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Joss Whedon, Music Man

James Marsters, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joss Whedon by Kevin Parry/

Joss Whedon couldn’t contain himself. So jazzed that his landmark musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was being screened at the legendary Cinerama Dome theater (site of this year’s awesome Paley Fest), he sneaked into the audience to watch one of the numbers before rejoining that old gang of his for group photos before taking the stage for a retrospective Q&A (moderated by yours truly). Like me, I think he would have rather just sat in the theater to drink it in. But there was catching up to do.I’ve finally met someone whose passion for musicals outstrips mine (if only because he’s genius enough to be able to write one). The reason Joss arrived too late to set up the screening (following my own opening remarks) was because he came straight from wrapping production of his next musical project: Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, an entirely independent made-for-Internet (but no word yet on where you’ll find it) musical-comedy, conceived during... read more

It's Good to Be Scared

Episode Recap Crash Into Me Part Two December 6 2007What a night Mer finally tells Derek that she doesnt want him to date other people and he goes and locks lips with Rose at the hospital Shonda couldnt have planned that cliffhanger any better herself because tonights episode marks the last new episode available this month All I can say is I really hope that Derek doesnt choose Rose over Meredith Its true Mer was slow to open up to him but how can he walk away from her now Especially after she told him I dont want to lose youMy heart really goes out to Bailey too Tonight she put her troubled marriage on the line to operate on Shane Gale Harold a white supremacist Though it didnt really surprise me that Shane was more concerned about his ruined tattoo than he was about how Bailey had saved his life For me it was almost harder to watch Tucker Cress Williams disregard the importance of Baileys job and then suggest to George that their marr read more

Loose Ends

Hi everyone I hope everyone is enjoying some time off this week ABC treated us to a brand new episode of Greys Anatomy last night and I still need to catch up on the latest drama at Seattle Grace So feel free to post your thoughts here and Ill be sure to write up a full recap soonEpisode Recap Crash Into You Part OneSorry for the delay everyone I wish I could have watched this episode sooner but better late than never So lets get to recapping Watching Cristina dance it out at the start of this episode was priceless Mer on the other hand probably wont be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars anytime soon It was almost like watching Elaine dance on Seinfeld but I guess thats beside the point In between her moves I was glad to hear Mer finally say that she didnt want Derek seeing other people Unfortunately when the moment came for her to tell him she chickened out and walked away Oh well Judging from the previews it looks like ne read more

Giving Thanks for TV

The Simpsons courtesy Fox

The past few weeks have been trying ones for anyone who cares about TV and the potentially devastating impact the ongoing writers’ strike could have on the current season and beyond. Which is why, being a cockeyed optimist and all, I’ve been cautiously thanking the fates ever since hearing that the Writers’ Guild and the producers’ alliance are going back to the negotiating table on Monday. No guarantee, of course, that this will mean a quick end to the standoff that has shut so much production down already. But hey, it’s Thanksgiving week, so let’s stay in a thankful and hopeful mode, OK?In that light, here are 10 more reasons to be thankful about the current week in TV as we head into the Thanksgiving break.1. We’re still in a sweeps month, which has allowed us most nights to live blissfully in denial that a strike is even happening, since new episodes continue to abound (including over most of this long holiday weekend). Depending on what happen... read more

Grey's Goes Green, and More Casting Quickies

Seth Green courtesy Warner Bros.

Seth Green (Austin Powers) will be admitted to Seattle Grace for a two-episode Grey's Anatomy arc, says the Hollywood Reporter. "Maybe they'll call me McSicky?" Green quips. And I laugh... Boston Legal alumna Monica Potter has joined the TNT drama pilot Truth in Advertising, playing a divorced, award-winning copywriter.... Hayes MacArthur, currently in theaters with The Game Plan, is set to write and star in a family comedy for NBC. read more

Family Guy Blows into the Windy City

Family Guy courtesy Fox

Series creator Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy voice cast — including Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green and Mike Henry — are taking their animated act on the road. Family Guy Live!, presented one night only — Sept. 15 — at the Chicago Theater, will feature a live, uncensored reading of a classic episode, the performance of musical numbers from the series, and a Q&A with all involved.The previous Family Guy Live! took place in spring 2005 in New York and Los Angeles, in sold-out venues. read more

At Spike's Video Game Awards: Heroes, Superman and More!

Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Panettiere and Brandon Routh

A diverse group of celebrities that included Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Heroes' Masi Oka and Hayden Panettiere, gravity-defying skateboarder Tony Hawk, and Deal or No Deal's Trisha Kara (aka case No. 9) turned out for Spike TV's 2006 Video Game Awards, held last Friday at the University of Southern California's Galen Center in Los Angeles. read more

At the Movies: Good Night Star Gets Ultimatum

Per Variety, Good Night and Good Luck's David Strathairn has booked a pair of new gigs: the lead in the fantasy pic The Spiderwick Chronicles, and the role of Matt Damon's latest pursuer in The Bourne Ultimatum.... Sigourney Weaver and Kate Bosworth are in talks to star in The Girl in the Park, about a woman traumatized by the 15-years-ago disappearance of her 3-year-old daughter. Bosworth's rumored deal breaker: plentiful salad options at the crafts-services table.... Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich have inked a two-picture deal with Dimension Films. (Take that, Eric!) Their first offering will be Naughty or Nice, a stop-motion animated Christmas feature. read more

Scrubs Star Is a Wizard of Ha-Has

Donald Faison, Scrubs

Tonight at 9 pm/ET, NBC's Scrubs presents its 100th episode, featuring — no, not the death of someone close to Clark Kent — a humorous homage to The Wizard of Oz. This week's second helping guest-stars Jason Bateman and a whole lotta angry ostriches. Is this show officially off the hook? spoke with Donald Faison, aka Turk, about crafting Scrubs' weekly remedy for the prime-time blahs. Donald Faison, pardon my French, but you are on one damn funny show.Donald Faison: Thanks, but where did you speak French in that? Um, when I said "Faison"? So do you get that a lot, people telling you that Scrubs read more

Four Kings NBC continues...

Four KingsNBC continues itsThursday-night tradition of inserting mediocre sitcoms between great ones. Remember The Single Guy? How about Jesse or Inside Schwartz or Stark Raving Mad or Cursed? Must-Not-See TV is more like it. Or Must-Wait-a-Half-Hour-Before-I-See TV. Perhaps I'm just bitter that Scrubs isn't in this time slot. I mean, how perfect would that be? NBC was brilliant to move My Name Is Earl and The Office to Thursday, but it should be Scrubs that follows Will & Grace, not this show. OK, I didn't hate it — I just didn't laugh. Not once. And that ain't good. I was glad to hear Anne Meara's voice in the beginning and at the end, but other than the "bro's before ho's" line that on read more

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