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With Season 5 now less than a month away, Fox's 24 has announced two more hires: Two-time Tony Award nominee Jayne Atkinson will fill the role of Homeland Security official Karen Hayes, while Tony winner Stephen Spinella will play her subordinate, Miles. These additions, mind you, are in addition to Connie Britton as Jack's new honey, Sean Astin as a CTUer, Julian Sands as a baddie named Bierko, Jean Smart as President Doofball Logan's wife, and Peter Weller and JoBeth Williams as a federal agent and his wife. These new folks are so gonna steal time from my "Chloedgar" romance, aren't they? read more

Please give us something new ...

Question: Please give us something new on 24! Is Michelle really going to die in the first two episodes?

Answer: (SPOILER ALERT) If you read Matt Mitovich's Q&A with Kim Raver, you can pretty much figure out that Audrey will be back at CTU this season, since she gushed about working with new cast member Sean Astin. (Astin's character is employed by CTU.) And as I said last week, I'm tabling any further discussion of Michelle until after the season premiere in January.

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Got any scoop on 24? ...

Question: Got any scoop on 24? Tumbleweeds are blowing across!

Answer: Not much more to tell aside from what was announced last week: The fifth day — kicking off with a four-hour, two-night premiere on Jan. 8 and 9 — picks up 18 months later, with Jack leading a secret life with new squeeze Diane (Connie Britton) and her son Derek (Brady Corbet). And over at CTU, Bill, Curtis, Edgar and Chloe will be joined by recovering hobbit Sean Astin, who is joining the cast.

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The Lord of the Rings hobbit Sean Astin has joined the cast of Fox's 24. Although he will work for CTU (which will still be headed by James Morrison's Bill Buchanan), the net isn't spilling another single bean about Astin's character, and it certainly isn't admitting that he will have furry feet. The clock starts ticking again on Jan. 8. read more

Sean Astin Dishes LOTR

Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin continues to live in New Zealand, even though his days playing heroic hobbit Samwise Gamgee are done. Now, he's shooting scenes as the poet/bard Linus in Hercules, an NBC miniseries slated for next May. He still has LOTR on his mind, however, having just published his new book, There and Back Again: An Actor's Story. Naturally, Astin borrowed the title from Bilbo Baggins' autobiography. He also shared some opinions his costars are unhappy about.TV Guide Online: Congrats on your new book. Is it a behind-the-scenes diary of your LOTR days?Sean Astin: No. It's just me trying to give voice to some thoughts and feelings that I had. I'm trying, in some way, to place myself in Hollywood history. As a second-generation actor whose parents [Patty Duke and John Astin] were popular cultural icons in the '60s, and someone trying to make my way in the industry, I'm just trying to say, "H read more

Sean Astin: From Hobbit to He-Man

A funny thing happened after Sean Astin wrapped his grueling two-year Lord of the Rings tour of duty: He lightened up — mentally and physically — for his role in the Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore's comedy 50 First Dates (due out in February). "I lost a lot of weight and am in much better shape," he tells TV Guide Online of his Dates gig, which has him playing Barrymore's gym-rat brother. "[My character's] doing splits all the time and push-ups and jumping jacks and lifting things. He's supposed to be this incredibly muscle-bound guy, but I'm not really that muscle-bound, so it is a joke on that level, too." After spending so much time wearing dusty cloaks and donning hairy foot prosthetics for Rings, read more

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