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I've heard rumors that Sophia ...

Question: I've heard rumors that Sophia Bush is not returning to One Tree Hill next season. Is that true?

Answer: Haven't heard that. It would surprise me, since she was one of only three Tree stars at CW's upfront last month. Not that an appearance at upfronts is any barometer of job security, as Shannen Doherty would be the first to tell you.

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If Tori Spelling's said it once,...

If Tori Spelling's said it once, she's said it a thousand times: She has no beef with her former Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Shannen Doherty. Well, her “true life” VH1 comedy So noTORIous begs to differ. In this Sunday's episode, a terrified Tori hides inside a sex shop to avoid a run-in with her nemesis, er, bestest friend. Later, she flashes back to her 90210 days and Doherty — I'm quoting directly from the script here — appears as a "gigantic, towering shadow" and talks like “Linda Blair in The Exorcist.” Spelling declined to comment, but a source close to So noTORIous insists the bit merely "plays off the joke that everybody thinks they don't get along. The show is all about poking fun at rumors." But will Doherty be laughing? Her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, says her client would be "very, very hurt" by such a monstrous portrayal, especially after Spelling personally invited her to make a cameo. "Tori read more

Can you please tell Brad Kern ...

Question: Can you please tell Brad Kern to get off his butt and invite Shannen Doherty back for the Charmed finale?

Answer: Let it go, people. It ain't happening. If it's any consolation, Prue will get a shout-out in the finale.

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Is Shannen Doherty going to ...

Question: Is Shannen Doherty going to come back for the series finale of Charmed?

Answer: I have it on good authority that she will be back… once hell freezes over. "There's no shot [of her returning]," insists executive producer Brad Kern. "I just don't think… [Hesitating] I just… [Nervous laughter]… in the abstract, it would be fabulous to try to get Shannen back for the last episode, but it just doesn't seem — for a lot of reasons — that it's something that we could ever pursue."

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The Charmed ones have officially...

The Charmed ones: Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan

The Charmed ones have officially turned their last trick. Multiple sources confirm that execs behind the new CW network have decided to pull the plug on the eight-year drama. The final episode will air Sunday, May 21. Ironically, executive producer Brad Kern was holed up in an editing bay all day Thursday and missed a call from the president of Spelling Entertainment giving him the official cancellation news. But it's not like it came as a surprise; he says he always intended to write this season's last episode as a series finale. "It's been a hell of a run," he says, "but all good things must come to an end." Details of the final episode are being kept under wraps, but fan favorite Brian Krause will likely be back. And what ab read more


Shannen Doherty was involved in a car crash on Monday, reports, when her Range Rover collided with a Mustang on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. While the other driver was taken to the hospital, Doherty — who was cited for causing the collision — complained (whoa, shocker there!) of pain at the crash scene but refused treatment. read more

Love the column, but I need ...

Question: Love the column, but I need some poop on Charmed!

Answer: Cool episode coming up on Nov. 20 titled "Hulkus Pokus." Billie gets infected with a dangerous virus which makes her become a more muscular superwitch — hence the title. In order to save her, the sisters also transform into muscular super witches. And here's where things get cool: In lieu of prosthetics, producers tapped real body builders — including six-time Miss Olympia Corey Everson (as Paige) and personal trainer to the stars Mjiken Pulston (as Piper) — to play their ripped alter egos. Had Shannen Doherty still been on the show, I hear they would have recruited [insert joke here and e-mail it to me].

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With her career in the crapper, catwalking coke-fiend Kate Moss released a statement Thursday apologizing to friends, family and business associates for her behavior. However, her mea culpa didn't specifically reference those grainy tabloid pics that allegedly showed her doing blow. "I take full responsibility for my actions," she said. "I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet necessary, steps to resolve them." In the meantime, Guinness reports that Moss is just one pink slip away from setting a new world record for most firings in a single week. The current record holder is Shannen Doherty with 29. read more

I keep hearing that Shannen ...

Question: I keep hearing that Shannen Doherty is coming back to Charmed this season. Is it true?

Answer: I ask exec producer Brad Kern this question every time we talk — and his response usually goes something like this: "Um, are you nuts?!?!?" But considering this will likely be the show's last season, it stands to reason that Prue would pay a visit in the final episode, right? Wrong. "I can't imagine she would," Kern admits, adding, "I can't imagine she'd want to. I'm not averse to picking up the phone and asking, but it's hard for me to imagine that she would want to."

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Press Tour Day 4 (WB): Heaven and Hell!


3:34 am
I’m awakened from a deep sleep with the worst toothache of my life. Somewhere, Dawn Ostroff is smiling.

3:54 After popping seven two Advil, I fall back asleep.

5:09 Ooouuuuuuch! What the $#@%?!?!?

7:10 Brandy from 1-800-DENTIST puts me in touch with a prescreened dentist in my area. An appointment is made for noon.

Opening Remarks
WB’s communications director, Keith Marder, kicks off his traditional press-tour stand-up routine with a jab at Tom Cruise: "I always knew Tom would end up with someone from Dawson’s Creek. I just thought it would be James Van Der Beek." Oh, no he di’int. Oh, yes he did. Oh, no he di’int. Oh, yes he did. Oh, no he… Ooouuuuuuch! What the $#@%?!?!? Lord, please don’t make me endure my firs read more

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