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Fred's First FredEx
04:17 — We sent Fred a box of stuff. He created a character out of it.
FredEx 2
03:48 — Meet Fred's new "American building designer" character!
Joke Bucket
04:19 — A rare glimpse into the highly scientific method Late Night uses to select punchlines.
Fred Talks: Big Game Hunting
01:59 — Actually, it was more of a literal thing.
Paula Pell's Favorite SNL Writing Night Memory
01:47 — The time Paula Pell, Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri pranked everyone with an inappropriate drawing.
Rachel Maddow's Angry Punk Songs to Get You Through the Midterms
03:57 — Rachel Maddow has a wicked playlist.
Seth Pays Tribute to Robin Williams
01:04 — A legend gone too soon.
Rachel Dratch's Parenting Advice
03:20 — Rachel Dratch answers parenting questions from Late Night's social followers.
Seth's Story: Chris Rock Gave Seth a Scare
02:21 — Last week's Chris Rock appearance was unplanned and totally terrifying.
Jenny Slate Confused Astronomy and Astrology in College
03:51 — Things snowballed from there.
How Cute Dogs Are Campaigning for Ricky Gervais
03:04 — Internet dogs are leading his Emmy campaign this time around.
What Happens After Seth Goes Home: Time Machine
01:56 — Late Night alters the space-time continuum.
Matthew Berry Drafts His Fantasy Football Team in the Late Night Writers Room
02:12 — Get ESPN Fantasy Football Analyst Matthew Berry's picks for the 2014 season.
NBA Star James Harden Rates Late Night Staffers' Beards
01:47 — James Harden brings his beard wisdom to Late Night.
Weekend Update: Stefon Returns
06:11 — The return of Weekend Update's city correspondent has everything: news on New York's hottest clubs, MTV's Dan Cortese and a revelation about life with (more…)
Kate McKinnon and Seth's Weekend Update Memories
02:16 — It turns out she kicked him under that desk a lot.
Who Will Seth Meyers Diss at 2014 Emmys?
01:53 — The 2014 Emmys host spills on which TV series are getting majorly-burned in his monologue! Plus, how will wife Alexi support him during the show?
Seth Rogen: "Govt. Does Not Prioritize Alzheimer’s"
04:45 — The comedian joins TODAY with his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, to talk about their work on behalf of people with Alzheimer’s, including Lauren’s mother. (more…)
James Franco and Seth Rogen Get North Korean Beat Down Over Assassination Plot!
01:34 — James Franco and Seth Rogen’s new movie involves them trying to kill Kim Jong-un and North Korea ain’t happy about it.
Forced Friendship: Keith Morrison
04:28 — Seth tries (and fails) very hard to make friends with Dateline's Keith Morrison.
Neal Brennan's All That Memories
01:33 — One of comedian Neal Brennan's first jobs was at 90s classic All That.
Seth's Affirmations
04:08 — The Late Night writers have been kind enough to write Seth some (surprise) affirmations
Retta's Open Letter to Michael Fassbender
01:01 — Retta opens up about an issue very near and dear to her heart: Michael Fassbender.
Seth's Story: Tim Gunn Is the Nicest Man in the World
02:47 — Seth is amazed by Tim Gunn's airport kindness under pressure.
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