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Shannen Doherty, Dylan McDermott Join Burning Palms Ensemble Film

Dylan McDermott and Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty and Dylan McDermott are ready to light up the screen together...along with more than a dozen other people.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo has signed on to co-star in Burning Palms, an ensemble satire on ...
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Jason Priestley "Really Looking Forward" to 90210 Return

Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley only has one request for when he gets behind the camera to direct an upcoming 90210 episode.

"I just hope that Jennie [Garth]’s in the episode that I do, or that Shannen [Doherty]’s there," the actor told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show. "That’d be fun for me."

Not mention, just like the old times as Priestley sat in the director's chair 18 times for the original Beverly Hills 90210. Eighteen seems to be the actor's lucky number as that's the episode of the season he will direct in the spring.

"I’m really looking forward to it," he said. "It’s going to be ...
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90210 Wants More Shannen, Extends Jennie's Stay

Shannen Doherty by Jaimie Trueblood/The CW

Shannen Doherty is done filming the four 90210 episodes she originally signed on to do, but maybe, just maybe, could be back for more. "We've always made it clear we'd love for her to do more," says a 90210 spokesperson. "There's definitely a possibility for her to come back." Similarly, Doherty's rep, Gary Mantoosh, told the AP, "If the CW comes back with an offer for additional episodes, she's happy to consider it." In the meantime, the buzzed-about reboot has extended Jennie Garth's run as West Bev guidance counselor Kelly Taylor, adding five more episodes to the half dozen the BH90210 alumna has already filmed. — Matt MitovichRelated:• 90210: Who's the Daddy?• 90210 Reveals the Father of Kelly's Son this Week read more

Tori Spelling Hopes 90210 "Turns Out Great"

Tori Spelling by Jim Spellman/

It didn't work out between Tori Spelling and 90210 producers, but the actress harbors no bad feelings towards the spin-off."I hope it turns out to be a really great show, just for my dad [Aaron Spelling]’s legacy," Spelling said on Sean Valentine's Valentine in the Morning 104.3 MY fm radio show, People reports. "I was originally a part of [Beverly Hills, 90210] and it was something pretty phenomenal, so I hope it turns out great."The 35-year-old was originally attached to reprise her old role on the CW show, but reported salary disputes saw her — and with her, Donna Martin — depart the project."As of now there are no plans for me to be on the show," she said.Spelling would've been one of three returning 90210-ers. Former foes Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty have jetted back to West Beverly High, and Garth is determined to bring Donna Martin back."I'll try to butt my head in whenever I can and tell people what I think about it," she has said. — Joyce Eng read more

Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth Together at Last!

90210 fans are doing a little dance of joy right now. Why? Because a new sneak peak for the CW's 90210 redux has been released and it features both Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty together again. Now if only Lauren and Heidi could follow suit and bury the hatchet, the world would be a better place! read more

Shannen Doherty on 90210: Serious Drama

Shannen Doherty by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

At Saturday's 90210 session, executive producer Gabe Sachs gave new details about Shannen Doherty reprising her role as Brenda Walsh on the new CW spin-off.Walsh will return to West Beverly as — get this — the guest director of the high school musical. So I guess that Brenda-is-studying-drama-in-London-now write-off storyline came in handy. (I pray to Joe E. Tata that she has a Madonna-like British accent.) Co-executive producer Jeff Judah emphasized that Doherty's appearance is not a cameo, but rather a multi-episode arc. (For those keeping tabs: So will be the storylines of Donna, Kelly and Nat when they return.)Sachs and Judah also mentioned that they were open to including appearances by other West Bev alums — as long as their stories made sense within the context of the new show. — Mickey O'ConnorRelated:Fall TV Press Tour: More 90210 Deets read more

Luke Perry: "I Couldn't Do 90210 Without Aaron Spelling"

Luke Perry, out promoting Hallmark Channel's A Gunfighter's Pledge (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET), stopped by on Thursday to shoot an on-camera Q&A with me. In addition to covering his turn as an Old West lawman, we of course talked about the new 90210 being put together by the CW. "It's that 90210 time of year," Luke joked on our walk into the video studio.Earlier this week, Perry went on record as saying he won't be reprising his role of Dylan for 90210. In this video, he goes into some detail as to why not, explaining that the CW revisiting his former series is not the same as Aaron Spelling himself doing it.I also asked Luke for his take on the report that Shannen Doherty is open to an encore, as Brenda. Did that news surprise him? "Nope, nope," he said. "I think if Shannen wants to work, that's a good a place for her."Watch the complete interview below. — Matt MitovichMore News-0210:• Luke Perry Says No to 90210 Nuevo • Spelling's 90210 Reprise Hits a Baby... read more

Spelling's 90210 Reprise Hits a Baby Bump

Tori Spelling by Jesse Grant/

Is the ultimate 90210 reunion threatened already? Wednesday morning, EW's Ausiello reported that Shannen Doherty might be bringing the sass back to town for the CW redux — leading us BH fans to start fantasizing about the original ladies together again (on speaking terms or not).But by Wednesday afternoon, Tori Spelling (who already signed on to revive her role as an older Donna Martin) said she's stepping off West Bev turf, at least for the first few episodes. The BH alum told People, "I'm looking forward to returning to 90210 in a later episode, but I just had my baby three weeks ago via C-section. So right now I have to focus on recuperating," she added, "and my first priority is my family."Think there's more to it? Or was it simply a newborn reality setting in? — Anna DimondMore 90210 Goings-on:• Tori Spelling Confirmed for New 90210• Does New 90210 Have Doherty's Digits? read more

Does New 90210 Have Doherty's Digits?

Shannen Doherty by Jean-Paul Aussenard/

She who brought a really big B to Beverly — um, Brenda, that is — is in talks to return to 90210 in the CW's reboot of the retro sudser. According to EW's Ausiello, Shannen Doherty is considering reprising her role as witchy Ms. Walsh, provided she can OK the story arc beforehand as well as command bi-i-i-ig bucks. Another potential hitch to this hook-up is Doherty's famously rocky past with some of her BH90210mates, a couple of whom are already lined up for their own CW encores. While one source tells Oz, "There's still some animosity" 'tween SD and Jennie Garth (whose Kelly is now a Bev Hills guidance counselor), Garth herself counters, "A lot of time has passed, and I'm a big girl. I'd have no problem with [Shannen] coming on the show."What's your take? is Brenda too much for the nascent 90210 to handle? Or is it not the Peach Pit without the brassy brunette? — Matt Mitovich read more

In the Works: A Shannen Doherty Christmas, and More

Shannen Doherty by John Sciulli/

ABC Family has greenlit Christmas Caper, a TV-movie starring Shannen Doherty as a Grinch-like cat burglar out to "steal Christmas" from her sleepy hometown, Variety reports. Doherty also has been tapped to play the old friend of a gay spy in here! Network's Kiss Me Deadly: A Jacob Keane Assignment, the first installment in a series of espionage thrillers.... Tom Brokaw is collaborating with History Channel on an examination of 1968, a year that featured the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, the launch of Apollo 8, and the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and RFK. read more

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