blog last night didn't cut it and wrote their own. My writing, of course, started with another one of those lame D-List casserole jokes. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I learned to write overnight. I'm back in all my mediocrity! I might even throw in a spelling err... read more

Dancing with the Stars Online Encore

Dancing with the Stars by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Can we talk about how much the competition is really starting to gain some steam on the dance floor? Get caught up on week six by with ABC's "Online Encore" (which in actuality is the networks schmancy title for "Highlights & Extras"). Get the expert analysis on the dancers' fancy footwork, the tears shed in the confessional and even Shannon and Derek's showmance.Watch the video now! read more

Top 6 Power Rankings: Romance Kisses Off Shannon-Derek Fans?

Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

It would seem that Kristi and Mark cannot be KO'd. Having topped's Dancing with the Stars Power Rankings since the season began, the favorites now are enjoying their largest chunk of the reader vote to date — 70.9 percent. Playing a part in the pair's increased lead was the fall of Shannon and Derek, who this week — and in the wake of their off-stage romance being exposed — lost nearly half of their supporters. The result is we now have a veritable three-way fight for distant, distant second. Elsewhere, Marissa and Tony crept out of the cellar, leaving Mario and Karino to claim last-place dishonors.The Top 6 Power Rankings70.9% Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas8.9% Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough8.0% Cristian De La Fuente and Cheryl Burke 8.0% Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska 2.2% Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani 2.0% Mario and Karina Smirnoff read more

Eviction Night 5

Some people may say that Marlee Matlin just couldn't overcome her disability and that's why she was voted off of the show tonight. I would disagree completely. I don't think I understood the magnitude of what she did every week until she was giving her speech at the end. She made me realize how lucky I am to have all my senses and how I take it all for granted. She started out well but had two bad weeks in a row and that was her demise. I can't say what went wrong, but we all saw in the beginning that she can dance despite being deaf so that had nothing to do with it. Maybe the dances just got a bit too difficult for her. The voters made the right choice, but it was still sort of sad.The show started out like usual with a recap of the previous night's dances and some comments from the celebs thrown in. Usually nothing of note happens during this segment, but I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow to Shannon and Derek. I actually like her but she was being a bit of a cry baby and the w... read more

VIDEO: Derek and Shannon Swap Spit on the Beach

Ooooh, looks like Dancing with the Stars contestant Shannon Elizabeth and her partner Derek Hough are in loooove. The two were seen canoodling and being oh-so-cute on the beach in Malibu—and then, the shirt came off (calm down, it wasn't Shannon's). The American Pie actress and her blond beau weren't hiding their feelings for each other when the two snuck a smooch on the sand. Let's see—Shannon was born in '73, Derek was born in '85, thus making a grand total of a 12-year age gap. Yep, that officially constitutes "robbing the cradle"—gotta love it! Your take: Think the two make a cute couple or does the fact that the show is starting to become a celebrity matchmaking service annoy you? read more

Showdown at the Ballroom Corral

The stakes increased this week as each contestant was trying to make it to the second part of the season and the "double dance shows." Much like this season has hit the halfway point — my enthusiasm has hit a plateau. Fear not, this usually happens every year because I've come off the high of a new season and have settled in with the celebs. However, as we start picking off the decent dancers and get down to the end I know I'll get excited. Did that sound convincing? I think part of the problem is that no one seems to be improving that much and I feel we see the same dances every week. I'm looking for someone to turn it on and start making Kristi quake in her boots. Luckily, I have the real life drama of Shannon and Derek totally caught being all smoochy-smoochy on the beach to keep me invested. More on that later. It's time to add a twist of lemon to this D-List martini we call Dancing with the Stars. Jason — I still think he has a lot of loosening up to do, but I'd s... read more

Dancing Stars React to Latest On-set Romance!

Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough have taken their tango off the dance floor. The couple tried to keep the romance a secret, but the cat was let out of the bag when on April 17 pictures surfaced of them kissing on the beach in Malibu, California. "Their relationship came as a surprise to me because we don't really see the other couples except on show days," says Dancing pro Edyta Sliwinska. "But it was a nice surprise. It's very cute." "I think it's great," adds Hough's best friend and roommate, Mark Ballas. "Derek is so private about all those things. He still hasn't told me that it's official. But whenever they're together, it seems like they're having a great time. And they're putting on a great show." Marissa Jaret Winokur isn't at all surprised by the liaison. "Either you're going to love, love, love your partner or you're going to hate them," she says. "Dancing, way more than singing or acting, is 10 times more physical. If a man that I had a crush on s... read more

Backstage Report: Derek Hough Has Another Scare

Dancing With The Stars by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

You've got to give it up for Shannon Elizabeth. She got a middling score of "23" for her samba on Monday night, but the actress should have received extra points from all three judges for exhibiting tremendous grace under pressure.For the second time in three weeks, Elizabeth had to watch as her pro partner, Derek Hough was carted off to the emergency room — this time just hours before she had to perform what head judge Len Goodman calls "the most difficult" of all the Latin dances. Two weeks ago, Hough wrenched his neck during rehearsals for a results-show pro number with his sister Julianne and Mark Ballas. Hough was confined to a neck brace all week and was touch-and-go for last Monday's Viennese Waltz. Pro Jonathan Roberts was called in to guide Elizabeth through the rehearsals.Then on Monday morning, Hough was taken down by a case of possible food poisoning — or something even more serious. "The doctors think it might be a stomach ulcer," says Hough, who had thrown up... read more

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