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Swingtown Creator's New BiCoastal Drama

Swingtown courtesy CBS, Mike Kelley by Jordan Strauss/

Swingtown creator Mike Kelley is developing BiCoastal — a new one-hour drama exploring marriage, relationships as well as sexuality.Kelley, who formerly worked on Jericho before creating Swingtown, just signed a two-year overall deal with CBS Paramount Network TV, says The Hollywood Reporter . Under the deal, he'll be producing BiCoastal for CBS-owned Showtime along with Will & Grace star Sean Hayes' Hazy Mills Prods.The show will be about a successful family man who struggles to deal with family life (with his wife and kids) in Los Angeles as he falls in love with a man in New York."It has a lot of the watermarks of things I love to write about — people with secrets and high-stakes love lives," Kelley told The Reporter. He also said that compared to Swingtown, that he wanted to "a bit of a harder edge." Insert naughty sex joke here. – Erin Fox read more

Jane and "Just Jack!" to Play for Yankees

Jane Krakowski by Joe Kohen/; Sean Hayes by Jeffrey Mayer/

Jane Krakowski will make her first New York planks appearance since 2003 and Sean Hayes will make his Big Apple stage debut in a production of Damn Yankees hitting the City Center this summer. Though sources tell the New York Daily News' Gatecrasher the deals have yet to be inked, Krakowski would play Lola to Hayes' Devil. (The roles were filled by Bebe Neuwirth and Jerry Lewis when I caught a staging many years ago.)Krakowski has both a Tony and an Olivier Award on her mantle, and she also originated the lead in a workshop of Xanadu(but reportedly couldn't take the role to Broadway because of her 30 Rock commitment). — MWM read more

FunnyorDie Celeb Resolutions

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions Looks like the brains behind FunnyorDie are at it again, and you’re in for a real treat with this one because these celebs aren’t holding back when it comes to sharing their resolutions for '08. So what do they want to do to better themselves now that it’s a new year? Let’s see, Will Ferrell would like to stop putting family and life commitments first and start getting a solid 13 hours of sleep. Sean Hayes (with baby in tow) wants to stop having unprotected sex. And for Fergie? Well, to just be “less Fergalicious.” Ok who do you think was funniest? We're big fans of Fergie's delivery!For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

Short Cuts: Al Gore, Johnny Depp and Mario Lopez

On July 7, NBC Universal and its myriad stations (everything from NBC to Telemundo) will air Al Gore's Live Earth concerts, featuring Madonna, Kanye West, Shakira and about a bazillion other musical acts.... MTV is bringing back its acclaimed Unplugged series this summer with performances by the Police, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Mary J. Blige and John Mayer. Oh, dare I hope Jessica will join him on stage for a duet of "Your Body Is a Wonderland"?.... USA Network has bought the broadcast rights for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for $28 million.... Angel exec producer David Greenwalt has been put in charge of the CBS drama Moonlight, about a private eye who... wait a second! A private eye who just happens to be a vampire? If he starts dating a slayer, Joss Whedon should so sue.... The CW has ordered up 13 episodes of Eight Days a Week, a new comedy from Will & Grace's Sean Hayes. In it, pop tart Christina Milian and Dancing with the Stars' Mario "I Was Robbed!" Lopez pla... read more

April 26, 2007: "I Nearly Wet My Other Pair of Underpants!"

And here we are the first season finale of NBCs 30 Rock Before we get started I want to thank all of you who have frequented this blog and supported the show Because of such passion for quality comedy the TGS gang earned that early Season 2 pickup much to everyones reliefDue to a FauxVo glitch I missed the first few seconds of this episode but ultimately deduced that what Kenneth was narrating a Previously on 30 Rock sort of thing Cute All in all I didnt find this episode quite as manic as the previous few but thats probably because it had actual story to progress and threads to tie up Make no mistake I love the Jim-Pam kiss last May but every post-Cheers sitcom neednt taunt us with cliff-hangers Just make us laughWhat a one-two punch of guest stars this week Sean Hayes well we knew hed be spot-on as Kens cousin and he was I wasnt sure what to expect from the great Elaine Stritch in this sandbox but her take on the hypercritical mother figure wa read more

Will Arnett and Sean Hayes Are Ready to Rock

NBC's 30 Rock is pulling out all the stops when it comes back from its brief break with fresh episodes. For the April 5 (at 9 pm/ET, remember) return, the acclaimed comedy has tapped Will Arnett (of Arrested Development fame, and the real-life hubby of Tina Fey's ol' WU-mate Amy Poehler) to play a West Coast NBC exec whom Jack believes is out to get him. And for the freshman season finale, airing April 26, Will & Grace Emmy winner Sean Hayes will guest as Kenneth the page's equally countrified cousin, Jesse. Best casting ever? Discuss.Renew this show now. Thanks. read more

Screen Actors Guild Awards The...

Screen Actors Guild Awards The night actors pat each other on the back. Much like the Golden Globes, there wasn't a host. There were plenty of awkward moments of presenter chatter, and TelePrompTer problems out the Ziyi Zhang. Everyone was having issues reading the thing, except for the wonder known as Dakota Fanning. I mean, the 11-year-old was unflappable as she introduced Shirley Temple Black's life achievement portion of the evening. I seriously think she's genetically enhanced, like one of those Dark Angel characters. Some other highlights: - I much appreciated the Peter Graves-Barbara Bain Mission: Impossible reunion, PrompTer issues and all.- I admit it: While I thought the beginning "I'm an actor" monologues were supremely cheesy, I fell for them. - Apparently, if your name's S. Epatha Merkers read more

I was very excited to be able...

I was very excited to be able to write about attending tonight's West Coast season-premiere live broadcast. I've been anticipating this for weeks, ever since I knew I was going. A good friend works on the show, so I've been to approximately 40 tapings. But I was extremely nervous, so you know I was really looking forward to this night. Due to the multiple takes, normal tapings take about four hours. The writers often rewrite the scenes to make them funnier, so the actors flub their lines and director Jimmy Burrows is a perfectionist. So knowing this was live, I wondered how they could possibly do it ,since they couldn't do scenes over and over and only had a half hour — twice — once for each coast. Truth is, they've been rehearsing this for four weeks to get it down pat, and the script had gone through so many changes, it had to be perfect. Well, you didn't have to be in the live studio audience to be able to enjoy it, but it certainly made it even better. I c read more


Will & Grace's Sean Hayes and his producing partner, Todd Milliner, whose Situation: Comedy is currently living out its final days on Bravo, are developing a semiscripted local-news parody for TBS. Broken News will feature actors improvising a newscast for a fictional small town. Lawyers for my mom's quaint hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio, stand poised to sue. read more

Love your column! Have ...

Question: Love your column! Have you seen Bravo's reality/Sean Hayes-produced Situation: Comedy? I saw one episode and found it very interesting to get an insider's look at developing a TV comedy. But I found one thing disturbing: One of the two winning sitcom ideas was about a girl not sure about which of two men is her biological father. Hellooo? Does anyone remember an '80s series called My Two Dads? (Gee... maybe the title would be a giveaway). What's worse is the NBC programming chief called it a fresh idea — and My Two Dads aired on NBC! Hey, maybe I can sell my idea about two supercool undercover cops who drive fast Ferrari cars and wear pastel suits and have a pet alligator and live in Montana! Montana Vice! I love it! Answer: Surely you know that no self-respecting programmer, not even on NBC, would buy a show set in a "fly-over" state like Montana. But seriously, the lack of originality in TV gets even worse. There's a midseason comedy for WB, Misconceptions, that has nearly ... read more

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