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Fri Sep 30 6:00am
CharmedDeath Takes a Halliwell(Season 3, Episode 16) TNT

Prue sees the Angel of Death as he takes a murdered woman's soul---and the specter warns that he will return. Also, Phoebe and Cole hunt for two demons that are pursuing Belthazor after Phoebe learns that Cole's former landlady was murdered. Cole: Julian M (more…)

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Fri Sep 30 7:00am
CharmedPre-Witched(Season 3, Episode 17) TNT

The sisters individually battle the same demon on three separate occasions, with each confrontation ending in apparent victory---until the demon reappears at the manor, ready to fight. Meanwhile, Piper announces that she and Leo plan to move out and get th (more…)

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Fri Sep 30 8:00am
CharmedSin Francisco(Season 3, Episode 18) TNT

Leo and the Halliwell sisters are each infected with one of the seven deadly sins after a demon attacks them with glowing orbs that contain the evil desires. Phoebe is the first to react to the wicked impulses, and her actions jeopardize her academic caree (more…)

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Sat Oct 1 1:30am
Hollywood 911O.J. & Nicole Brown Simpson; Frankie Muniz; Gary Coleman; Shannen Doherty(Season 1, Episode 6) REELZ

O.J. & Nicole Brown Simpson; Frankie Muniz; Gary Coleman; and Shannen Doherty.

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Mon Oct 3 7:00am
CharmedThe Demon Who Came in From the Cold(Season 3, Episode 19) TNT

Cole learns that the Brotherhood, an elite demonic group of which he was a member, is murdering street prophets to protect a secret plan involving a computer company, so he goes undercover as Belthazor to infiltrate the organization. Cole: Julian McMahon (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 8:00am
CharmedExit Strategy(Season 3, Episode 20) TNT

Cole agrees to steal a witch's amulet in order to convince the head of the Brotherhood that he is still evil. He completes his task without hurting the witch, but another demon kills her in hopes that Cole will be blamed for the murder. Meanwhile, Piper's (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 9:00am
CharmedLook Who's Barking(Season 3, Episode 21) TNT

The sisters hunt for a demon that attacks people who are in deep sorrow, but when they perform a tracking spell, they inadvertently turn Prue into a Siberian husky. Meanwhile, Cole seeks an alchemist's help in reducing the human side of his soul. Cole: Jul (more…)

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Tue Oct 4 7:00am
CharmedAll Hell Breaks Loose(Season 3, Episode 22) TNT

A news crew catches Piper and Prue vanquishing a demon and the footage airs repeatedly on the local broadcast. Phoebe travels to the underworld to rid Cole of his evil inclinations. Cole: Julian McMahon. Piper: Holly Marie Combs. Prue: Shannen Doherty. Pho (more…)

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Tue Oct 4 8:00am
CharmedCharmed Again(Season 4, Episode 2) TNT

Conclusion. The Source takes the advice of his oracle and sets out to turn Paige into an evil witch by playing on her emotions in hopes that she'll kill an alleged child abuser. Meanwhile, Leo and Cole disagree on what to do about a meddling police inspect (more…)

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Tue Oct 4 9:00am
CharmedHell Hath No Fury(Season 4, Episode 3) TNT

Piper vents her anger over Prue's death by hunting demons, but her vanquishing spree puts her, Phoebe and Cole in harm's way as she starts taking unnecessary risks. Meanwhile, Paige steals the Book of Shadows from the mansion and attempts to photocopy the (more…)

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Wed Oct 5 7:00am
CharmedEnter the Demon(Season 4, Episode 4) TNT

Enchantress Paige creates havoc for the Halliwell sisters when she clumsily mixes together potions that cause her to switch bodies with Phoebe just as the Charmed Ones face a Zen master's evil disciple, who opens a portal between two worlds. Paige: Rose Mc (more…)

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Wed Oct 5 8:00am
CharmedSize Matters(Season 4, Episode 5) TNT

A disfigured demon (Robert Englund) shrinks Phoebe with a metallic wand when the witch goes alone to a creepy house that Paige asks her sisters to investigate. Meanwhile, Piper hires a club promoter to redesign P3, but some of his ideas concern her. Rock g (more…)

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Wed Oct 5 9:00am
CharmedA Knight to Remember(Season 4, Episode 6) TNT

Paige inadvertently conjures up a medieval prince who is under the spell of an enchantress, an evil woman who looks exactly like Paige and wants to marry the man so she can produce an heir and rule his kingdom. Elsewhere, Piper and Phoebe ask Paige to move (more…)

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Thu Oct 6 7:00am
CharmedBrain Drain(Season 4, Episode 7) TNT

The Source plants a chameleon demon in the Halliwell mansion to spy on the sisters. The surveillance leads to an evil plan to convince Piper that she isn't really a witch, but rather a patient in a mental hospital. Piper: Holly Marie Combs. Phoebe: Alyssa (more…)

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Thu Oct 6 8:00am
CharmedBlack as Cole(Season 4, Episode 8) TNT

Phoebe considers a marriage proposal from Cole, while the Charmed sisters help a woman hunting the demon that killed her fiancĂ©. Meanwhile, Paige tells Piper and Leo that they should test their parenting skills. Cole: Julian McMahon. Phoebe: Alyssa Milano (more…)

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Thu Oct 6 9:00am
CharmedMuse to My Ears(Season 4, Episode 9) TNT

A muse seeks help after a warlock begins capturing the other muses with a magical ring as part of his plot to inspire demons to assist him in overthrowing the Source. Meanwhile, Cole tries to compensate for the loss of his demonic powers by purchasing a gu (more…)

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Fri Oct 7 7:00am
CharmedA Paige From the Past(Season 4, Episode 10) TNT

Leo asks the Ghost of the Past to transport Paige back to her teen years, when her adoptive parents were killed, so the Halliwell sister can deal with her guilt over their deaths. Meanwhile, two vagrant spirits invade the bodies of Phoebe and Cole. Darryl: (more…)

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Fri Oct 7 8:00am
CharmedTrial by Magic(Season 4, Episode 11) TNT

Phoebe serves on a jury during a murder trial and angers her peers by delaying her vote after she has a premonition that the accused man is not the killer. Meanwhile, an old friend of Paige's visits, and Paige invites him to stay at the manor while he's in (more…)

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Fri Oct 7 9:00am
CharmedLost and Bound(Season 4, Episode 12) TNT

The Halliwell sisters try to help a 10-year-old runaway who can start fires with his mind and is being pursued by demons who want to deliver the boy to a demonic school where he would learn to serve the Source. Meanwhile, Phoebe's personality radically cha (more…)

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Sun Oct 9 5:55am
Mallrats STARZ

Two buddies from New Jersey -- one a loud-mouthed extrovert, the other a mild-mannered nice guy -- hit the mall after they're dumped by their respective girlfriends. While there they plot to win back the women they love, and end up on a game show.

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Mon Oct 10 7:00am
CharmedCharmed and Dangerous(Season 4, Episode 13) TNT

The Source releases a dangerous dark cloud that has the ability to steal magical powers from demons and witches; Phoebe has a premonition of Cole's death occurring as a consequence of saving her life. Phoebe: Alyssa Milano. Cole: Julian McMahon. Paige: Ros (more…)

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Mon Oct 10 8:00am
CharmedThe Three Faces of Phoebe(Season 4, Episode 14) TNT

Phoebe casts a spell to try to figure out if she should marry Cole, but her incantation backfires and causes her future self and her past self to emerge as individual beings. Meanwhile, chaos in the underworld puts the sisters in harm's way as a demon plot (more…)

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Mon Oct 10 9:00am
CharmedMarry-Go-Round(Season 4, Episode 15) TNT

Cole tries to sabotage his wedding day so he can marry Phoebe in another ceremony that would guarantee that his progeny would succeed him as The Source. Meanwhile, Paige sees a frightening future for Cole and Phoebe during a tarot-card reading. Lazarus Dem (more…)

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Tue Oct 11 7:00am
CharmedThe Fifth Halliwheel(Season 4, Episode 16) TNT

Paige feels like an outcast as Phoebe and Piper ramble on about the joys of marriage while planning romantic outings with their husbands. Meanwhile, Cole learns from the Seer that the next 24 hours are crucial if he is to impregnate Phoebe to produce an ev (more…)

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