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Jake Tapper Doesn't Think Donald Trump Fully Understands DACA Policy
05:19 — CNN's Jake Tapper discusses the dangerous threat Donald Trump's move to end DACA poses and how Sean Hannity's plan to turn viewers against him backfir (more…)
President Trump Tweets: My Son Is Innocent
05:07 — The president has weighed in on Donald Trump Jr.'s emails as well as his sons interview on Tuesday with Sean Hannity, calling it 'the greatest Witch H (more…)
The View Co-hosts React to Donald Trump Jr.'s Sean Hannity Interview
04:57 — Trump Jr.: I’d Have “Done Things Differently”
Parents of Murdered DNC Staffer Plead: Stop Politicizing His Death
03:10 — In a scathing op-ed in The Washington Post, the parents of DNC staffer Seth Rich pleaded that people stop promoting political conspiracy theories abou (more…)
Fox News Host Janice Dean Cries Over Roger Ailes' Death During Live Broadcast
02:29 — The news of Fox News founder Roger Ailes' death was greeted with tears and jeers. Fox News personality Janice Dean wept openly on 'Fox and Friends'. " (more…)
Sean Hannity in the spotlight after another Fox News shake-up
03:04 — After news broke that Fox News co-president Bill Shine has left the network, all eyes are on Sean Hannity. Shine, a former producer for Hannity, also (more…)
Fox News Co-president Pushed Out: Could Sean Hannity Be Next?
02:37 — There’s fresh turmoil at Fox News Tuesday morning: Bill Shine, the networks’ co-president, has followed CEO Roger Ailes and star anchor Bill O-Reilly (more…)
Sean Hannity on his brand
02:18 — Is journalism dead? And might opinionated cable TV news hosts be to blame? In this web exclusive, Fox News' Sean Hannity talks to Ted Koppel about his (more…)
Ted Koppel on why he thinks Sean Hannity is bad for America
00:48 — On "CBS Sunday Morning," senior contributor Ted Koppel tells Fox News' Sean Hannity that he is bad for America because he has "attracted people who ar (more…)
A polarized America
10:43 — Increasingly, we Americans occupy alternate universes, with very little common ground -- only battling perceptions of reality. A Pew study finds 81% o (more…)
The View Co-hosts React to Ted Koppel Telling Sean Hannity He Is Bad for America
04:58 — The View Hot Topic: Fox News - News or Ideology
Sean Hannity Sent Norman Reedus and Dave Chappelle Tequila Shots
01:48 — Norman Reedus chats with Jimmy about riding motorcycles with Dave Chappelle and why Sean Hannity reminds them of tequila.
Former Miss California: The New York Times Twisted My Words About Donald Trump
02:01 — Former beauty queen Carrie Prejean, whose name appeared in the controversial New York Times article about Donald Trump's behaviors with women is blast (more…)
Trump brings up Bill Clinton rape accusation
00:39 — In an interview with Sean Hannity, GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump used the word "rape" when discussing past allegations of sexual misconduct inv (more…)
Why Sean Hannity and Megan Hannity Are Feuding Over Donald Trump
01:01 — Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity came to blows after she pointed out Donald Trump will only sit down for interviews with those who do not challe (more…)
Donald Trump Attacks Bill Clinton Calling Him a 'Rapist'
01:11 — Donald Trump has unleashed an explosive new salvo in his battle against Hillary Clinton, saying Bill Clinton is guilty of rape. During an interview wi (more…)
Trump Defends Campaign Manager: She Was Grabbing Me, Should I Press Charges
02:20 — Donald Trump is doubling down on his support for his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, following his arrest. He defended the 42-year-old campaign m (more…)
Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a Devil As Her Poll Numbers Rise
01:22 — Trump is stepping up his attacks on Hillary Clinton, calling her - the devil!! Slamming Bernie Sanders to boot...he made a deal with the devil. She's (more…)
Donald Trump Blasts 'SNL' Writer For Tasteless Joke About His Son, Barron
01:35 — President Donald Trump is blasting the "Saturday Night Live" writer who tweeted out a tasteless joke about his 10-year-old son, Barron. SNL writer, Ka (more…)
What's next in the Trayvon Martin case?
03:14 — Now that George Zimmerman has lost his lawyers and has confided in Sean Hannity of Fox News, what's next for Zimmerman? Charlie Rose and Eric Hill spe (more…)
The 2016 Fever Swamps
07:41 — The latest, baseless right-wing conspiracy theory? Hillary Clinton is suffering from a medical condition. Chris Hayes and Charlie Pierce talk Donald (more…)
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