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Almanac: When interracial marriage bans were struck down
02:25 — Forty-nine years ago today the United States Supreme Court unanimously struck down laws in 16 states that banned interracial marriage. Chief Justice E (more…)
Sean Hayes plays a deity in "An Act of God"
08:05 — Actor Sean Hayes first won notice for his breakout role on the TV series "Will and Grace." Now, as Lee Cowan tells us, this past Tony nominee is back (more…)
The infamous 1916 shark attacks that inspired "Jaws"
07:49 — The scariest word at any beach has to be the warning: SHARK! Attacks by the sea predator are rare, nonetheless create concern for beachgoers. Anna Wer (more…)
Gunfire erupts inside Fla. gay nightclub
01:31 — Police say a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, has resulted in at least 20 people dead, with dozens more wounded. Local law enforc (more…)
Nature: Yellowstone National Park
03:29 — We leave you this Tony Awards Sunday at Yellowstone National Park, where a mother grizzly bear and her cubs are the stars of the show. Videographer: J (more…)
Sean Hayes on "The Three Stooges"
00:37 — In this web exclusive, "Will & Grace" star Sean Hayes talks about his experience shooting the Farrelly Brothers' 2012 film, "The Three Stooges": "We s (more…)
Sean Hayes tickles the ivories
01:00 — In this web exclusive the Emmy-winning actor demonstrates his talent for classical piano.
The resurrection of the Grateful Dead
08:03 — More than two decades after Jerry Garcia's death, a reshuffled version of the fabled group has started rocking out across the nation, featuring some f (more…)
The origins of the revolutionary musical "Hamilton"
05:21 — This year, the record-breaking production "Hamilton," with 16 Tony nominations, is widely expected to have an historic night at tonight's awards cerem (more…)
The line kings: How actors prepare for their roles
07:11 — Broadway actors try to memorize their lines well before opening night, and they all have their individual ways of doing that. Rita Braver talked with (more…)
Season 1 Recap
04:10 — Get caught up on the CBS comedy The Millers.
"Sex Wichoo" Music Video
02:41 — Cedric The Entertainer is R&B singer-turned-preacher, Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine, in 'The Soul Man'. Watch the hit that made him an R&B legend, 'Sex (more…)
The Ungrateful Dead
06:53 — A Valentine's Day spa party gone awry when Bree Turner's Rosalee and Bitsie Tulloch's Juliette discover a Zieglevolk casting a love spell.
Working in Front of a Live Audience
01:25 — The Soul Man cast discusses working in front of a live audience.
Bass Fest
11:39 — Tom tries to stop the Mayor from holding a Bass Fest, which threatens the town dam. Special Guests: Sean Hayes and Bob Odenkirk
Sean Hayes Reveals What It’s Like Playing the Lord in ‘Act of God’
04:11 — Actor Sean Hayes says his Broadway comedy “An Act of God,” where he plays himself inhabited by God, is constructed in a way where he can adlib if some (more…)
May 24th: Bachelors, Ballers and The TSA
05:45 — Stephen loves The Bachelorette, going to a VA hospital is just like going to Disney, and the TSA finally takes a care of a real threat: Their own secu (more…)
Late Show Political Week In Review (Vol. 7)
02:04 — Stephen recaps the biggest political moments from The Late Show for the week of May 16th.
Brooklyn Decker's Parents Were Hipsters
01:40 — Yes, Brooklyn Decker is her real name. If you're looking for the original hipsters, look no further than her parents.
Lewis Black Yells At Your Roommate
03:12 — We asked our twitter followers if they had any issues with their roommates... and then let Lewis Black handle it.
Robot Truckers Are Coming
04:16 — Self-driving cars are one thing, but self-driving 18-wheelers? That's a highway to the danger zone.
Lewis Black Keeps The Rage Fresh
03:04 — Stephen has known Lewis Black since 1997, and he's been angry the whole time.
Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions: God Edition
04:36 — Stephen has some things to get off his chest. Do you forgive him, audience? More importantly, how does God feel?
Sean Hayes Basically Gave Birth To A Child
04:34 — When he was starring in "Act Of God" in LA, Sean Hayes had to cancel a performance to pass a kidney stone... the male childbirth.
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  • Birth Name: Sean Patrick Hayes
  • Birth Place: Glen Ellyn, Illinois, United States
  • Birthday: June 26, 1970, Cancer
  • Profession: Actor