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The 2016 Fever Swamps
07:41 — The latest, baseless right-wing conspiracy theory? Hillary Clinton is suffering from a medical condition. Chris Hayes and Charlie Pierce talk Donald (more…)
Who Are Donald Trump’s Conservative Media Whisperers?
16:08 — Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity and other conservative media personalities are said to have Donald Trump’s ear on far-reaching subjects. Joy and her panel (more…)
Bannon to GOP: “Back Off” Moore!
06:31 — Roy Moore’s wife speaks out in his defense and behind the scenes Steve Bannon is reportedly telling the GOP establishment and Sean Hannity to “back of (more…)
Roy Moore Defiant Amid Growing Calls to Drop Out of Senate Race
02:08 — The Alabama Senate Candidate made his first public comments since the Washington Post’s bombshell report alleging sexual misconduct with a minor on Se (more…)
Does Trump's "Shadow" Cabinet Work at Fox News?
08:16 — New report reveals Trump “often calls” Fox News host Sean Hannity, even as chief of staff Kelly tries to “control" what information reaches the Oval O (more…)
Jake Tapper Doesn't Think Donald Trump Fully Understands DACA Policy
05:19 — CNN's Jake Tapper discusses the dangerous threat Donald Trump's move to end DACA poses and how Sean Hannity's plan to turn viewers against him backfir (more…)
President Trump Tweets: My Son Is Innocent
05:07 — The president has weighed in on Donald Trump Jr.'s emails as well as his sons interview on Tuesday with Sean Hannity, calling it 'the greatest Witch H (more…)
The View Co-hosts React to Donald Trump Jr.'s Sean Hannity Interview
04:57 — Trump Jr.: I’d Have “Done Things Differently”
Parents of Murdered DNC Staffer Plead: Stop Politicizing His Death
03:10 — In a scathing op-ed in The Washington Post, the parents of DNC staffer Seth Rich pleaded that people stop promoting political conspiracy theories abou (more…)
Fox News Co-president Pushed Out: Could Sean Hannity Be Next?
02:37 — There’s fresh turmoil at Fox News Tuesday morning: Bill Shine, the networks’ co-president, has followed CEO Roger Ailes and star anchor Bill O-Reilly (more…)
The View Co-hosts React to Ted Koppel Telling Sean Hannity He Is Bad for America
04:58 — The View Hot Topic: Fox News - News or Ideology
Sean Hannity Sent Norman Reedus and Dave Chappelle Tequila Shots
01:48 — Norman Reedus chats with Jimmy about riding motorcycles with Dave Chappelle and why Sean Hannity reminds them of tequila.
Tip/Wag - James O'Keefe & Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity joins Stephen for a heavily edited interview to talk about James O'Keefe's deceptive ACORN videos.
Intro - 6/19/08
Sean Hannity professes his love for America. Sorry, Sean. Stephen's married.
Sean Hannity's Liberty Tree
Thank you, Sean Hannity, for taking us to the Liberty Tree instead of going miles out of the way to the Making Sense Bush.
Sean Hannity Loves America
Way to go, Sean Hannity. Stephen doesn't know where you find the courage to call America the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face (more…)
Hosni Mubarak Will Not Run Again
Hosni Mubarak is out, but Sean Hannity knows that the Egyptian uprising won't necessarily end in democracy.
Sean Hannity's Defense of Adrian Peterson
In the wake of child abuse charges against the NFL's Adrian Peterson, Sean Hannity reminisces about being spanked.
Sean Hannity's Question of the Day
Sean Hannity takes time out from covering the news to answer personal questions from viewers.
Sean Hannity's "The Great American Panel"
Sean Hannity, inexplicable football in hand, dissects the news with political luminaries during his 'Great American Panel' segment.
Sean Hannity Makes It Rain on Lincoln Chafee
At last night € s debate, Lincoln Chafee had a very forced, awkward performance. Sean Hannity aimed to outdo him during this interview.
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