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CSI: NY's Carmine Giovinazzo Talks Marriage and New Co-Star

Carmine Giovinazzo

CSI: NY's Carmine Giovinazzo attended the CBS party on July 28 without new wife Vanessa Marcil, but tells TV Guide Magazine, "[Marriage] has mellowed ...
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Keck's Exclusives: CBS Press Tour Party Scoops

Justin Hartley

Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders tells me "by the end of episode 3, Oliver's life is going to change forever." Uh oh. Might that mean that's the episode in which Smallville finally rights DC Comics lore and does away with the character of Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), who isn't a series regular this season? Could be, which would open the door to a romance between Oliver's Green Arrow and Black Canary, two super friends who end up together in the comics... read more

Sela Ward to Replace Melina Kanakaredes on CSI: NY

Sela Ward

Sela Ward has been tapped to replace Melina Kanakaredes on CSI: NY, CBS announced Tuesday.

Melina Kanakaredes exits CSI: NY

"We are delighted to have Sela joining CSI: NY," executive producer Pam Veasey said in a statement. "With the exciting stories planned for Season 7, she'll be a dynamic addition to the cast and the team."

Ward, a two-time Emmy winner and Golden Globe winner for her roles on Sisters and Once and Again, will play an experienced investigator... read more

Melina Kanakaredes Exits CSI: NY

Melina Kanakaredes, CSI: NY

Melina Kanakaredes will not return to CSI: NY this fall.

Check out photos of Kanakaredes on CSI: NY

Kanakaredes, who played Detective Stella Bonasera for six seasons on the procedural, chose not to return, CBS says... read more

Dylan Walsh Is the Stepfather, and More Movie News

Dylan Walsh by Jesse Grant/

Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck), Sela Ward and Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) are set to star in the remake of 1987's The Stepfather. Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki is in talks to play Badgley's girlfriend.... Winona Ryder will play a young Jane Wyatt — aka Spock's mother — in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek film, suggesting the prequel will include flashbacks to a certain vulcan's youth.... Rapper Xzibit has joined Oliver Stone's Vietnam War drama Pinkville.Related: New Star Trek Film Beams Up House's Jennifer Morrison read more

Has House Lost Stacy for Good?

Sela Ward and Hugh Laurie, House

The biggest question on Fox's House (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) this season hasn't been whether the brilliant Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) can cure all of those disturbing diseases — it was whether the seemingly unlovable lug would be able to win back his true love, Stacy Warner (Sela Ward), the beautiful — and married — lawyer who returned last season to shake up House's world. In the Feb. 7 episode, we finally got the answer. We first met Stacy when her husband needed medical treatment at Princeton-Plainsboro. Ever since then, House has ceaselessly angled to get back in her life — and in the Jan. 10 episode, their chemistry gathered some intense momen read more

I initially fell in love with ...

Question: I initially fell in love with House, but lately the show seems to have become routine. Someone gets sick, it takes 50 minutes for House and the team to figure it out, House berates everyone in his path, he's always right, they figure it out, and the patient goes home happy or dies happy. I'm a little tired of him being so much of a curmudgeon. Is there no other side to this man? Doesn't he ever soften? How about having a look at the other characters' situations? Why does his female boss tolerate him? And she's such a bitch. If this guy's so brilliant and infallible, then he should be in his own tower with the medical profession bowing to his expertise. If things don't change soon, I may just tune this one out. What are the chances they will? Answer: House, like nearly every other show on TV, has a formula. And it's a successful formula, a medical-mystery formula, rooted in this instance in a fascinating, complex, exasperating and wonderfully played character who is in no danger ... read more

I need some House spoilers, ...

Question: I need some House spoilers, and preferably ones not involving Stacy.

Answer: Well that shouldn't be too difficult since Sela Ward's final episode aired last night. I can tell you that in the wake of Stacy's exit, House is going to literally give himself a migraine next week. He's also going to partake in some rebound sex, but not with anyone whose name begins with C. Speaking of the big C, did you not die last night when House said, "Cameron, I love you," and then stole a sample of her saliva for the HIV test? I did.

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I need House spoilers!

Question: I need House spoilers!

Answer: House's heartbreak over Stacy's imminent departure will manifest itself in other ways. "We didn't just want to have him crying," David Shore explains. "That just didn't feel like him. So, we decided to do it in a subtextual way, where he's in additional physical pain rather than emotional pain." (Hint: On the set visit, we were told House will soon undergo an MRI on his leg.) And regarding a possible return from Stacy (Sela Ward)? "We played that out. We dealt with that and I think people will be satisfied with the ending. It's not what you'd expect, but I think it makes sense."

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Guest Columnist Isaac Mizrahi Braves TV with Style

Isaac Mizrahi

To me, hosting a talk show [Style Network's Isaac, weekdays at 7 pm/ET] is like watching a baseball game. You know the basics of what's going to happen — someone's going to hit the ball and run around the bases — but you don't know who's going to win. It surprises me every day how different each show is from what I've planned. So I'm still learning how to be a good host. Here's what I've figured out so far. 1. When you're doing a cooking segment, make sure your appliances are plugged in. I was doing a cooking segment with chef Cat Cora, and we couldn't figure out why the blender wasn't working. We looked down — and there was the cord, just sitting there on the floor. 2. No music? No problem! Musical accompaniment is always read more

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