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Nothing gets my critical pulse...

Nothing gets my critical pulse racing more than when a show I already love switches around the formula, telling a story from a different angle or in a different style. That happened several times during November sweeps, which is why these are my three favorite episodes of the last month.

Without a Trace, "A Day in the Life" (Nov. 17): A brilliant hour from one of TV's most reliably excellent crime procedurals, this episode was told from the perspective not of our FBI heroes but of two parents (excellently played by Matt Craven and Laurie Metcalf) trapped in what to them seemed a nightmare but to the viewers seemed merely business as usual. When their teenage son fails to come home one night, they watch from the outside in confusion and growing despair as the missing-persons team collects evidence, constructs a time line a read more

Will Ever Carradine Bed Chief's Hubby?

Ever Carradine on Commander in Chief

C.J., you know we love ya, but there's a shiny new spin doctor in the White House, and she's being played by Ever Carradine on ABC's Commander in Chief (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). As Kelly Ludlow, she puts the best possible face on Mackenzie Allen's scrutinized presidency, all the while fielding furtive glances from the first son and lending her ear to the first gentleman. Carradine, whose previous long-term series gig was as the girl-toy of Sela Ward's ex-husband on Once and Again, chatted with about life in TV's "other" West Wing. I totally remember you as Once and Again's Tiffany. She was such a sad little… what's the wo read more


Sela Ward, currently in the midst of a multi-episode arc on Fox's House, will next headline a half-hour comedy being developed for ABC, Variety reports. The series — on which Ward also serves as a producer — will follow the lives of four women in a small Southern town. Unreliable sources say the title is "Sisters, Once & Again." read more


Elisabeth Shue will play Jim Carrey's wife in The Number 23, a psychological thriller about one of Hurley's numbers to be directed by Joel Schumacher.... Dimension Films and director Paul W.S. Anderson are prepping a thriller based on the video game Castlevania, reports Variety.... In The Guardian, Sela Ward has been cast as the wife of a legendary rescue swimmer played by Kevin Costner, who continues to beg for Waterworld-related slams. read more

Any House news?

Question: Any House news?

Answer: The House-Stacy story is going to move to the forefront during November/December, building to Sela Ward's departure in January. Take it away, David Shore: "We have a fun episode coming up where House is going to have to kill a rat in her home, but House ends up curing the rat instead of trapping it. He deduces at some point that the rat's actually sick. But as a result of this, we throw House and Stacy into a domestic situation together. And in the episode right before that, House is going to find out through — I'd have to say — illegal means, how Stacy feels about him. He's going to do something incredibly unethical and inappropriate and learn something about her feelings toward him."

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Jennifer Aniston

The first batch of performers has been announced for Friday's multinetwork telethon, Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast, and they include newly engaged Sheryl Crow, the Dixie Chicks, Alicia Keys, Randy Newman, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart and Neil Young. Among the nonmusically inclined celebs slated to appear are Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Ellen DeGeneres, Jack Nicholson, Chris Rock, Ray Romano and Sela Ward. Kanye West, meanwhile, will serve as host. Psych!!! Speaking of the little rabble-rouser... read more

Please help! This may sound a ...

Question: Please help! This may sound a bit strange or funny, in 1998 I was pregnant with my daughter and in the course of choosing a name for her, I stumbled upon an article in TV Guide. I honestly couldn't tell you much about it, but it featured an actress named Ever whose last name might have begun with the letter "C." Anyhow, I lost the article and can't remember the exact name of the actress and I need your help. This has a bit of importance to me because when my daughter grows up and asks for whom or what I named her after, I would like to have an answer. By the way, my daughter's name is Skye Ever. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.Answer: Little Skye is named for actress Ever Carradine, daughter of actor Robert (Revenge of the Nerds, The Long Riders) niece of Keith (Na read more

Got any spoilers for the ...

Question: Got any spoilers for the second season of House?

Answer: Yeah, I just got off the phone with exec producer David Shore and he told me that LL Cool J will guest-star in the Sept. 13 season premiere as a death row inmate who is felled by — yep, you guessed it — a mysterious ailment. The second episode, meanwhile, almost featured Dakota Fanning as a 9-year-old patient, but the scheduling couldn't be worked out and they ended up going with a newcomer. And Shore assured me that a House/Cameron romance is not out of the question, despite the crabby doc's continued flirtation with recurring guest-star Sela Ward. Their romance has merely been postponed.

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House's Sela Ward: 48 and Fabulous!

Back when Teri Hatcher was making doe eyes at Howie Long in RadioShack spots, Sela Ward was TV's go-to sexy, mature woman: a fortysomething mom romancing a local hunk (Billy Campbell) in Once and Again. Now Ward, 48, makes a long-overdue return to TV on House, guest-starring in the final two episodes and the first episode of Season 2.
TV Guide: How did you feel when you were first offered a role on House?
Sela Ward:
The last thing I wanted to do was another hourlong show. I am so over that schedule. I'd never get to see my kids [ages 11 and 6].

TV Guide: But then you saw tapes of the show.
It scares the pants off you! I was watching in the bathtub with my husband and saying, "I can't look now." I thought it would be fun to be a part of.

TV Guide: You play a lawyer who used to date House (Hugh Laurie). What's she doing back in his life?
Her husband has some dubious medical read more

Sela Ward's Shocking Slap

After wrapping her stint as a modern mom on ABC's Once and Again, Sela Ward traveled back in time to the 1950s in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. She plays lead girl Ramolo Garai's mother, who's a frustrated former ballroom dancer. While filming in Puerto Rico, Ward was thrilled to strap on sexy heels and show off her moves on the dance floor, albeit very briefly. "Damn it, I practiced for two solid weeks and there was only 30 seconds [on screen]," Ward laments to TV Guide Online. "I was so proud of all that dancing. That's the hardest work I've ever done, physically." Is she kidding? This 47-year-old's killer body must require serious work! "I'm [usually] doing boring things like the treadmill, the weights and resistance training," she explains. "[While dancing,] I had sweat pouring off of me in rehearsal. It was g read more

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