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Why Sean Hannity and Megan Hannity Are Feuding Over Donald Trump
01:01 — Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity came to blows after she pointed out Donald Trump will only sit down for interviews with those who do not challe (more…)
The 2016 Fever Swamps
07:41 — The latest, baseless right-wing conspiracy theory? Hillary Clinton is suffering from a medical condition. Chris Hayes and Charlie Pierce talk Donald (more…)
Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a Devil As Her Poll Numbers Rise
01:22 — Trump is stepping up his attacks on Hillary Clinton, calling her - the devil!! Slamming Bernie Sanders to boot...he made a deal with the devil. She's (more…)
What's next in the Trayvon Martin case?
03:14 — Now that George Zimmerman has lost his lawyers and has confided in Sean Hannity of Fox News, what's next for Zimmerman? Charlie Rose and Eric Hill spe (more…)
Trump brings up Bill Clinton rape accusation
00:39 — In an interview with Sean Hannity, GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump used the word "rape" when discussing past allegations of sexual misconduct inv (more…)
Donald Trump Attacks Bill Clinton Calling Him a 'Rapist'
01:11 — Donald Trump has unleashed an explosive new salvo in his battle against Hillary Clinton, saying Bill Clinton is guilty of rape. During an interview wi (more…)
Former Miss California: The New York Times Twisted My Words About Donald Trump
02:01 — Former beauty queen Carrie Prejean, whose name appeared in the controversial New York Times article about Donald Trump's behaviors with women is blast (more…)
Trump Defends Campaign Manager: She Was Grabbing Me, Should I Press Charges
02:20 — Donald Trump is doubling down on his support for his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, following his arrest. He defended the 42-year-old campaign m (more…)
Tip/Wag - James O'Keefe & Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity joins Stephen for a heavily edited interview to talk about James O'Keefe's deceptive ACORN videos.
Intro - 6/19/08
Sean Hannity professes his love for America. Sorry, Sean. Stephen's married.
Sean Hannity's Liberty Tree
Thank you, Sean Hannity, for taking us to the Liberty Tree instead of going miles out of the way to the Making Sense Bush.
Sean Hannity Loves America
Way to go, Sean Hannity. Stephen doesn't know where you find the courage to call America the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face (more…)
Hosni Mubarak Will Not Run Again
Hosni Mubarak is out, but Sean Hannity knows that the Egyptian uprising won't necessarily end in democracy.
Sean Hannity's Defense of Adrian Peterson
In the wake of child abuse charges against the NFL's Adrian Peterson, Sean Hannity reminisces about being spanked.
Sean Hannity's Question of the Day
Sean Hannity takes time out from covering the news to answer personal questions from viewers.
Sean Hannity's "The Great American Panel"
Sean Hannity, inexplicable football in hand, dissects the news with political luminaries during his 'Great American Panel' segment.
Sean Hannity Makes It Rain on Lincoln Chafee
At last night € s debate, Lincoln Chafee had a very forced, awkward performance. Sean Hannity aimed to outdo him during this interview.
Sean Hannity To Get Dropped From Cumulus Network
Sean Hannity is set to be bounced from Cumulus, the second-biggest radio network in the United States, according to multiple reports on Thursday night (more…)
Sean Hannity Spoke To George Zimmerman Off The Record
Sean Hannity Spoke To George Zimmerman Off The Record
Sean Hannity Gives Rick Perry a Pass
On the very night Herman Cain blames Rick Perry for leaking the sexual harassment and payoff story, Perry is booked as Fox News' Sean Hannity's guest. (more…)
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